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Larned's Fischer wins Norton wrestling title
Luke fischer
Larned Indian Luke Fischer wins a regional wrestling title. - photo by Janet Fleske Special to the Tribune

Larned’s Fischer wins Norton title

NORTON – Larned’s returning state champion Luke Fischer (16-0, 215) defeated No. 2 ranked Smith Center’s Eli Franklin 12-3 to capture the Norton wrestling title.

No. 3 ranked Jai-Sean George (7-3, 106) moved up a weight. He was pinned by Beloit’s No. 1 ranked Brogan Monty (1:02) and placed fourth with a loss to No. 3 ranked Norton’s Derek Clydesdale on an injury default.

In junior varsity competition, Larned’s Angel Bowersox (215) lost 3-1 to Marcus Ruano of Cozad, Neb. In the title match.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Scott City 169; 2—Cozad, Neb. 159; 3—North Platte, Neb. 138.5; 4—Norton 107; 5—Smith Center 85; 6—Russell 84; 7—Oberlin 80; 8—St. Francis 73; 9—Oakley 51; 10—Larned 34; 11—Goodland 30; 12—Atwood 29; 13—Keenesberg, Colo. 25.5


113—No. 3 Jai-Sean George (7-3), 4TH; George pinned Kitzman, Keenesburg, Colo. 5:37; No. 1 Brogan Monty, Beloit pinned George, 1:02; George def. Tumbleson, SF, 9-6; 3RD—No. 3 Derek Clydesdale, Norton def. George, injury

150—Crispyn Wilson, L (0-2); Herman, Keenesburg pinned Wilson, 1:27; Elam, Beloit pinned Wilson, 1:44

165—Zain Lakin, L (1-12), Weems, Keenesburg, Colo. Pinned Lakin, 2:48

175—Landon Haney, L (9-7); Haney pinned Railsback, Norton, 1:48; No. 3 Suchy, Russell pinned Haney, 2:58; Emigh, Oberlin pinned Haney, 4:28

215—No. 1 Luke Fischer, L (16-0), 1ST; Fischer pinned Rathjen, North Platte, Neb. 1:07; Fischer def. Gooden, SC, 6-2; 1ST— Fischer def. No. 2 Franklin, Smith Center, 12-3

285—Joseph Wilder (0-9); Gove, North Platte pinned Wilder, 1:35; Self, Russell pinned Wilder, 0:27

113 JV—Zev Cox, L (3-7), 4TH; Cox pinned Burke, SF, 2:38; Howell, Keenesburg pinned Cox, 0:38; Cox Alarcon, SC, 0:32; 3RD—Litsenberger, Colby pinned Cox, 0:52

150 JV—Ricky Roberts (0-9); Morgenstern, Russell pinned Roberts, 1:57; Holmes, North Platte pinned Roberts, 1:20

157 JV—James Garetto, L (0-2); Dettmer, Phillipsburg pinned Garetto, 2:48; Schippers, Hoxie def. Garetto, 3-0

175 JV—Mario Rohling, L (2-2), 4TH; Rohling pinned Stout, Larned, 1:12; Stein, TMP def. Rohling, 15-0; Rohling pinned Beaton, SC, 0:55; 3RD—Stalcup, Keenesburg def. Rohling, 1-0; Braiden Stout, L (0-2); Stalcup pinned Stout, 0:20; Andrew Stewart, L (0-2); Stalcup def. Stewart, 10-7; Beaton def. Stewart, 4-2

215 JV—Angel Bowersox, L (5-3), 2ND; Bowersox pinned Huntsman, Cozad, Neb. 1:28; Bowersox pinned Cendejas, Cozad, 0:48; 1ST—Ruano, Cozad def. Bowersox, 3-1