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Oilers capture Ellsworth tennis title
Oiler tennis 2019.JPG

ELLSWORTH — Central Plains’ No. 1 doubles Paxton Hammeke-Devin Ryan and No. 2 doubles Brett Liebl-Lawson Oeser captured first place as the Oilers won Tuesday’s Ellsworth Invitational tennis title.

Central Plains scored 67 points and runner-up Ellsworth scored 54 points.

No. 1 doubles Hammeke-Ryan defeated Sterling’s Rhain Isaac-Brett Riffel, 8-2 for first place. The Oilers defeated Salina South and Larned teams to qualify for the finals. 

No. 2 doubles Liebl-Oeser defeated Ellsworth’s Adam Vehring-David Wesseler, 8-1 in the championship match. Liebl-Oeser defeated Hoisington and Salina Sacred Heart teams to qualify for the finals.

Central Plains Oiler No. 2 singles Karter Beck defeated Ellinwood’s Landon Robl, 8-3 for first place. Beck defeated Hoisington’s Bryce Hopkins 8-0 and Salina South’s Bobby Pace 8-2 to reach the finals. Robl downed Sacred Heart’s Alex Disberger 8-5 and Sterling’s Tucker Robson 8-7 (7-4) to make the finals. 

Ellsworth’s No. 1 singles Joey Oberle defeated Central Plains Oiler J.J. Heredia, 8-1 in the finals. Heredia defeated Hoisington’s Nick Long 8-0 and Larned’s Dalton Penka 8-3 to make the finals. 



1—Central Plains 67

2—Ellsworth 54

3—Sterling 50

4—Larned 35

5—Ellinwood 29

6—Sacred Heart 24

7—Salina South 22

8—Hoisington 0


1—Joey Oberle, Ellsworth def. J.J. Heredia, CP, 8-1

3—Dalton Penka, Larned def. Cooper Galyon, Sterling, 8-2

5—Caleb Robl, Ellinwood def. Calvin Hemmer, Sacred Heart, 8-1

7—Brandon Woodhull, SS def. Nick Long, Hoisington, 8-3

Oberle def. Robl, 8-1; Penka def. Hemmer, 8-2; Heredia def. Long, 8-0; Heredia def. Penka, 8-3; Robl def. Woodhull, 8-1; Hemmer def. Long, 8-1; Penka def. Robl, 8-2 


1—Karter Beck, CP def. Landon Robl, Ellinwood, 8-3

3—Tucker Robson, Sterling def. Bobby Pace, SS, 8-2 

5—Zach Griffith, Ellsworth def. Alex Disberger, Sacred Heart, 8-7 (7-4)

7—Ian Orth, Larned def. Bryce Hopkins, Hoisington, 8-2

Beck def. Hopkins, 8-0; Robl def. Disberger, 8-5; Robson def. Orth, 8-0; Beck def. Pace, 8-2; Robl def. Robson, 8-7 (7-4); Griffith def. Hopkins, 8-6; Disberger def. Orth, 8-7 (7-3); Griffith def. Hopkins, 8-6


1—Paxton Hammeke-Devin Ryan, CP def. Rhain Isaac-Brett Riffel, Sterling, 8-2

3—Caden Whetzel-Dalton Zelenka, Ellsworth def. Andrew Bright-Logan DeMond, Larned, 8-7 (7-5)

5—Trace Leners-Charlie Skidmore, Sacred Heart def. Caleb Bookout-Brook Degenhardt, Ellinwood, 8-6

7—Keegan Exline-Isaac Frost, SS def. Keaton Klug-Payton Steiner, Hoisington, 8-3

Hammeke-Ryan, CP def. Exline-Frost, SS, 8-0; Bright-DeMond, Larned def. Whetzel-Zelenka, Ellsworth, 8-7 (10-8); Leners-Skidmore, SH def. Klug-Steiner, HHS, 8-2; Isaac-Riffel, S def. Bookout-Degenhardt, Ellinwood, 8-3; Hammeke-Ryan, CP def. Bright-DeMond, 8-3; Bookout-Degenhardt, Ellinwood def. Klug-Steiner, HHS, 8-0; Bright-DeMond, Larned def. Bookout-Degenhardt, Ellinwood, 8-2  


1—Brett Liebl-Lawson Oeser, CP def. Adam Vehring-David Wesseler, Ellsworth, 8-1 

3—Ryan Birzer-Jeremy Thorpe, Sterling def. Claton Bailey-Nathan McConnell, SS, 8-6

5—Britton Herrman-Joe Theis, Larned def. Kobe Douglas-Andrew Mosher, Sacred Heart, 8-3

7—Nathan Ringwald-Shaun Weber, Ellinwood def. Evan Foltz-Will Spires, Hoisington, 8-0

Liebl-Oeser, CP def. Foltz-Spires, HHS, 8-0;  Douglas-Mosher, SH def. Herrman-Theis, Larned, 8-6; Vehring-Wesseler, Ellsworth def. Ringwald-Weber, Ellinwood, 8-2; Liebl-Oeser, CP def. Douglas-Moshier, SH, 8-1; Herrman-Theis, Larned def. Foltz-Spires, HHS, 8-3; Bailey-MCConnell, SS def. Ringwald-Weber, Ellinwood, 8-3; Birzer-Thorpe, S def. Herrman-Theis, Larned, 8-1