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Two Panthers place first at Valley Center
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VALLEY CENTER —Great Bend's No. 2 ranked Jace Schartz (157) and Brody Schnoebelen (285) captured titles and No. 1 ranked Trenton Kern (190) and No. 4 ranked Matthew Johnson (215) were runners-up at the Valley Center Wrestling Tournament.

In championship matches, Schartz beat Rose Hill's Tyren Emberson 9-4; Schnoebelen edged Valley Center's Beau Young 13-10; Andover High's Tate Hutchinson beat Trenton Kern 2-0; and Valley Center's Dai'Mont Mucker pinned Johnson (3:43).

Great Bend's No. 1 ranked Kaiden Hoffman (132) and Conner Holladay (175) placed third. Hoffman pinned Newton's Trevor Bayer (1:12). Holladay pinned Wichita Heights' Zavier Hourieh (1:01).

Great Bend (150.5) tied for fourth with Rose Hill (208) placing first.



TEAM SCORES—1—Rose Hill 208; 2—Valley Center 164; 3—Newton 153; 4—Great Bend 150.5; Andover High 150.5; 6—Mulvane 772; 7—Wichita Heights 64; 8—Salina South 54; 9—Andover Central 27.

106—Landon Keilman, GB (0-4); Ele, VC pinned Keilman, 0:22; Whitted, RH pinned Keilman, 0:24; Sherrow, Andover pinned Keilman, 0:23; Whisler, Mulvane pinned Keilman, 0:46

113—Ambrose Kramer, GB (1-3), 7TH; Moody, VC def. Kramer, 15-0; Saferite, RH def. Kramer, 15-0; Ven, AC def. Kramer, 7-5; 7TH—Kramer pinned Masterson, Wichita Heights, 1:01

120—No. 4 Triston Tomlinson, GB (2-3), 4TH; Tomlinson pinned Harpstrite, Andover, 2:58; Tomlinson pinned Walker, Mulvane, 0:37; Shields, VC pinned Tomlinson,  1:53; Kaufman, Newton pinned Tomlinson,  0:32;  3RD—Aiden Shields def. Tomlinson, 9-0

126—Hayden Liles, GB (2-3), 6TH; Schwartz, VC pinned Liles, 0:48; Liles Breese, AC, 1:40; Liles def. Landis, Mulvane, 17-0; Nichols, Wichita Heights def. Liles, 11-4; 5TH—Rieschick, Andover pinned Liles, 1:27

132—No. 1 Kaiden Hoffman, GB (4-1), 3RD; Hoffman pinned Rosales, Wichita Heights, 3:33; Hoffman def. Huffman, VC, 7-3; Hoffman def. Southern, Newton, 8-0;  Potter, Andover def. Hoffman, 11-3; 3RD—Hoffman pinned Beyer, Newton, 1:12

144—Trevin Maciel, GB (2-3), 7TH; Boone, VC def. Maciel, 13-3; Maciel def. Lee, Andover, forfeit; Culbertson, RH, pinned Maciel, 2:45; McMurray, SS pinned Maciel, 2:00; 7TH—Maciel pinned Zimmerman, Mulvane, 2:38

150—Blake Stein, GB (3-2), 5TH; Stein pinned Forge, AC, 0:04; Poss, RH def. Stein, 9-7; Wyatt, Wichita Heights pinned Stein, 5:33; Stein def. Torres, Newton, 8-3; 5TH—Stein pinned Yates, Mulvane, 1:31

157—No. 2 Jace Schartz, GB (4-0), 1ST; Schartz def. Plank, Wichita Heights, 16-1; Schartz def. Mbisso, Mulvane, 16-1; Schartz pinned Compton, Andover, 5:56; 1ST—Schartz def. Emberson, RH, 9-4

165—Michael Montoya, GB (1-4), 6TH; Edwards, Newton pinned Montoya. 2:32; Ring, Andover def. Montoya, 15-7; Hagerman, Mulvane def. Montoya, 19-17; Montoya pinned Hargrove, Mulvane, 0:34; 5TH—Hagerman, Mulvane def. Montoya, 20-16

175—Conner Holladay, GB (4-1), 3RD; Jones, RH def. Holladay, 16-6; Holladay pinned Flores, SS, 1:16; Holladay pinned Mason-Schmidt, Mulvane; Holladay pinned Lampe, VC, 3:42; 3RD--Holladay pinned Zavier Hourieh, Wichita Heights, 1:01

190—No. 1 Trenton Kern, GB (4-1), 2ND; Kern pinned Logan, RH, 1:00; Kern pinned Vanderhoof, Mulvane, 0:53; Kern pinned Harrison-Jones, Wichita Heights, 1:56; Kern pinned Schomaker, VC, 1:26; 1ST—Hutchinson, Andover def. Kern, 2-0; Kale Kern, GB (3-2), 5TH; Hutchinson pinned Kern, 0:39; Schomaker pinned Kern, 1:29; Kern pinned Schanz, Mulvane, 1:17; Kern pinned Logan, 1:39; 5TH—Kern pinned Schanz, 1:24

215—No. 4 Matthew Johnson, GB (3-1), 2ND; Johnson pinned Stehman, Wichita Heights, 0:47; Johnson pinned Vanderhoof, Mulvane, 1:04; Johnson pinned Underwood, SS 0:10; 1ST—Mucker, VC pinned Johnson, 3:43

285—Brody Schnoebelen, GB (5-0), 1ST; Schnoebelen pinned Hightower, SS, 3:16; Schnoebelen pinned Chobad, VC, 0:31; Schnoebelen pinned Brown, Mulvane, 0:23; Schnoebelen def. Buchanan, Newton, injury; 1ST—Schnoebelen def. Young, VC, 13-10.