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Panthers compete at WAC tennis tourney
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Panther golf places seventh at Hays.

GARDEN CITY – Great Bend's No. 2 singles Lakyn Smith won three of four matches to place runner-up in the Western Athletic Conference tennis championship. Garden City's Alivia Palmer downed Smith 8-0 for first place.

Great Bend's No. 1 singles Kaylin Wahlmeier placed fourth with a 1-3 record. Great Bend's No. 1 doubles Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley and No. 2 doubles Clarise Snapp/Mackenzie LaViolette both finished fifth with 0-4 WAC records.

Perennial WAC champion Garden City (15) beat Hays High (10) for the team championship. Garden City's No. 1 singles Sydney Nanninga and No. 1 doubles Payton Tull/Quincy Nanninga placed first. Hays High's No. 2 doubles Morgan Berry/Ava Neil won a tiebreaker for first place.


TEAM SCORES–1–Garden City, 15; 2–Hays High, 10; 3–Dodge City, 8; 4–Great Bend, 4; 5–Liberal, 3

NO. 1 SINGLES–1–Sydney Nanninga, GC 4-0; 2–Flaminia Lepri, DC, 3-1; 3–Britnee Leiker, Hays, 2-2; 4–Kaylin Wahlmeier, GB, 1-3; 5–Ava Maxwell, Liberal, 0-4; Nanninga def. Wahlmeier, 8-1; Lepri def. Wahlmeier, 8-1; Leiker def. Wahlmeier, 8-7 (8-3); Wahlmeier def. Maxwell, 8-0

NO. 2 SINGLES–1–Alivia Palmer, GC, 4-0; 2–Lakyn Smith, GB, 3-1; 3–Katrina Delimont, Hays, 2-2; 4–Beth Harman, DC, 1-3; 5–Kaylee Velazquez, Liberal, 0-4; Palmer def. Smith, 8-0; Smith def. Delimont, 8-7 (7-4); Smith def. Harman, 8-1; Smith def. Velazquez, 8-0

NO. 1 DOUBLES–1–Payton Tull/Quincy Nanninga, GC, 4-0; 2–Danica Scheve/Kayler Wellbrock, Hays, 3-1; 3–Lanee Harp/Arely Molina, Liberal, 2-2; 4–Olivia Buddy/Annicka Hernandez, DC, 1-3; 5–Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley, GB, 0-4; Tull/Nanninga def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-2; Scheve/Wellbrock def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-6; Harp/Molina def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-7 (10-8); Buddy/Hernandez def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-3

NO. 2 DOUBLES–1–Morgan Berry/Ava Neil, Hays, 3-1 (30-14); 2–Kourtney Kneeland/Jocelyn Kennedy, GC 3-1 (30-16); 3–Emily Estevene/Karen Lopez, DC, 3-1 (27-20); 4–Amy Nguyen/Kellyn Phan, Liberal, 1-3; 5–Clarice Snapp/Mackenzie LaViolette, GB, 0-4; Berry/Neil def. Snapp/LaViolette, 8-0; Kneeland/Kennedy def. Snapp/LaViolette, 8-1; Nguyen/Phan def. Snapp/LaViolette, 8-7 (7-3); Estevene/Lopez def. Snapp/LaViolette, 8-2