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Oilers' Ryan wins Ellsworth tennis title

ELLSWORTH – Central Plains Oiler No. 1 singles Peyton Ryan (6-0) defeated Sterling's Rhain Isaac 8-3 to capture the Ellsworth Invitational tennis title. Ryan defeated Hoisington's Braden Mooney 8-0 in the semifinals and Concordia's Bill Wahlmeier 8-1 in the first round. Wichita Classical's Max Kice downed Mooney 8-4 for third place.

Abilene's No. 2 singles Kolten Coup downed Sterling's Colton Sant 8-6 for first place. Hoisington's Evan Foltz placed third with an 8-4 victory over Concordia's Josh Wood.

Wichita Classical's No. 1 doubles Isaac Branam/Ethan Chouinard downed Ellsworth's Brendan Anderson/Adam Vehring, 8-6 for first place. Sterling's Ty Fullbright/Carson Shimer defeated Central Plains Oilers Karter Beck/Michael Menges, 8-5 for third place.

Classical's No. 2 doubles Max Ball/Charlie Graham defeated Ellsworth's Chase Bourbon/Jaret Brungardt, 8-2 for first place.

Wichita Classical (58) placed first with Abilene (48) second.


TEAM TOTALS–1–Wichita Classical 58; 2–Abilene 48; 3–Sterling 43; 4–Central Plains 39; 5–Ellsworth 35; 6–Hoisington 31; 7–Concordia 26; 8–Fairfield 0


1–Peyton Ryan, CP def. Rhain Isaac, Sterling, 8-3

3–Max Kice, Classical def. Braden Mooney, Hoisington, 8-4

5–Cayden West, Abilene def. Bill Wahlmeier, Concordia, 8-7 (7-5)

7–Grady Mueller, Ellsworth def. Harris Siller, Fairfield, 8-1

SECOND ROUND–Ryan def. Mooney, 8-0; Isaac def. Kice, 8-4; West def. Siller, 8-0; Wahlmeier def. Mueller, 8-5; FIRST ROUND–Ryan def. Wahlmeier, 8-1; Mooney def. West, 8-4; Isaac def. Wahlmeier, 8-1; Kice def. Mueller, 8-0


1–Kolten Coup, Abilene def. Colton Sant, Sterling, 8-6

3–Evan Foltz, Hoisington def. Josh Wood, Concordia, 8-4

5–Vance Mitchell, Classical def. Hunter Green, CP, 8-6

7–Colton Bettenbrock, Ellsworth def. MacKenzie Fischer, Fairfield, 8-2

SECOND ROUND–Coup def. Wood, 8-3; Sant def. Foltz, 8-7 (7-4); Green def. Fischer, 8-0; Mitchell def. Bettenbrock, 8-0; FIRST ROUND–Coup def. Fischer, 8-0; Wood def. Green, 8-3; Sant def. Mitchell, 8-3; Foltz def. Bettenbrock, 8-2 


1–Isaac Branam/Ethan Chouinard, Classical def. Brendan Anderson/Adam Vehring, Ellsworth, 8-6

3–Ty Fullbright/Carson Shimer, Sterling def. Karter Beck/Michael Menges, CP, 8-5

5–Teigan Horan/Nick Holmes, Abilene def. def. Ismael Perez/Tyson Roush, Concordia, 8-3

7–Mason Haxton/Chase Maier, Hoisington def. Jarod Bauman/Clay Fleming, Fairfield, 8-2

SECOND ROUND–Branam/Chouinard def. Beck/Menges, 8-0; Anderson/Vehring def. Fullbright/Shimer, 8-0; Horan/Holmes def. Bauman/Fleming, 8-0; Perez/Roush def. Haxton/Maier, 8-6 

FIRST ROUND–Branam/Chouinard def. Bauman/Fleming, 8-0; Beck/Menges def. Horan/Holmes, 8-6; Anderson/Vehring def. Perez-Roush, 8-0; Fullbright-Shimer def. Hunter/Meier, 8-5


1–Max Ball/Charlie Graham, Classical def. Chase Bourbon/Jaret Brungardt, Ellsworth, 8-2

3–Isaac Barbieri/Eli Prater, Abilene def. Isaac Bombardier/Taryn Roush, Concordia, 8-4

5–Hunter Morris/Ryan Woydziak, Hoisington def. Ryan Brewington/Josiah Watney, Sterling, 8-3

7–Isiah Jensen/Jacob Togerson, Central Plains def. Kelly Griffin/Cassidy Kennedy, Fairfield, 8-1

SECOND ROUND–Ball/Graham def. Barbieri/Prater, 8-3; Bourbon/Brungardt def. Bombardier/Roush, 8-5; Morris/Woydzak def. Jensen/Togerson, 8-2; Brewington/Watney def. Griffin/Kennedy, 8-0

FIRST ROUND–Ball/Graham def. Griffin/Kennedy, 8-0; Barbieri/Prater def. Brewington/Watney, 8-6; Bourbon/Brungardt def. Jensen/Togerson, 8-0; Bombardier/Roush def. Morris/Woydziak, 8-6