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Oilers, Cardinals tie for tennis title
HHS tennis
Hoisington’s tennis team tied Central Plains for first place at Saturday’s Trego Tennis Invitational. Featured are Hoisingrton coach Taylor Smith, Claire Crutcher, Reese Merlau; back row—Rayna Bray, Emma Willesden, Lauren Higgins, Hailey Petersilie.

Oilers, Cardinals tie for first

WAKEENEY — Central Plains’ Kyla Metro (21-1) captured the singles championship and the Oilers and Hoisington tied for first place with 26 points at Saturday’s Trego Invitational Tennis Tournament. Metro edged Phillipsburg’s MaKenna Russom 8-7 (7-4) for first place. Greeley County’s Karyln Woelk downed Hoisington’s Claire Crutcher 8-2 for third place.Metro beat Crutcher 8-0 in the semifinals.

In doubles, Phillipsburg’s Jaden Belles/Jocelyn Billings defeated Central Plains’ Ashlyn Armstrong/Ryann Metro 8-3 for third place. Hoisington’s Emma Willesden/Reese Merlau defeated Central Plains’ Elizeia Knapp-Blehm/Grace Lamatsch 8-2 for seventh place. Norton’s Taylor Mapes/Alexis Wonderly defeated Hoisington’s Rayna Bray/Lauren Higgins 8-4 for ninth place. 

“We had an awesome tennis meet Saturday,” said Hoisington coach Taylor Smith.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Central Plains 26; Hoisington 26; 3—Phillipsburg 25; 4—Norton 22; 5—WaKeeney-Trego 16; 6—Victoria 13; 7—Osborne 12; 8—Tribune Greeley County 11 

SINGLES—1—Kyla Metro, CP def. Makenna Russom, P, 8-7 (7-4); 3—Karlyn Woelk, GC def. Claire Crutcher, H, 8-2; 5—Aurora Nowlin, V def. LeAnne Beikmann, Norton, 8-3; 7—Hailey Petersilie, H def. Averi Daubert, WK, 8-3; 9—Gabby Poels, P def. Mia Coleman, Osborne, 8-7 (8-6); 11—Draper, WK def. Martin, GC, default

Metro def. Petersilie, 8-1; Metro def. Crutcher, 8-5; Petersilie def. Draper, 8-2; Crutcher def. Breiner, Norton, 8-2

DOUBLES—1—Gracie Riner/Leavie Riner, Osborne def. Dylan Hawks/Dahn Hanlon, Norton, 8-6; 3—Jaden Belles/Jocelyn Billings, P def. Ashlyn Armstrong/Ryann Metro, CP, 8-3; 5—Macy Hammerschmidt/Makenna Wellbrock, V def. Kya O’Banion/Annabelle Malsam, WT, 8-3; 7—Emma Willesden/Reese Merlau, H def. Elizeia Knapp-Blehm/Grace Lamatsch, CP, 8-2; 9—Taylor Mapes/Alexis Wonderly, Norton def. Rayna Bray/Lauren Higgins, H, 8-4; 11—Ashlynn Cramer/Jade Nix, WT def. Reagan Crotinger/Annabelle Schneider, GC, 8-7 (7-4)

Knapp-Blehm/Lamatsch def. Bray/Higgins, 8-7 (7-4); Willesden/Merlau def. Crotinger/Schneider, 8-2; Armstrong/Metro def. Albers/Votruba, GC, 8-1; Armstrong/Metro def. Willesden/Merlau, 8-5; Hawks/Hanlon def. Knapp-Blehm/Lamatsch, 8-3; Riner/Riner def. Armstrong/Metro, 8-3; Bray/Higgins def. Cramer/Nix, 8-5; O’Banion/Malsam def. Willesden/Merlau, 8-5