Printing issues delay Wednesday Tribune
The Great Bend Tribune could not be printed Tuesday night and therefore no papers were delivered Wednesday, Publisher Judy Duryee announced. Subscribers can access the full electronic version of Wednesday’s Tribune online at and the printed version will be delivered along with the Friday paper.
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Larned's doubles team places first
Abby Holt
Larned Indian Abby Holt smashes a volley Thursday. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO Janet Fleske

Larned’s doubles team places first

SCOTT CITY – Larned’s No. 1 doubles Abby Holt/Ella McNett earned first place at the Scott City tennis tournament. Holt/McNett downed Norton’s Dahn Hanlen/Taylor Mapes 6-2 in the championship match.

Larned’s No. 2 singles Reese Watkins lost 6-3 to Scott City’s Haleigh Hickert 6-3 in the championship match.

Larned’s No. 1 singles Sarah Manry and No.2 doubles Arianna Hemken/Breanna Hemken both placed fourth.

Scott City (56) edged Colby (55) and Larned (53) for the team title.


TEAM SCORES—1—Scott City 56; 2—Colby 55; 3—Larned 53; 4—Norton 40; 5—Tribune Greeley County 29; 6—Goodland 16; 7—Liberal 15; 8—Ulysses 12; 9—Garden City 10
NO. 1 SINGLES—4—Sarah Manry, L def. Owens, G, 6-0; Bellamy, Colby def. Manry, 6-1; Manry def. Terrazas, U, 6-2; Manry def. Ayala, GC, 6-4
NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Haleigh Hickert, SC def. Reese Watkins, L, 6-3; Watkins def. DeGood, Colby, 6-1; Watkins def. Chappel, GC, 6-1; Watkins def. Sproul, N, 6-0
NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Abby Holt/Ella McNett, L def. Dahn Hanlen/Taylor Mapes, N, 6-2; Holt/McNett def. Roberts/Wells, SC, 6-0; Holt/McNett def. Ptacek/Galla, GC, 6-0; Holt/McNett def. Schroeder/Biebert, Colby, 6-3
NO. 2 DOUBLES—4—Arianna Hemken/Breanna Hemken, L def. Phan/Nguyen, Liberal, 6-1; Zimmerman/Bartlett, Colby def. Hemken/Hemken, 6-3; Hemken/Hemken def. Enriquez/Carrillo, GC, 7-5; Hemken/Hemken def. Albert/Votruba, Tribune, 6-1