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Panthers compete at Hays wrestling tourney
GBHS panther logo

Panther wins junior varsity title

HAYS – Great Bend’s Trevin Maciel (150) captured a first-place medal at the Hays junior varsity wrestling tournament. Maciel pinned Goodland’s Ty Ketter (0:23) in the championship match.

Great Bend’s Slayde Apley (190) placed third.



106--Alexys Reyes, GB; McKenna, Norton pinned Reyes, 1:56; Simmons, Hays pinned Reyes, 2:52

126--Anthony Angeles, GB; Angeles def. Horning, Buhler, 12-6; Cecil, Phillipsburg pinned Angeles, 3:53; Espada, SC pinned Angeles, 1:55; Jackson Young, GB; Howell, Phillipsburg pinned Young, 2:27; Espada, SC pinned Young, 1:33

132--Luiz Gonzalez, GB; Gonzalez pinned Gumm, Buhler, 0:48; Rhoden, Ellis pinned Gonzalez, 2:45; Villeda, Ulysses pinned Gonzalez, 2:36

144—Trevin Maciel, GB, 1ST; Maciel def. Davis, Colby, 6-2; Maciel pinned Wenzlick, Buhler, 0:45; Maciel pinned Trout, Hays, 0:33; 1ST—Maciel pinned Ty Ketter, Goodland, 0:23

150—Joel Alcala, GB, 4TH; Alcala pinned Davenport, Colby, 0:45; Shields, Phillipsburg pinned Alcala, 1:19; Alcala def. Sanchez, Pratt, 19-4; Alcala pinned Monterroza, DC, 2:17; Alcala pinned McCray, SS, 0:46; 3RD—Glassman, Colby def. Alcala, GB, 4-2; Cruz Folk-Robinson, GB; McCray, SS def. Folk-Robinson, 6-2; Folk-Robinson pinned Davenport, Colby, 2:09; Glassman, Colby pinned Folk-Robinson, 2:20

157—Dominick Price, GB; Douglas, Goodland pinned Price, 1:49; McElgunn, DC pinned Price, 0:58; Victor Reyes, GB; Copper, Hays pinned Reyes, 4:25; McElgunn def. Reyes, 8-6; Evan Vink, GB; Schippers, Hoxie pinned Vink, 0:57; Dettmer, Phillipsburg pinned Vink, 1:58

175—Kenton Grauerholz;  Flores, SS pinned Grauerholz, 0:47; Hauser, Ulysses pinned Grauerholz, 2:06

190—Slayde Apley, GB, 3RD; Apley pinned Roth, Phillipsburg, 1:52; Rosales, DC def. Apley, 4-1; Apley pinned Yates, Ellis, 0:33; Apley pinned Arreola, DC, 0:35; 3RD—Apley pinned Miller, SS, 2:36

285—Ryder Morris, GB; Morris pinned Carillo, Hays, 2:29; Nachtigal, Goodland def. Morris, 6-5; Boston, Hays pinned Morris, 4:22; Jordan Angel, GB; Flores, SS pinned Angel, 1:45; Morales, DC pinned Angel, 2:18; Josue Bustamante, GB; Bustamante def. Boston, 5-2; Bustamante def. Aguiliar, SC, 1-0; Pedroza, Pratt pinned Bustamante, 1:14; Boston pinned Bustamante, 0:22; Rey Portillo; Pedroza pinned Portillo, 0:47; Portillo pinned Cordero, Norton, 1:20; Flores pinned Portillo, 1:33