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Panthers, Cardinals, Indians compete at Hays
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HAYS — Great Bend's Jace Schartz (18-1, 157) and Larned's Jai-Sean George (11-4, 106) and No. 1 ranked Luke Fischer (26-0, 215) captured gold medals at the Bob Kuhn Hays Wrestling Tournament.

In championship matches, Schartz defeated Lakin's Javion Granado 15-0; George edged Santa Fe Trail's Tanner Sleichter 6-5; and Fischer pinned Great Bend's Matthew Johnson (3:08), who is 14-5.

No. 1 ranked 6A Manhattan captured first place (267). No. 2 ranked 5A Great Bend (133) placed sixth. Larned (70) placed 15th and Hoisington (55) placed 19th.

Panther Brody Schnoebelen (17-3, 285) placed third with a pin over Santa Fe Trail's Alex Strother (0:43). Triston Tomlinson (9-8, 120) placed fourth with a 9-7 loss to Phillipsburg's Patrick Driggs. Michael Montoya (11-9, 165) finished fourth with a pin (2:10) against Philipsburg's Kayden Hudson.

Hoisington's Teron Kraft (26-5, 175) placed third with a 4-2 victory over Santa Fe Trail's Kyle Strother.


TEAM SCORES—1—Manhattan 267; 2—Phillipsburg 154; 3—Hays High 144.5; 4—Santa Fe Trail 141; 5—Pratt 138; 6—Great Bend 133; 7—Ulysses 121; 8—Trego 100.5; 9—St. Francis 99.5; 10—Russell 93; 15—Larned 70; 19—Hoisington 55


106—Alexis Reyes, GB (0-2); George, Larned pinned Reyes, 0:43; Pham, KMC def. Reyes, injury

113—Ambrose Kramer, GB (6-11); Witt, Manhattan pinned Kramer, 2:00; Russom, Phillipsburg pinned Kramer, 2:44

120—Triston Tomlinson, GB (9-8), 4TH; Tomlinson pinned Esparza, Holly, 3:31; Tomlinson pinned Young, SC, 1:27; Tomlinson pinned Meza, Hugoton, 1:43; Wynn, Trego def. Tomlinson, 4-2 (OT); Tomlinson pinned Romero, Ulysses, 0:55; 3RD—Driggs, Phillipsburg def. Tomlinson, 9-7

138—Hayden Kelly, GB (12-5), 5TH; Kelly def. Eberle, Oakley, 7-4;  Kelly def. Minear, Ellsworth, 7-2;  Rothenberger, GE def. Kelly, 6-4 (OT); Kelly def. Western, Pratt, 11-2; Kelly def. Eberle, 6-2; Buresh, Phillipsburg def. Kelly, 3-0; 5TH—Kelly pinned Smith, Trego, 0:17

144—Blake Stein, GB (7-10); Keeten, Phillipsburg def. Stein, 8-5; Ramirez, Greeley def. Stein, 10-2

157—Jace Schartz, GB (18-1), 1ST; Schartz def. Foster, Oakley, 18-3; Schartz def. Uher, Manhattan, 15-3; Schartz def. Lovell, Pratt, 6-4; 1ST—Schartz def. Granado, Lakin, 15-0

165—Michael Montoya, GB (11-9), 4TH; Montoya def. Cline, GE, 7-6; Montoya def. Hudson, Phillipsburg, 6-4; Pfeifer, Russell def. Montoya, 4-2; Montoya def. Graham, SF, 8-0; 3RD—Hudson, Phillipsburg pinned Montoya, 2:10

215—Matthew Johnson, GB (14-5), 2ND; Johnson pinned Skocny, SFT, 3:38; Johnson pinned Freeman, GE, 3:47; Johnson def. Hernandez, Manhattan, injury; 1ST—Fischer, Larned pinned Johnson, 3:08

285—Brody Schnoebelen, GB (17-3), 3RD; Schnoebelen pinned Helton, SF, 0:35; Schnoebelen pinned  Hoffman, Hoisington, 0:49; Kenney, Manhattan pinned Schnoebelen, 1:57; Schnoebelen pinned Ortiz, Greeley, 0:29; 3RD—Schnoebelen pinned Alex Strother, SFT, 0:43


106—Jai-Sean George, L (11-4), 1ST; George pinned Reyes, GB, 0:43; George pinned, Gonzales, GC, 1:36; George def. Blackwill, Trego, 15-9; 1ST—George def.  Sleichter, SFT, 6-5

132—Matheu Wilder (7-11); Sisson, Phillipsburg pinned Wilder, 1:40; Wilder pinned Schmidt, Russell, 2:01; Conger, Goodland def. Wilder, 19-4

190—Landon Haney, L (14-10); Bliss, Trego def. Haney, 10-5; Haney pinned Christy, Phillipsburg, 1:59; Haney def. Anderson, Buhler, 5-2; Huck, Russell pinned Haney, 3:53

215—Luke Fischer, L (26-0), 1ST; Fischer pinned Zimmerman, Hays, 1:39; Fischer pinned Maley, Trego, 0:46; Fischer pinned Jirak, Oakley, 1:54; 1ST—Fischer pinned Johnson, GB, 3:08


106—Kalob Lamb, H (12-13); Blackwill, Trego def. Lamb, 14-1; Lamb def. Quintana, Greeley, 7-6; Gonzales, GC def. Lamb, 5-0

113—Christian Redetzke, H (1-11); Riffey, Pratt pinned Redetzke, 0:27; Russom, Phillipsburg pinned Redetzke, 0:45

120—Wylee Sigmon, H (4-12); Parsons, Buhler pinned Sigmon, 5:23; Yanez, Cheylin pinned Sigmon, 0:18

126—Jhadyn Turner, H (13-5); Turner pinned Rosales, Ulysses, 3:01; Krier, Oakley pinned Turner, 0:55; Turner def. Thomas, KMC, 12-4; Augustine, Hays def. Turner, 11-0

132—Thomas Higgins, H (4-12); Todd, Cheylin pinned Higgins, 0:33; Steinmetz, Greeley pinned Higgins, 0:39

138—D.J. Wyant, H (7-18); Buresh, Phillipsburg pinned Wyant, 2:44; Western, Pratt pinned Wyant, 2:13

144— Taylen Morales, H (11-7); Mehlhorn, Pratt pinned Morales, 3:07; Morales pinned Younkin, Oakley, 1:00; Morales def. Colby, Trego, 4-1; Fromholtz, Cheylin pinned Morales, 2:13

157—Preston Roat, H (12-11); Luck, Hays def. Roat, 6-2; Roat pinned Garza, Ulysses, 1:51; Roat pinned Quain, Goodland, 1:35; Todd, Cheylin pinned Roat, 4:36

165—Alex Mater, H (17-12); Graham, Cheylin def. Mater, 15-3; Mater def. Proberts, Campus, injury; Hudson, Phillipsburg pinned Mater, 1:47

175—Teron Kraft, H (26-5), 3RD; Kraft pinned Popp, GE, 2:39; Kraft pinned Galvan, Ellsworth, 1:05; Evans-Pryor, Manhattan def. Kraft, 3-2; Kraft def. Pere, Pratt, 3-1; 3RD—Kraft def. Strother, SFT, 4-2

215—Colin Mater, H (16-12); Chartier, Hays pinned Mater, 3:55; Mater pinned Ervin, Russell, 4:57; Orosco, Ulysses pinned Mater, 2:46

285— Layton Hoffman, H (14-8); Hoffman pinned Guzman, Ulysses, 1:54; Schnoebelen, GB pinned Hoffman, 0:49; Linenberger, Hays pinned Hoffman, 0:32