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Panther girls win Rock Creek wrestling title
Panther girls

ST. GEORGE – Great Bemd’s Breckyn Elliott (101); Breanna Ridgeway (130) and Marissa Hanrahan (143) captured first place to lead the Panther girls to the championship of the Rock Creek Wrestling Scramble. The Panthers scored 119 points to edge Washburn Rural (104) for first place.

Panther runners-up were Ali Pierce (109) and Briana Perez (155). Third-place finishers were Abby White (116); Lexi Deines (136) and Dakota Baldwin (191).


TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 119; 2—Washburn Rural 104; 3—Sabetha 43; 4—Topeka West 36; 5—Burlingame 33; 6—Baldwin 32; 7—Junction City 30.5; 8—Oakley 30; 9—Mission Valley 26; 10—Rock Creek 22; 11—Hoxie 19.5; 12—Manhattan 19


101—Breckyn Elliott, GB, 1st; Elliott pinned House, WR, 0:24; Elliott pinned Stukey, GB, 0:07; Elliott pinned Morris WR, 3:23; Karley Stukey, GB, 4th; Stukey pinned House, WR, 1:50; Bossereman, Oakley pinned Stukey, 0:25; 1ST—Elliott pinned Bossereman, Oakley, 11-4; 3RD—Morris, WR pinned Stukey 0:52
109—Ali Pierce, GB, 2nd; Pierce pinned Ashlyn Weber, GB, 1:33; Pierce pinned Caitlyn White, GB, 2:15; Pierce pinned Hall, WR, 2:28; Taggart, WR pinned Weber, 1:33; Weber pinned White, 1:27;  Hall, WR pinned White, 3:26; Taggart, WR pinned White, 0:17; 1ST—Taggart, WR def. Pierce, 7-3; 3RD—Weber pinned Hall WR, 0:30
116—Abby White, GB, 3rd; Broxterman, WR, pinned White, 2:49; White pinned Whitehead WR, 1:22; Cain, Oakley, pinned White, 1:52 Reyes pinned Whitehead, WR, 1:39; Broxterman, WR, pinned Reyes, 2:00; Cain, Oakley, pinned Reyes, 2:28; 3RD—White pinned Natasha Reyes, GB, 0:19
123—Katie Kuhlman, GB; Johnson, Man pinned Kuhlman, 3:49; Kuhlman pinned Miller, TW, 0:23; Island-Jones, Man pinned Kuhlman, 2:38
130—Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 1st; Ridgeway pinned Dempsey, Baldwin, 0:26; Ridgeway pinned Duenas, JC, 0:45; Ridgeway pinned Houser WR, 0:52; 1ST—Ridgeway pinned Randles, TW, 1:03
136—Lexi Deines, GB, 3rd; Deines pinned Romine, WR, 2:43; Deines pinned Teresa Garcia, GB, 1:18; Culbert, Burlingame pinned Deines, 1:59; Culbert, Burlingame pinned Garcia, 1:22; Garcia pinned Romine, WR, 3:27; 3RD—Deines pinned Rokey, Sabetha, 3:14; 5TH—Garcia pinned Rosa Campos, GB, 1:03; Rokey, Sabetha pinned Campos, 4:17; Darnell, Baldwin pinned Campos, 1:29; Campos pinned Joy WR, 1:16
143—Marissa Hanrahan, GB, 1st; Hanrahan pinned Lawson, Sabetha, 0:58; Hanrahan pinned Sayers WR, 1:03; Hanrahan pinned Troyer, RC, 1:41; 1ST—Hanrahan pinned Kaus, Hoxie, 0:55
155—Briana Perez, GB, 2nd; Perez pinned Bailey, JC, 1:45; Perez pinned Breedlove, Baldwin, 1:07; Perez pinned Wentzel, WR, 11-6; 1ST—Robinett WR, pinned Perez, 9-3
170—Maria Gonzalez, GB, 4th; Strahm, Sabetha pinned Gonzalez, 1:04; Gonzalez pinned Hummel, WR, 0:23; Kerstiens, WR pinned Gonzalez, 3:56; 3RD—Nuusila, JC def. Gonzalez, forfeit
191—Dakota Baldwin, GB, 3rd; Sabetha pinned Baldwin, 0:41; Robinson, JC pinned Baldwin, 2:31; 3RD—Baldwin pinned Armbrister, Baldwin, forfeit

235—Kyeal Mogbo, GB, 4th; Mogbo pinned Armbruster, Chapman 3:10; Mercer, WR pinned Mogbo, 2:16; Anderson, WR pinned Mogbo, 1:58; 3RD—Hargett, Baldwin pinned Mogbo, 3:08