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Panther girls soccer starts 1-1
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Panther soccer starts 1-1

HAYS — Great Bend dual-sport standout Mayra Ramirez scored two goals to spark the Panthers past Hays-Thomas More Prep 4-0 in Thursday’s soccer game. The Panthers (1-1) scored four first-half goals behind a brisk north wind. Jocelin Pando and Karina Mata also scored goals for Great Bend. Alicia Enriquez earned a shutout at goalie.

“We played good soccer,” said Great Bend coach Margarita Ayala. “It was very windy, and we scored four goals with the wind. In the second half, the girls defended better.” 

The Panthers opened with a 4-2 loss at Wichita Trinity, a private school that features five coaches. 

“They were a quality team that plays at a 6A level,” Ayala said. 

Ramirez and Karina Mata scored Panther goals.

Great Bend plays at home Tuesday against Liberal (2-3, 0-1 WAC). The varsity game will start about 5:30 p.m. at Cavanaugh Field. 


Liberal 1-0 2-3

Hays High 0-0 3-1

Garden City 0-0 2-1

Great Bend 0-0 1-1

Dodge City 0-1 1-5

THURSDAY—Great Bend 4, Hays-TMP 0; Maize South 2, Hays High 1; Wichita Northwest 2, Liberal 1; Garden City 3, Goddard 0; Garden City 3, Goddard 0

SATURDAY—Wichita Heights 2, Liberal 1; Hays High 1, Andover Central 0; Goddard Eisenhower 4, Garden City 0


Liberal at Great Bend

Hays High at Dodge City

Garden City at Guymon, Okla.


Great Bend at Garden City

Dodge City at Hays-TMP

Liberal at Hays High


Liberal at Great Bend

Garden City at Wichita Trinity

LIBERAL (1-0, 2-3)—W Dodge City 1-0; W Wichita Classical 1-0; Goddard Tournament (L Wichita East 0-2; L Wichita Northwest 1-2; L Wichita Heights 1-2) 4-2—*at Great Bend; 4-4—*at Hays High; 4-8—at Garden City; 4-11—*Great Bend; 4-16—Hays-TMP; 4-18—*Hays High; 4-29/5-4—Wichita North Tournament; 5-7—*Garden City; 5-9—*at Dodge City

HAYS HIGH (0-0 3-1)—W Hays-TMP 7-1; McPherson Tournament (W Salina South 3-1; L Maize South 1-2, W Andover Central 1-0); 4-2—*at Dodge City; 4-4—*Liberal; 4-8—Junction City; 4-9—*at Great Bend; 4-15—*at Garden City; 4-18—*at Liberal; 4-22—*Great Bend; 4-25—at Hays-TMP; 4-29—*Garden City; 5-2—*Dodge City; 5-7—Nickerson; 5-9—at Wichita Trinity

GARDEN CITY (0-0, 2-1)—Goddard Tournament (W Andover 2-1; W Goddard 3-0; L Goddard Eisenhower 0-4); 4-2—at Guymon, Okla.; 4-4—*Great Bend; 4-5—at Wichita Trinity; 4-8—*Liberal; 4-9—at Hays-TMP; 4-11—*Dodge City; 4-15—*Hays High; 4-16—*at Great Bend; 4-23—*at Dodge City; 4-29—*at Hays High; 5-2—Hays-TMP; 5-7—*at Liberal; 5-10—Wichita South

 GREAT BEND (0-0, 1-1)—L Wichita Trinity 2-4; W Hays-TMP 4-0; 4-2—*Liberal; 4-4—at Garden City; 4-8—*Dodge City; 4-9—*Hays High; 4-11—*at Liberal; 4-16—Garden City4-18—at Nickerson; 4-22—*at Hays High; 4-25—*at Dodge City; 4-29—Hays-TMP; 5-6—Manhattan; 5-7—at Wichita Southeast; 5-9—Junction City

DODGE CITY (0-1, 1-5)—L *Liberal 0-1; L SM South 0-4; L Blue Valley SW 0-8; Wichita South Titan (W Winfield 5-2; L Salina Central 0-1; L Hutchinson 2-5); 4-2—*Hays High; 4-4—at Hays-TMP: 4-8—*at Great Bend;  4-11—at Garden City; 4-16—at Wichita Trinity; 4-23—Garden City; 4-25—*Great Bend; 4-30—Wichita South; 5-2—*at Hays High; 5-9—*Liberal

spt HG 7 Mayra Ramirez chases a through ball pass.
Great Bend High Schools Mayra Ramirez (7)chases the ball on Tuesday night at Cavanaugh Fields. The Panthers beat Wichita Independent 7-2.