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Panther tennis places fifth at WAC
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LIBERAL — Hays High swept two singles and two doubles divisions to capture its third Western Athletic Conference boys tennis championship. Hays' No. 1 singles champion Colin Clark is WAC Player of the Year. Hays coach Kayla Brown is WAC Coach of the Year.

Great Bend's No. 1 singles Aiden Stacey (1-3) placed fourth; No. 2 singles Aaron Ramirez (1-3) placed fourth; No. 1 doubles Kaden Deines/Jacob Parks (1-3) placed fifth; and No. 2 doubles Ramsey/Pounds (0-4) finished fifth. The Panthers scored three points.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Hays High 12; 2—Dodge City 8; Garden City 8; 4—Liberal 5; 5—Great Bend 3

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Colin Clark, Hays def. Oscar Alvarado, DC, 8-3; 3—Josh Negron, GC def. Aiden Stacey, GB, 8-5; Clark def. Stacey, 8-0; Alvarado def. Stacey, 8-1; Stacey def. Jackson Dodge, L, 8-1

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Ken Shaffer, Hays def. Edgar Varela, DC, 8-5; 3—Zane Storer, GC def. Aaron Ramirez, GB, 8-7 (6-2); Shaffer def. Ramirez, 8-0; Varela def. Ramirez, 8-2; Ramirez def. Quinn Brown, L, 8-4

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Xavier Catura/Kale Schwien, Hays def. Parker Brown/Dan Nguyen, L, 8-5; 3—Carson Kraus/Lachlan James, GC def. Peter Bui/Dan Velasquez, DC, 8-2; Kaden Deines/Jacob Parks, GB def. Brown/Nguyen, 8-4; Kraus/James def. Deines/Parks, 8-2; Peter Bui/Dan Velasquez def. Deines/Parks, 8-6; Catura/Schwien def. Deines/Parks, 8-1

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Henry Fitzhum/Carsen Riat, Hays def. Emmanuel Garcia/Jovanni Garcia, L, 8-0; 3—Ashton Palmer/Kevin Nguyen, GC def. Kevin Navarrette/Alan Vazquez, DC, 8-5; Fitzhum/Riat def. Ramsey/Pounds, 8-1; Navarrette/Vazquez def. Ramsey/Pounds, 8-1; Palmer/Nguyen def. Ramsey/Pounds, 8-5; Garcia/Garcia, L def. Ramsey/Pounds, 8-1