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Panther doubles finishes fourth
great bend girls tennis

MCPHERSON -- Great Bend's No. 1 doubles Alexis Folkerts/Abbie Moyers placed fourth with a 2-2 record at Thursday's highly competitive McPherson Tennis Invitational.

McPherson's Rachel Carlson/Patty Huerta defeated Folkerts/Moyers 8-2 for third place. Folkerts/Moyers won two matches before losing to McPherson's doubles champion CeAnna Allen/Taylor Bruce, 8-2.

"Overall, we were pleased by the way the girls played for the day," said Great Bend coach Zac Bartel. "Our No. 1 doubles team earned the fourth seed and finished fourth. They played the champions a tough match."

Madison Huslig/Mya Ward finishd 11th with a 8-5 victory over Derby's Rebekah Walsh/Kiley Hale. Huslig/Ward won two of four matches.

No. 2 singles Anna Popp placed seventh with a solid 8-2 victory over Newton's Selena Aguilar. Popp won two of four matches.

"Anna had two impressive matches," Bartel said. "She works hard; makes her opponents work hard." 

No. 1 singles Remi Ingram placed 15th with an 8-4 victory over Derby's Toni Roesler.


TEAM SCORES—McPherson 45; 2—Goddard Eisenhower 42; 3—Derby 34; 4—McPherson White 33; 5—Great Bend 27; 6—Valley Center 26; 7—Newton 21; 8—Elyria Christian 7. 


1—CeAnna Allen/Taylor Bruce, Mc def. Perrin Schneider/Sydney Achilles, Mc White, 8-3

3—Rachel Carlson/Patty Huerta, Mc def. Alexis Folkerts/Abbie Moyers GB, 8-2; Folkerts/Moyers def. Alumbaugh/Watkins, Newton, 8-3; Folkerts/Moyers def. Lippelmann/Hale, 8-3; Bruce/Allen def. Folkerts/Moyers, 8-2

5—Kenzi Gillespie/Madelynn Hamm, Newton def. Carli Cordova/Tinsley Cross, Eisenhower, 8-5

7—Sarah Howard/Cadence Pfaff, Eisenhower def. Lakynn Lippelmann/Amethyst Hale, Mc White, 8-7 (7-5)

9—Rachel Dworak/Lauren Towns, Derby def. Alex Barbour/Megan Jones, VC, 8-6

11—Madison Huslig/Mya Ward, GB def. Rebekah Walsh/Kiley Hale, Derby, 8-5; Schneider/Achilles def. Huslig/Ward, 8-5; Huslig/Ward def. Isham/Norman, 8-5; Dworak/Towns def. Huslig/Ward, 8-6

13—Charis Yager/Natalie Uweling, Derby def. Lindsey Isham/Caroline Norman, VC, injury

15—Tori Turner/Madison Blanton, VC def. Kalene Alumbaugh/Hallie Watkins, Newton, 8-5


1—Mallory Feather, VC def. Adora Weir-Dowd, Derby, 8-3

3—Carley Malm, Mc def. Rachel Davis, Eisenhower, 8-3

5—Kelly Truong, Eisenhower def. Mia Agpoon, Derby, 8-1

7—Anna Popp, GB def. Selena Aguilar, Newton, 8-2; Popp def. Berger, 8-6;  Feather def. Popp, 8-0; Agpoon def. Popp, 8-1

9—Shelby Bontrager, Elyria def. Grace Witte, Mc White, 8-4 

11—Taylor Berger, Mc White def. Maddie Dobson, Mc, 8-3

13—Sophia McNiel, VC def. Shelby Spreier, Newton, 8-2

15—Remi Ingram, GB def. Toni Roesler, Derby,  8-4; Aguilar def. Ingram, 8-5; Dodson def. Ingram, 8-4; McNeal def. Ingram, 8-3;