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Local Pitch, Hit Run results
paisley adams
Paisley Adams

Local Pitch, Hit, Run winners

Area youngsters competed in the Great Bend Pitch, Hit, Run local contest sponsored by the Great Bend Optimists.

Players threw five pitches, hit five pitches and ran to first base.

Boys baseball champions were Ivan Weinhold, 7-8; Liam Wise, 9-10; and Sakston Herrera and Gunner Carney, 11-12; and Jalen Lawhead, 13-14.

Girls softball champions were Paisley Adams, 7-8; Adalynn Meeker, 9-10; and Baze Hogan, 11-12.

Local winners have an opportunity to compete at a home Kansas City Royals baseball game at Kauffman Stadium. Major league qualifiers have an opportinity to compete during the 2023 MLB World Series.


BOYS 7-8—1—Ivan Weinhold, 800 points; 2—Gabe Ringo, 735; 3—Boland Baker, 725; 4—R.J. Baskerville, 570 

BOYS 9-10—1—Liam Wise, 900; 2—Braxton Hart, 835; 3—Blake Lawhead, 775; 4—Dylan Sundahl, 730; 5—Colson Kelly, 695; 6—Kymper Vonfeldt, 595; 7—Zander Holinde, 575

BOYS 11-12—1—Sakston Herrera, 720; 1—Gunner Carney, 720; 3—Nathan Trotta, 680; 4—Jakoby Sundahl, 630

BOYS 13-14—1—Jalen Lawhead, 1,065; 2—Beckim Neidenthal, 980; 3—Gage Grove, 870; 4—Kordan Kitch, 755


GIRLS 7-8—1—Paisley Adams, 515

GIRLS 9-10—1—Adalynn Meeker, 620; 2—Brooks Hogan, 565; 3—Jordyn Rains, 555; 4—Kylee Rains, 530 

GIRLS 11-12—1—Baze Hogan, 840