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Larned's singles players lead Indians to first place
ellinwood tennis
Ellinwood’s No. 1 doubles Wittney Hammeke/Monica Hammeke surprised Larned's Katherine Holt/Abby Holt 7-6 (8-6) in Thursday's tiebreaker after losing 6-2 in Tuesday's championship match to Larned.

LARNED — Larned’s No. 1 singles Audrey Manry (4-0) and No. 2 singles Ella McNett (4-0) captured first place at Thursday’s Larned Tennis Invitational to lead the Indians (35) to first place.

Larned’s No. 1 singles Audrey Manry downed Kiowa County's Kaiden Brunkow, 6-0 in the championship match. Ellinwood's Daphne Doll defeated Cimarron's Melody Carter 6-1 for third place.

No. 2 singles McNett downed Cimarron's Dani Kugler 6-2 in the championship match. Nickerson's Zoe Coonce defeated Larned's Reese Watkins 6-3 for third place.

Larned's No. 1 doubles Kathryn Holt/Abby Holt (3-1) and No. 2 doubles Ava Mull/Sarah Manry (3-1) both placed runner-up. Ellinwood’s No. 1 doubles Monica Hammeke/Wittney Hammeke surprised Holt/Holt 7-6 (8-6) in Thursday's tiebreaker after losing 6-2 in Tuesday's championship match.

Cimarron's Emily acton/Taryn Jantz defeated Larned’s No. 2 doubles Ava Mull/Sarah Manry 6-4 in the championship match. Ellinwood’s No. 2 doubles Grace Hoskins/Madisyn Schlochtermeier defeated Nickerson's Alyssa Rosenberg/Jolie Shultz 6-3 for third place.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Larned 35; 2—Ellinwood 22; 3—Cimarron 20; 4—Kiowa County 15; 5—Nickerson 6

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Audrey Manry, Larned def. Kaiden Brunkow, Kiowa County, 6-0; 3—Daphne Doll, Ellinwood def. Melody Carter, Cimarron, 6-1; Manry def. Doll, 6-0; Manry def. Carter, 6-1; Manry def. Olivia Rome, Nickerson, 6-0; Brunkow def. Doll, 6-1; Doll def. Rome, 6-4

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Ella McNett, Larned def. Dani Kugler, Cimarron, 6-2; 3—Zoe Coonce, Nickerson def. Reese Watkins, Larned 6-3; McNett def. Coonce, 6-2;  McNett def. Watkins, 6-0; McNett def. Kiley Troyer, Ellinwood, 6-0; Kugler def. Watkins, 6-2; Watkins def. Troyer, 6-4; Kugler def. Troyer, 6-4; Coonce def. Troyer, 6-4

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Monica Hammeke/Wittney Hammeke, Ellinwood def. Kathryn Holt/Abby Holt, Larned, 7-6 (8-6); 3—Liz Sneed/Liberty Gilky, Kiowa County def. Mariah Dechant/Sadie Jantz, Cimarron, 6-3; Hammeke/Hammeke def. Sneed/Gilky, 6-0; Hammeke/Hammeke def. Dechant/Jantz, 6-0; Hammeke/Hammeke def. Carly Bontrager/Lanaya Hada, Nickerson, 6-2; Holt/Holt def. Sneed/Gilky, 6-4; Holt/Holt def. Dechant/Jantz, 6-1; Holt/Holt def. Bontrager/Hada, 6-1 

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Emily Acton/Taryn Jantz, Cimarron def. Ava Mull/Sarah Manry, Larned, 6-4; 3—Grace Hoskins/Madisyn Schlochtermeier, Ellinwood def. Alyssa Rosenberg/Jolie Shultz, Nickerson, 6-3; Mull/Manry def. Hoskins/Schlochtermeier, 6-4; Mull/Manry def.  Rosenberg/Schultz, 6-0; Mull/Manry def. Arianna Hemken/Breanna Hemken, Larned, 6-0; Acton/Jantz def. Hoskins/Schlochtermeier, 6-0; Hoskins/Schlochtermeier def. Hemken/Hemken, 6-3; Acton/Jantz def. Hemken/Hemken, 6-0; Rosenberg/Shultz def. Hemken/Hemken, 6-2