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Panther wrestlers Weber, Gutierrez place first
138- Erick Dominguez (GACI) over Wyatt Weber (GRBE) (MD 13-5) .jpg
Great Bend's Wyatt Weber wrestles Erick Dominguez from Garden City. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

VALLEY CENTER — Great Bend's No. 1 state-ranked Wyatt Weber (145) returned to form with four pins to cruise to first place in the Valley Center Wrestling Tournament. Weber pinned Wichita Carroll’s Ryan Pacha (0:44) in the championship match. 

Robby Gutierrez (132) matched Weber with four pins and a first-place pin over Rose Hill’s Tyren Emberson (1:42) in the championship match.

Last year’s 5A fourth-place finisher Avery Wolf (120) won four matches, including a 4-second pin before losing 11-4 to Andover Central’s Cash Henning in the championship match. 

Placing third were John Szot (132), Skyler McMullen (138) and Brody Schnoebelen (195).

Placing fourth were Kadenis Spragis (126) and Jace Schartz (152).


TEAM SCORES—1—Newton 217; 2—Wichita Carroll 175.5; 3—Rose Hill 155; 4—Great Bend 149.5; 5—Valley Center 149; 6—Douglass 117; 7—Andover Central 81; 8—Salina South 69; 9—Wichita Heights 15


113—Ambrose Kramer, GB (1-3), 6th; Bilby, RH def. Kramer, 16-0; Treaster, Newton pinned Kramer, 0:35; Kramer pinned Reichenberger, WC,  0:58; 5TH—Vorarath, SS pinned Kramer, 1:40

120—Avery Wolf, GB (4-1), 2nd; Wolf def. Barron, Newton, 12-2; Wolf pinned Wall, WC, 4:12; 

Wolf forfeit over McMurray, SS, forfeit; Wolf pinned Moody, VC, 0:04; 1—Cash Henning, AC def. Wolf, 11-4

126—Kaden Spragis, GB (3-2), 4th; Steinmetz, Newton pinned Spragis, 1:13; Spragis def. Means, WC, 12-1; Spragis pinned Martinez, SS, 3:50; Spragis pinned Huffman, VC, 5:24; 3—Whitted, RH pinned  Spragis, 0:33

132—John Szot, GB (3-1), 3rd; Szot def. Sachen, WH, 19-3; Gutierrez pinned Szot, 5:46; Szot pinned Huerta, WC, 0:18; 3—Szot pinned Southern, Newton. 0;28

132—Robby Gutierrez, GB (4-0), 1st; Gutierrez pinned Huerta, WC, 3:17; Gutierrez pinned Szot, 5:46; Gutierrez pinned Sachen, WH, 1;37; 1—Gutierrez pinned Tyren Emberson, RH, 1:42

138—Skyler McMullenm, GB (3-2), 3rd; McMullen pinned Schomaker, 1:21; McMullen pinned  Bowman, Douglass, 0:25; Bybee, Newton def. McMullen, 10-0; Means, WC def. McMullen, 10-4; 3—McMullen pinned Ownbey, AC, 3:45

145—Wyatt Weber, GB (4-0), 1st; Weber pinned Culbertson, RH, 1:11; Weber pinned Bevin, VC, 1:25; Weber pinned Reynolds, Douglass, 1:09; 1—Weber pinned Ryan Pacha, WC, 0:44

152—Jace Schartz, GB (1-3), 4th; Schartz def. Parker, Douglas, 19-4; Duling, WC pinned  Schartz, 1:16; Beavers, RH def. Schartz, 4-0; 3—Kaufman Newton def. Schartz, 8-0

160—Aidan Davidson, GB (2-3), 8th; Davidson def. Aguilar Newton, 7-0; Davidson pinned Akins, WH, 0:45; Huerta, WC def. Davidson, 10-2; Sponsel, WC pinned Davidson, 1:30; 7th—Truman, VC pinned Davidson, 1:25

170—Vaiden Weinrich, GB (3-2), 5th; Martin, Douglass pinned Weinrich, 2:00; Bowyer, VC pinned Weinrich, 0:53; Weinrich pinned Joy, AC, 0:49; Weinrich pinned Jones, RH, 0:27; 5th—Weinrich pinned Stevens, WH, 3:02

182—Matthew Johnson, GB (3-2), 5th; Truman, WC def. Johnson, 9-2; Harper, Newton pinned Johnson, 2:43; Johnson pinned Pete, WH, 4:38; Johnson pinned Handwork, SS, 0:46; 5th—Johnson pinned Rogers, RH, 1:21

195—Brody Schnoebelen, GB (4-1), 3rd; Schnoebelen pinned Fletcher, SS, 3:09; Schnoebelen pinned Steadham, WH, 0:37; Eastman, WC pinned Schnoebelen, 2:30; Schnoebelen pinned Pichler Douglass, 2:40; 3—Schnoebelen pinned Farah, 0Newton, 1:46