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Panther wrestlers sweep Dodge City titles
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Panther golf places seventh at Hays.

DODGE CITY – Great Bend claimed eight championships as the No. 4 ranked Panthers tied Dodge City for first place at the Dodge City Wrestling Tournament.

First-place winners for Great Bend featured No. 3 ranked Breckyn Elliott (101), No. 1 Breanna Ridgeway (130), No. 1 Carsyn Schooler (132), Lexi Deines (136), No. 2 Gage Fritz (145), No. 6 Alex Randolph (160), Maria Gonzalez (170) and Kyeal Mogbo (235).

Runner-up finishes were posted by Briana Perez (155), Kaden Spragis (106), Wyatt Weber (120), Drew Liles (126) and George Weber (152).


BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend, 231.5; 1—Dodge City, 231.5; 3—Valley Center 157.5; 4—Garden City, 156; 5—Gardner Edgerton, 155.5; 6—Pratt 136; 7—Discovery Canyon, Colo. 120; 8—Ulysses 113


106—Skyler McMullen, GB (5-7), 8th; Spragis def. McMullen, 19-4; McMullen def. Culross, Canyon, 10-8; Weber Pratt def. McMullen, 6-1; Castro DC def. McMullen, forfeit; 7th Place —King, Canyon def. McMullen, default

106—Kaden Spragis, GB (16-3), 2nd; Spragis def. McMullen, GB, 19-4; Spragis def. over Weber, Pratt, 12-4; Spragis def. Culross, Canyon,17-1; Spragis pinned Torres GC, 1:29; 1st Place —Pauda, Ulysses pinned  Spragis, 1:52

113—Brantley Baldwin, GB (2-2), 4th; Weber, Pratt pinned Baldwin, 5:21; Baldwin pinned King, Canyon, 1:08; Baldwin def. Andrews, GE, 9-3; 3rd Place —Wolf, GB def. Baldwin, 5-0

113—Avery Wolf, GB (10-7) 3rd; Wolf pinned Bustos GC, 0:42; Wolf pinned Castro GC, 0:34; Wolf pinned Carver, VC, 3:07; Mendez, DC pinned Wolf, 1:04; 3rd Place —Wolf def. Baldwin GB, 5-0

120—Wyatt Weber, GB (13-7), 2nd; Weber pinned Nichols, DC, 3:08; Weber def. Baker, Pratt, 8-2; Weber def. Ramirez, DC, 4-0; Weber pinned Smith GE, 3:13; 1st Place —Pineda, GC def. Weber, 8-4

126—Drew Liles, GB (18-3), 2nd; Liles pinned Aguilera DC, 1:56; Liles def. Borjas GE, 15-0; Liles pinned Young, Pratt, 0:48; Liles def. Hargrove, Canyon , 5-0; 1st Place —Craig, VC  def. Liles, 7-3

132—Carsyn Schooler, GB (16-3), 1st; Schooler def. over Gonzales, DC, 11-1; Schooler pinned Ghale, GE, 1:31; Schooler pinned Thompson, Pratt, 3:06; Hernandez, GC def. Schooler, 3-1, OT; Schooler def. Dipman, Pratt, 15-3

138—Quinn Hoffman, GB (13-2), 3rd; Hoffman def. Hittle, Canyon, 6-2; Hoffman pinned Cox, Pratt, 3:43

Hoffman def. Reese, Ulysses, 2-0; Kirk, VC def. Hoffman, 9-3; 3rd Place —Hoffman def. Mayfield, GE, 8-6

145—Gage Fritz, GB (20-0), 1st; Fritz def. Yocum, Canyon, 17-2; Fritz pinned Lamatsch, Pratt, 3:18; Fritz pinned Kleysteuber, GC, 2:35; Fritz def. Hyland, BV, 15-0; 1st Place—Fritz def. Edwards, DC, 11-3

152—George Weber, GB (10-2), 2nd; Weber pinned Schurle, VC, 1:56; Weber def. Otero, DC, 4-1; Weber pinned Marquez, GC, 0:32; 1st Place —Barker DC pinned Weber, 3:39

160—Alex Randolph, GB (19-2), 1st; Randolph pinned Vagher, Ulysses, 1:41; Randolph pinned Moler, VC, 0:43; Randolph pinned Sukle, Canyon, 2:54; Randolph pinned Rayas, DC, 2:50; 1st Place —Randolph def. AJ Rodriguez, GE, 11-4

170—Scott Heilman, GB (17-3), 3rd; Heilman def. Stimatze, Pratt, 5-0; Heilman pinned Tarango Canyon, 0:50; Taylor, DC def. Heilman, 9-8; 3rd Place —Heilman def. Rodriguez GE, 11-4

220—Ever Chavez, GB (9-5), 4th; Lister, Blue Valley pinned Chavez, 3:50; Chavez pinned Turner, DC, 4:49; Chavez pinned Scriber, Canyon, 1:26; Chavez def. Alonzo, VC, 3-1; 3rd Place —Garrison, Ulysses pinned Chavez, 3:30

285--Kevin Miramontes, GB (11-10), 7th; Picado, GE pinned Miramontes, 1:08; Perez, Ulysses pinned Miramontes, 2:27; Miramontes pinned Vaughns, DC, 1:14; Miramontes pinned Ornelas, Pratt, 3:19; Miramontes pinned Davis, GB, 1:06

285—Blake Davis, GB (0-4); Barrett, GC pinned Davis, 5:30; Caldwell, VC pinned Davis, 1:26; Ornelas, Pratt def. Davis, 4-3



1—Great Bend 144; 2—Garden City 107; 3—Pratt 82; 4—Dodge City 63


101—Breckyn Elliott, GB (14-3), 1st; Elliott pinned Daisy Hernandez DC, 0:14; Elliott pinned Karley Stukey GB, 1:58; Elliott pinned Lilly Herrman Pratt, 0:21; Elliott pinned Anahi

Cervantez GC, 0:43; 1st Place —Elliott pinned Beltran DC, 0:57

101—Karley Stukey, GB (1-17), 8th; Herrman, Pratt pinned Stukey, 1:00; Hernandez, DC pinned Stuckey, 4:50; Herrman, Pratt def. Stuckey, 5-0; 7th Place—Sterling, Pratt  pinned Stuckey, 3:59

109—Caitlyn White, GB (6-13), 3rd; Sullivan, GC pinned White, 2:56; White def. Pierce, GB, 10-9; White pinned Aguilar, DC, 4:48; Thompson, Pratt pinned White, 1:24; 3rd Place —White def. Alonzo DC, 7-0

109—Ali Pierce, GB (9-5), 6th; Pierce pinned Aguilar DC, 2:34; Sullivan, GC pinned Pierce, 1:05; 5th Place—Aguilar DC def. Pierce, forfeit

109—Brandi Shultz, GB (0-13); Alonzo, DC pinned Shultz, 5:20; Thompson, Pratt pinned Shultz, 0:25; Aguilar, DC def. Shultz, 6-4

116—Miriya Scott, GB (5-3), 3rd; Corado, GC pinned Scott, 0:37; Woody, Pratt pinned Scott, 3:57; Scott pinned White GB, 5:00; Scott pinned Davis GB, 1:49; Scott pinned Reyes, GB, 0:26

116—Abby White, GB (6-13), 4th; White pinned Woody, Pratt, 5:24; Corado, GC pinned White, 0:09; White def. Reyes, GB, 10-3; Davis, GB pinned White, 1:35

116—Natasha Reyes, GB (6-11) 5th; Reyes pinned Davis, GB, 0:22; Corado, GC pinned Reyes, 1:17; Woody, Pratt pinned Reyes, 4:55

116—Jaydon Davis, GB, (5-10), 6th; Woody, Pratt pinned Davis, 2:39; Corado, GC pinned Davis, 0:48

123—Katie Kuhlman, GB (10-8) 3rd; Chapa, GC pinned Kuhlman, 2:43; Kuhlman def. Hernandez, GC, DQ; Avila, GC pinned Kuhlman, 0:29; Kuhlman def. Diehl, DC, forfeit

130—Breanna Ridgeway, GB (13-0), 1st; Ridgeway pinned McBee, Pratt, 0:29; Ridgeway pinned Hinojos, GC, 0:23; Ridgeway pinned Serrano, GC, 3:27

136—Lexi Deines, GB (11-5), 1st; Rosa Campos, GB (6-9), 2nd; Teresa Garcia, GB (4-12), 3rd; Deines pinned Lopez, DC, 0:33; Deines pinned Garcia, 0:28; Deines pinned Campos, 0:25; Campos pinned Garcia, 2:24; Garcia pinned Lopez, DC, 1:33; Campos def. Lopez, DC, 10-1

143—Marissa Hanrahan, GB (12-6), 3rd; Perez, DC pinned Hanrahan, 4:38; Hanrahan pinned Quinonez, DC, 3:09; Swift, Pratt pinned Hanrahan, 1:40

155—Briana Perez, GB (12-5), 2nd; Armarez, DC pinned Perez, 2:29; Perez def. Arroyo, DC, 11-9, OT; Perez pinned Guzman, GC, 1:58; Perez pinned Lewis, GB, 0:35

155--Destiny Lewis, GB (9-8), 4th; Lewis pinned Guzman, GC, 0:18; Arroyo, DC pinned Lewis GB, 9-8 3:15; Armarez, DC def. Lewis, 6-4

170—Maria Gonzalez, GB (8-4), 1st; Gonzalez pinned Rhoades, GC, 3:06; Rhoades, GC pinned Gonzalez, 3:27; Gonzalez pinned Rhoades, GC, 2:46

235—Kyeal Mogbo, GB (11-4) 1st; Mogbo pinned Baldwin, GB, 0:24; Mogbo pinned Estevez-Perez GC, 1:55

235—Dakota Baldwin, GB (1-10); Estevez-Perez, GC pinned Baldwin, 1:53