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Panther win home tennis meet
abby moyers
Great Bend Panther Abbie Moyers serves up her unique style.


Great Bend's doubles partner Abbie Moyers enjoys her own unique style, even when she slipped against Dodge City. Like a champion, Moyers picked herself up with the help of No. 1 doubles partner Anna Popp.

Popp checked her partner's ankle and joined Moyers for three consecutive wins over Great Bend Red's Laura Daniel/Sahara Rhiza, 8-1, Hays High's Caroline Robben/Sage Zweifel, 8-0; and Dodge City's Becca Unruh/America Gamez, 8-2. 

Moyers/Popp (26-3) worked well together with each player taking their turn swatting winners at the net at Shannon Schartz courts. Moyers/Popp did a nice job getting ahead of their serves. They consistently broke their opponent's serves with solid play and fewer hitting errors in 85-degree temperatures. 

Great Bend's No. 1 singles Remi Ingram (3-0) and No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig/Grace Dougherty (3-0) each captured first by beating teams from Great Bend Red, Hays High and Dodge City.

Great Bend Red's No. 2 singles Dinah Newman downed her teammate McKenna Cape, 8-6 for first place.

Great Bend's Black team scored 28 points to finish first with Hays High (18) placing runner-up.


TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend Black 28; 2—Hays High 18; 3—Dodge City 8; 4—Great Bend Red 6

GREAT BEND BLACK—1—No. 1 Remi Ingram, 3-0; 2—No. 2 McKenna Cape, 2-1; 1—No. 1 Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, 3-0; 1—No. 2 Madison Huslig/Grace Dougherty, 3-0;  Ingram def. Robben, 8-0; Ingram def. Phillips, 8-3; Ingram def. Weber, 8-1; Newman def. Cape, 8-6; Cape def. Haddaway, 8-5; Cape def. Morales, 8-6; Moyers/Popp def. Robben/Zweifel, 8-0; Moyers/Popp def. Daniel/Rhiza, 8-1; Moyers/Popp def. Unruh/Gamez, 8-2; Huslig/Dougherty def. Deines/Leiker, 8-6; Huslig/Dougherty def. Mink/Ochoa, 8-5; Huslig/Dougherty def. Williams/Muth, 8-4

GREAT BEND RED—4—No. 1 Mollie Phillips, 0-3; 1—No. 2 Dinah Newman, 3-0; 4—No. 1 Laura Daniel/Sahara Rziha, 0-3; 4—No. 2 Ruth Williams/Abby Muth, 0-3; Weber def. Phillips, 8-3;  Robben def. Phillips, 8-0; Weber def. Phillips, 8-3; Newman def. Haddaway, 8-1; Newman def. Morales, 8-6; Unruh/Gamez def. Daniel/Rhiza, 8-4; Robben/Zweifel def. Daniel/Gamez, 8-0; Deines/Leiker def. Williams/Muth, 8-4; Mink/Ochoa def. Williams/Muth, 8-5

HAYS HIGH—2—No. 1 Maggie Robben, 2-1; 3—No. 2 Jamie Haddaway, 1-2; 2—No. 1 Caroline Robben/Sage Zweifel, 2-1; 2—No. 2 Taylor Deines/Britnee Leiker, 2-1

DODGE CITY—3—No. 1 Alyssa Weber, 1-2; 4—No. 2 Andrea Morales, 0-3; 3—No. 1 Becca Unruh/America Gamez, 1-2; 3—No. 2 Michaela Mink/Mia Ochoa, 1-2