One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Panther girls wrestling wins Phiilipsburg title
Six girls earn first-place medals
spt_hg_Daizy Gomez (Great Bend) defeated Audrey Schwartz (Scott Community).jpg

PHILLIPSBURG – Six Great Bend Panther girls earned first place medals at Saturday’s Phillipsburg Tournament.

Panthers Braelyn Turner (125B), Daizy Gomez (125A), Sierra Ferguson (130), Danica Cline (145), Natalee Daniels (190) placed first.

In championship matches, Turner defeated Trego’s Kallan Rothchild 12-10; Gomez pinned Garden City’s Maya Tarbet (4:53); Ferguson pinned Abilene’s Kaylee Weibert (1:12);  Cline pinned Norton’s jessi Wait (1:46) and Daniels pinned Norton’s Cadence Greeson (3:06).

Panthers Yarlene Granados (235) finished second with a loss to Hill City’s Gracie Penrod (5:02).


TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 118; 2—Garden City 96; 3—Norton 91; 4—Rossville 89; 5—Trego 69; 6—Plainville 54; 7—Hill City 53; 8—St. Francis 51; 9—Abilene 46; 10—Chase County 39


105A—Karley Stukey, GB, 4TH;  Granberry, Norton pinned Stukey, 4:29; Stukey pinned Raybern, Russell, 4:02; 3RD—McDermott, GC pinned Stukey, 4:17
115A—Hannah Crathorne, GB; Johnson, Hoxie def. Crathorne, 8-5; LaBarge, SF pinned Crathorne, 2:40

120A—Kaylea McMullen, GB, 4TH; Rodriguez, GC pinned McMullen; Hurla, Rossville pinned McMullen, 2:46; 3RD—Hahn, Stockton pinned McMullen
125B—Braelyn Turner, GB, 1ST; Turner pinned Jensen, SF, 4:45; Turner def. Rothchild, Trego, 12-10

125A—Daizy Gomez, GB, 1ST; Gomez pinned Smyth, Plainville, 0:29; 1ST—Gomez pinned Tarbet, GC, 4:53

130B—Sierra Ferguson, GB, 1ST; Ferguson pinned Puga, Norton, 0:14; 1ST—Ferguson pinned Weibert, Abilene, 1:12

135—Katie Kuhlman, GB, 4TH;  Kuhlman pinned Ontiveros, TMP, 1:11; Ney, Russell pinned Kuhlman, 0:41; 3RD—Fund, Rossville pinned Kuhlman, 4:20
145B—Danica Cline, GB, 1ST; Cline pinned Blanks, HC, 0:49; 1ST—Cline pinned Wait, Norton, 1:46

155A—Kirra Stevens, GB, 3RD; Horton, Rossville pinned Stevens, 2:59; 3RD—Stevens pinned Vance, Norton, 1:51

190A—Natalee Daniels, GB, 1ST; Daniels pinned Spino, HC, 1:38; 1ST—Daniels pinned Greeson, Norton, 3:06

235A—Yarlene Granados, GB, 2ND; Granados pinned Belleau, Norton, 1:54; 1ST—Penrod, HC pinned Granados, 5:02