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Oiler tennis wins three divisions
Emily Ryan photo

CLAFLIN— Central Plains’ two-time 3-1A state runner-up Emily Ryan (19-0) stayed unbeaten by winning three matches at Tuesday's Central Plains quad. Ryan has lost five games in 19 matches. The Oilers scored 25 point to place first ahead of Ellsworth (15) and Hoisington (14).

Ryan won 8-0 games over Ellsworth’s Nicole Hasse, Wakeeney’s Gracie Hickson and Hoisington’s Audrie Harms.

No. 1 doubles Bryanna Hammeke-Kyla Metro and No. 2 doubles Zoe-Potter Jennah Jeffrey both finished 3-0 for No. 4 state-ranked Central Plains.

Hammeke-Metro (16-3) defeated Hoisington’s Brooke Steinert-Kelsi Dalton 8-0 in the championship match. Potter-Jeffrey (16-4) defeated Hoisington’s Samantha Colson-Isabelle Gonzalez, 8-4 for first place.

Ellsworth’s No. 2 singles Cassie Most defeated Hoisington’s Tessa Fry, 8-4 for first place.



1—Central Plains 25

2—Ellsworth 15

3—Hoisington 14

4—Wakeeney-Trego 7

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Emily Ryan, CP def. Nicole Hasse, E, 8-0; 3—Gracie Hickson, WT def. Audrie Harms, H, 8-5; Ryan def. Hickson, 8-0; Ryan def. Harms, 8-0; Hasse def. Harms, 8-5

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Cassie Most, E def. Tessa Fry, H, 8-4; 3—Desiree Littlechild, WT def. Ashlynn George, H, 8-7 (7-3); Most def. George, 8-3; Fry def. Littlechild, 8-6; Fry def. George, 8-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Bryanna Hammeke-Kyla Metro, CP def. Brooke Steinert-Kelsi Dalton, H, 8-0; 3—Stormy Thompson-Rachel Sabesta, E def. Hannah Kinderknecht-Tillie Malinowsky, WT, 8-6; Hammeke-Metro def. Thompson-Sabesta, 8-0; Hammeke-Metro def. Kinderknecht-Malinowsky, 8-3; Steinert-Dalton def. Thompson-Sabesta, 8-4; Steinert-Dalton def. Kinderknecht-Malinowsky, 8-5

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Zoe Potter-Jennah Jeffrey, CP def. Samantha Colson-Isabelle Gonzalez, H,8-4; 3—Sydney Boyle-Sklar Wittman, WT def. Brooke Armstrong-Ashlynn Armstrong, CP, 8-2; Potter-Jeffrey def. Boyle-Wittman, 8-0; Potter-Jeffrey def. Armstrong-Armstrong, 8-0; Colson-Gonzalez def. Boyle-Wittman, 8-2; Colson-Gonzalez def. Armstrong-Armstrong, 8-2