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Panther tennis wins team title in tiebreaker
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The Great Bend Panther tennis team won a wild three-way tie for first place with Dodge City and Larned after the teams tied with 22 points.

The Panthers won 52.8 percent, Dodge City won 52.3 percent and Larned won 51.2 percent in head-to-head matches against the other teams. 

“We took first as a team after a three-way tie between Dodge, Larned and Great Bend that was decided by win percentages and then head-to-head match-ups,” said Great Bend coach Joseph Bliven.

Great Bend’s No. 2 doubles Alexis Folkerts-Jessica Nieto saved the day with a 4-0 record. Larned’s Cheyenne Lile-Corrie Upson finished third (2-2).

The Larned Indians were keyed by No. 1 doubles Macy Haas-Katelynn Sanger, who finished first place with a 4-0 record. Haas and Sanger edged Great Bend’s Remi Ingram-Abbie Moyers, 8-6, for first place. 

Dodge City’s No. 1 singles Mariana Duque (4-0) placed first and Larned’s Kristin Anderson (2-2) placed third. 

Meade’s No. 2 singles Bristol Lewis (4-0) placed first with Great Bend Panther Priscilla Ramirez (1-3) beating Larned’s Audrey Manry 8-3 for fourth place.  

At McPherson, the Panthers faced state-quality teams and placed seventh.

“It was tough draws and tough compeition,” Bliven said. 

No. 1 singles Popp placed 12th. No. 2 singles Ramirez finished 16th. No. 1 doubles Remi Ingram-Abbie Moyers placd 14th. No. 2 doubles Folkerts-Nieto placed ninth.



1—Great Bend, 22 (52.8)  

2—Dodge City, 22 (52.3) 

3—Larned, 22 (51.2)

4—Hays High 18

5—Meade 16


1—Mariana Duque, DC, 4-0

2—Kaleigh Ashbaugh, Hays, 2-2

3—Kristin Anderson, Larned, 2-2

4—Rebecca Friesen, Meade, 1-3

5—Anna Popp, GB, 1-3

Duque def. Anderson, 8-1; Duque def. Popp, 8-0; Anderson def. Ashbaugh, 8-2; Anderson def. Friesen, 8-3; Popp def. Anderson, 8-7 (7-3);  Ashbaugh def. Popp, 8-2; Friesen def. Popp, 8-4


1—Bristol Lewis, Meade, 4-0

2—Lynsie Hansen, Hays, 3-1 

3—Victoria Garcia, DC, 2-2

4—Priscilla Ramirez, GB, 1-3

5—Audrey Manry, Larned, 0-4

Lewis def. Ramirez, 8-1; Lewis def. Manry, 8-5; Hansen def. Ramirez, 8-2; Hansen def. Manry, 8-3; Garcia def. Ramirez, 8-1; Garcia def. Manry, 8-1; Ramirez def. Manry, 8-3 


1—Macy Haas-Katelynn Sanger, Larned, 4-0

2—Remi Ingram-Abbie Moyers, GB, 3-1

3—Brianna Forinash-Cori Isbell, Hays, 2-2 

4—Monica Gleason-Ali Unruh, Meade, 1-3

5—Esmeralda Cayetano-Steph Barrientos, DC, 0-4

Larned def. Great Bend, 8-6; Larned def. Hays, 8-2; Larned def. Meade, 8-3; Larned def. Dodge City, 8-0; Great Bend def. Hays, 8-5; Great Bend def. Meade, 8-3; Great Bend def. Dodge City, 8-0


1—Alexis Folkerts-Jessica Nieto, GB, 4-0

2—Jordyn Trombley-Jewel Escobar, DC, 3-1

3—Cheyenne Lile-Corrie Upson, Larned, 2-2

4—Makayla Bennett-Campbell Elliott, Meade, 1-3 

5—Macey Speier-Taylor Deines, Hays, 0-4

Great Bend def. Dodge City, 8-1; Great Bend def. Larned, 8-3; Great Bend def. Meade, 8-1; Great Bend def. Hays, 8-1; Dodge City def. Larned, 8-6; Larned def. Meade, 8-3; Larned def. Hays, 8-5


NO. 1 SINGLES—12—Anna Popp

NO. 2 SINGLES—16—Priscilla Ramirez

NO. 1 DOUBLES—14—Remi Ingram-Abbie Moyers

NO. 2 DOUBLES—9—Alexis Folkerts-Jessica Nieto