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Panther tennis captures Lyons title
Remi Ingram1
Great Bend Panther No. 1 singles Remi Ingram - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

LYONS – No. 1 doubles Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig/Ruth Williams and No. 2 singles Grace Dougherty captured first place at the Lyons Tennis Tournament. The Panthers placed first with 22 points.

Moyers/Popp, Huslig/Willams and Dougherty all swept four matches against teams from Lyons, Pratt, Chaparral and Nickerson.  

Dougherty downed Nickerson’s Zoe Coone 6-2 for first place. Moyers/Popp defeated Lyons’ Jayme Belote/Bella Bryant 6-0 for first place. Huslig/Williams defeated Pratt’s Karsyn Sharp/Kena Sterling 6-0 for first place.

Great Bend's No. 1 singles Remi Ingram placed runner-up with a 3-1 record. Ingram won matches against Lyons, Chaparral and Nickerson, but lost 6-2 against Pratt's Erin Jackson.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Great Bend 22; 2—Lyons 12; 3—Pratt 12; 4—Nickerson 8; 5—Chaparral 7


NO. 1 SINGLES—Remi Ingram, GB, 3-1, second place; Ingram def. Tessa Miller, Lyons, 6-1; Ingram def. Jade Calvert, Chaparral, 6-1; Ingram def. Olivia Rome, Nickerson, 6-0; 1st—Erin Jackson, Pratt def. Ingram, 6-2; 3rd—Tessa Miller, Lyons def. Rome, Nickerson, 6-2

NO. 2 SINGLES—Grace Dougherty, GB, 4-0, first place; Dougherty def. Anilec Rios, Lyons, 6-3; Dougherty def. Bailey Jackson, Pratt, 7-5; Dougherty def. Addison Wilcox, Chaparral, 6-4; 1st—Dougherty def. Zoe Coonce, Nickerson, 6-2; 3rd—Rios, Lyons def. Jackson, Pratt, 7-6 (8-6)

NO. 1 DOUBLES—Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, GB, 4-0, first place; Moyers/Popp def. Bella Barker/Hannah Holmes, Pratt, 6-0; Moyers/Popp def. Gillian Struble/Natalie Graves, Chaparral, 6-0; Moyers/Popp def. Carly Bontrager/Lanaya Hada, Nickerson, 6-2; 1st—Moyers/Popp def. Jayme Belote/Bella Bryant, Lyons, 6-0; 3rd—Struble/Graves, Chaparral def. Bontrager/Hada, Nickerson, 6-4 

NO. 2 DOUBLES—Madison Huslig/Ruth Williams, GB, 4-0, first place; Huslig/Williams def. Victoria Contreras/Mia Bryant, Lyons, 6-1; Huslig/Williams def. Kydrenn Hightree/Stormy Cash, Chaparral 7-6 (7-1); Huslig/Williams def. Alyssa Rosenberg/Ria Shah, Nickerson, 6-4; 1st—Huslig/Williams def. Karsyn Sharp/Kena Sterling, Pratt, 6-0; 3— Hightree/Cash, Chaparral def. Rosenberg/Shah, Nickerson, 6-1


DODGE CITY — Great Bend's No. 2 doubles Tania Molina/Kaylin Wahlmeier swept five matches to finish first at the Dodge City junior varsity tennis tournament. The Panthers finished runner-up. 


NO. 1 SINGLES—Lakyn Smith, GB, 4-1, third place; Smith def. GC, 6-3; SMuth def. GC White, forfeit; Smith def. Larned, 6-1; DC Blue def. Smith, 7-6 (7-1)

NO. 2 SINGLES—Abby Muth, GB, 4-1, second place; Muth def. GC, 6-0; Muth def. GC White, 6-2; Muth def. DC Blue, 6-1; Muth def. Larned, 6-0; Championship—DC Red def. Muth, 6-3. 

NO. 1 DOUBLES—Laura Daniel/Sahara Rziha, GB, 4-1, second place; Daniel/Rziha def. GC, 6-2; Daniel/Rziha def. GC White, 6-1; Daniel/Rziha def. DC Blue, 6-1; Daniel/Rziha def. Larned, 6-0; Championship—DC Blue def. Daniel/Rziha, 6-2.   

NO. 2 DOUBLES—Tanaia Molina/Kaylin Wahlmeier, GB 5-0, first place; Molina/Wahlmeier def. GC, 6-4;  Molina/Wahlmeier def. GC White, forfeit; Molina/Wahlmeier def. DC Blue, 6-0; Molina/Wahlmeier def. Larned, 6-2; Championship—Molina/Wahlmeier def. DC Red, 6-2