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Panther girls win Hoisington wrestling titles
spt_hg_Breanna Ridgeway (Great Bend) defeated Madison Miller (Scott Community).jpg

HOISINGTON – Great Bend’s girls four first-place finishes at Friday’s Cardinal Corner Wrestling Classic. Capturing first were Panthers Daizy Gomes (126), defending state champion Breanna Ridgeway (132), Sierra Ferguson (143) and Haylee Holinde (191). Ridgeway captured her 100th high school victory during the tournament. Great Bend scored 151 points to capture the team title.

Also finishing first were Hoisington’s Tally Wikum (10-0, 138).

Placing runner-up were Great Bend’s trio of Caitlyn White (109),  Kynslee White (170) and Analiz Rivas (235) and Stafford’s Katelyn McCloskey (155).

“Tally Wikum on the girls side continues to have one of the best seasons any Cardinal could dream of having,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “She won her third consecutive tournament, but also ran her record to a perfect 10-0. She has pinned every opponent. Victories have included wins over state finalists and placers. The girls team has been outstanding deserving of their top 10 state ranking. They are doing a great job competing with 1-4A teams and 5-6A squads. The team has faced top ranked squads in both classes.”


TEAM TOTALS—1—Great Bend 151; 2—Eureka 103; 3—Hoisington 89.5; 4—Liberal 85.5; 5—Scott City 44; 6—Russell 43; 7—Stafford 30; 8—Holcomb 24.5;  Cimarron 24.5; 10—Larned 17.5; 11—Concordia 16; 12—Kingman 9.5 

101—Sheena Gocela, H pinned Tayler Redetzke, H, 0:03; Gocela def. Greene, Cim, 5-0; Carlile, L def. Gocela, injury; 3RD—Greene, Cim def. Gocela, injury; Greene, Cim pinned Redetzke, 5:07; Karley Stukey, GB pinned Liliana McKenna, Larned, 4:55; Carlile,.L pinned Stukey, 5:49; Chanthasone, L pinned Stukey, 0:44; McKenna def. Redetzke, 15-9; Chanthasone pinned McKenna, 2:32; Carlile def. McKenna, 8-1; 5TH—Stukey pinned McKenna, 5:10

109—Caitlyn White, GB over Mayra Gonzalez, GB, 1:21; White over Satanta, Holcomb, 10-2; White over Gutierrez, L, 1:35; 1ST—Gutierrez, L def. White, 4-2; Gonzalez, GB over Garcia, L, 2:54; Gonzalez pinned McKayla Smith, GB, 0:43; Aubrey Brown, H pinned Gonzalez, 3:25; 3RD—Garcia, L pinned Gonzalez; Satanta, Holcomb pinned Smith, 0:53; Garcia, L over Smith, 0:44; Aubrey Brown, H over Smith, 0:49; Garcia, L over Brown, 2:00; 5TH—Satanta, Holcomb over Brown, 3:54

115—Reese Watklins, Larned pinned Roberts, SC, 0:49; Watkins pinned Paige Schwartz, H, 2:34; Watkins pinned Conner, SC, 0:55; 1ST—Shepard, Eureka pinned Reese Watkins, Larned, 5:13; Paige Schwartz, H pinned Conner, SC, 1:00; Schwartz pinned Roberts, SC, 1:18; Lillian Gradig, H pinned Rosa Campos, GB, 4:30; Shepherd, Eureka pinned Gradig, 5:47; Gradig pinned Feltman, Cimarron, 0:25; Gradig pinned Hannah Crathorne, GB, 0:32; 3RD—Schwartz pinned Gradig, 0:33; Campos pinned Crathorne, 0:40; Campos pinned Feltman, 1:49; Shepherd, Eureka pinned Campos, 3:16; 5TH—Campos def. Roberts, SC, injury;  Feltman def. Crathorne, 4-3; Shepherd pinned Crathorne, 1:16

120—Kiana Grandclair, H pinned Tarango, L, 1:16; Grandclair pinned Barajas, Holcomb, 4:49; Grandclair pinned Crisswell, Eureka, 1:50; 1ST—Napue, Russell def. Grandclair, 8-2; Napue pinned Jaydon Davis, GB, 2:32; Davis pinned Diana Ibarra, Stafford, 1;21; Davis pinned Gossman, SC, 3:33; Davis pinned Dolan, Kingman, 1:46; 3RD—Barajas def. Davis, 7-3; Dolan, King pinned Diana Ibarra, Stafford, 5:50; Ibarra pinned Gossman, 4:50; Napue pinned Ibarra, 0:28; 7TH—Ibarra pinned Tarango, L, 1:37 

126—Daizy Gomez, GB pinned Emily Lovett, H, 2:00; Gomez pinned Kuntzsch, Russell, 0:17; Gomez pinned Denise Chavez, GB, 0;22; Gomez pinned Schwartz, SC, 0:32; 1ST—Gomez pinned Schwartz, SC, 0:45; Lovett pinned Raegan Ketch, GB, 0:22 Lovett pinned Kolb, L, 0:24; Hilton, Eureka pinned Lovett, 1:32; 3RD—Lovett pinned Hilton, 1:42; Ketch pinned Chavez, 0:17; Hilton pinned Ketch, 0:42; Ketch pinned Kolb, L, 1:48; 5TH—Ketch pinned Kuntzsch, 2:23; Schwartz pinned Chavez, 1:03; Kuntzsch pinned Chavez, 1:49; 7TH—Kenzie Kolb pinned Chavez, 4:34

132—Breanna Ridgeway, GB pinned Miller, SC, 0:25; Ridgeway pinned Miles, Eureka, 0:28; Ridgeway pinned Daijah Jones, H, 0:53; 1ST—Ridgeway pinned Ney, Russell, 2:42; Ney pinned Jones, 0:34; Jones pinned Miller, SC, 0:33; 3RD—Jones def. Miles, injury

138—Tally Wikum, H (10-0) pinned Quezada, L, 0:18; Wikum pinned Cooper, Russell, 0:07; Wikum pinned Workman, Concordia, 1:39; 1ST—Wikum pinned Pazdernik, SC, 1:02

143—Sierra Ferguson, GB pinned Valenzuela, L, 1:11; Ferguson pinned Cardenas, L, 0:15; Ferguson pinned Morgan Gunter, Stafford, 0:48; Ferguson pinned Peyton Schneider, H, 0:16; 1ST—Ferguson pinned Escareno, Eureka, 3:40; Escareno pinned Gunter, 1:05; Gunter pinned Cardenas, 1:21; Schneider pinned Gunter, 2:28; 3RD—Gunter pinned Valenzuela, 1:05; Schneider pinned Cardenas, 4:29; Escareno pinned Schneider, 0:46; Valenzuela pinned Schneider, 0:43  

155— Katelyn McCloskey, Stafford pinned Newton, Cim, 1:37; McCloskey pinned Rodriguez, Holcomb, 3:03; McCloskey pinned Lea Nokes, GB, 1:09; McCloskey pinned Danica Cline, GB, 1:04; 1ST—Dodd, Eureka pinned McCloskey, 0:40; Dodd pinned Nokes, 0:37; Newton pinned Nokes, 1:16; Rodriguez pinned Nokes, 0:19; Cline pinned Nokes, GB, 3:39; Rodriguez over Cline, 5:22; Dodd pinned Cline, 0:22; Newton, Cim over Cline; McCloskey pinned Cline, 1:04

170—Kynslee White, GB pinned Pablo, L, 2:30; 1ST—Gore, Eureka pinned White, 4:30

191—Haylee Holinde, Gb def. Rangel, L, 8-7; 1ST—Holinde def. Torres, L, 6-0

235—Analiz Rivas, GB pinned Kennedy, Kingman, 1:28; 1ST—Miller, SC pinned Rivas, 1:50