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Oilers win doubles title at Russell
Oiler tennis 2019.JPG


RUSSELL — Central Plains Oilers Brett Liebl and Lawson Oeser teamed to win No. 1 doubles at Thursday’s Russell Tennis Invitational. Liebl-Oeser defeated Ellsworth’s Caden Whetzel-Dalton Zelenka, 6-2 in the championship match.

Ellsworth (50) finished first in the team standings, followed by Colby (48) and Central Plains (42).

Larned’s No. 1 singles Dalton Penka, a three-time state qualifier, defeated Central Plains’ J.J. Heredia 6-0 for third place.

Larned’s No. 1 doubles Logan DeMond-Andrew Bright placed third with a 6-0 victory over Trego’s Clay Burk-Dylan Johnson.

Colby’s No. 2 singles Seth Hutfles defeated Central Plains Oiler Karter Beck 6-2 for first place.

Larned’s No. 2 doubles Britton Herrman-Joe Theis placed third with a 6-0 victory over Colby’s Mike Carstens-Jacob Koon.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Ellsworth 50; 2—Colby 48; 3—Central Plains 42; 4—Larned 38; 5—Wakeeney-Trego 28; 6—Hoisington 13; 6—Cimarron 13; 7—Russell 11

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Drew Starbuck, Colby def. Joey Oberle, Ellsworth, 6-4; 3—Dalton Penka, Larned def. J.J. Heredia, CP, 6-0; 5—Ambrose Shaughnessy,Cimarron def. Dylan Pfeifer, Trego, 6-2; 7—Patton Steiner, Hoisington def. Mike Smith, Russell, 6-2

Heredia, CP def. Shaughnessy, Cimarron, 8-1; Oberle, Ellsworth def. Heredia, CP, 8-0; Heredia, CP def. Pfeifer, Trego, 6-2; Penka, Larned def. Steiner, Hoisington, 8-2; Starbuck, Colby def. Penka, Larned, 8-2; Shaughnessy, Cimarron def. Penka, Larned, 6-1; Pfeifer, Trego def. Steiner, Hoisington, 8-2 

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Brett Liebl-Lawson Oeser, CP, def. Caden Whetzel-Dalton Zelenka, Ellsworth, 6-2; 3—Logan DeMond-Andrew Bright, Larned def. Clay Burk-Dylan Johnson, Trego, 6-0; 5—Keaton Klug-Braden Mooney, Hoisington def. Brysen Barton-Nathan Lee, Colby, 6-4; 7—Clay Frink-Cody Frink, Cimarron def. Dalton Schuette-Eli Appenbury, Colby, 6-0

Liebl-Oeser, CP def. Schuette-Appenbury, Colby, 8-1; Liebl-Oeser, CP def. DeMond-Bright, Larned, 8-1; DeMond-Bright, Larned def. Burk-Johnson, Trego, 8-0; DeMond-Bright, Larned def. Barton-Lee, Colby, 6-4; Klug-Mooney, Hoisington def. Barton-Lee, Colby, 8-6; Whetzel-Zelenka, Ellsworth def. Klug-Mooney, Hoisington, 6-0; Burk-Johnson Trego def. Klug-Mooney, Hoisington, 6-2

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Seth Hutfles, Colby def. Karter Beck, CP, 6-2; 3—Sam Ochs, Russell def. Zack Griffith, Ellsworth, 6-1; 5—Andy Mejia, Trego def. Ian Orth, Larned, 7-6 (11-9); 7—Niko Neel, Cimarron def. Nick Long, Hoisington, 6-1

Beck, CP def. Orth, Larned, 8-0; Beck, CP def. Griffith, Ellsworth, 8-2; Griffith, Ellsworth def. Long, Hoisington, 8-7 (22-20); Orth, Larned def. Long, Hoisington, 8-1; Ochs, Russell def. Orth, Larned, 6-2 

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Adam Vehring-David Wessler, Ellsworth def. Clyde Horinek-Riley Kraft, Colby, 6-4; 3—Britton Herrman-Joe Theis, Larned def. Mike Carstens-Jacob Koon, Colby, 6-0; 5—Ben Anderson-Gavin Garra, Trego def. Michael Menges-Hunter Green, CP, 6-3; 7—Will Spirer-Evan Foltz, Hoisington def. Aaron Oyler-Troy Hawley, Cimarron, 7-5

Menges-Green, CP def. Oyler-Hawley, Cimarron, 8-7 (7-5); Horinek-Kraft, Colby def. Menges, Green, CP, 8-7; Carstens-Koon, Colby def. Menges-Green, CP, 6-4; Herrman-Theis, Larned def. Spirer-Foltz, Hoisington, 8-2; Vehring-Wessler, Ellsworth def. Herrman-Theis, Larned, 6-3; Herrman-Theis, Larned def. Anderson-Garra, Trego, 7-5; Carstens-Koon, Colby def. Hoisington, 6-3