One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Panthers' doubles team places runner-up at Garden City
Popp Moyers
Great Bend Panthers Anna Popp and Abbie Moyers (23-3) finish runner-up at Garden City.

GARDEN CITY — Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles team Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp swept three matches, but lost 8-4 in a hard-fought Garden City Invitational championship match Saturday to Garden City rivals Ashleigh Chappel/Sydney Nanninga.

Moyers/Popp (23-3) will likely battle the Garden City twosome for the Western Athletic Conference championship Oct. 5 at Liberal.

Moyers/Popp downed teams from Cimarron, Scott City and Dodge City to advance to the championship match. No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig/Dinah Newman (4-5) placed 13th with a 8-3 victory over Hays High’s Emelia Morley/Mylah Potter.

Great Bend (56) placed fifth with Garden City (81) edging Colby (74) for the team title.

In singles, Great Bend’s Remi Ingram (10-11) placed eighth with a 8-4 loss to Hays High’s Morgan Shorb. Ingram played singles runner-up Hayden Bellamy (19-5) close with an 8-6 loss.

No. 2 singles Grace Dougherty (11-15) placed 11th with a 8-4 victory over Scott City’s Laia Mur.

Colby’s MacKenzie Dodson (21-1) beat teammate Hayden Bellamy 8-4 for the singles championship. 


TEAM SCORES—1—Garden City 81; 2—Colby 74; 3—Dodge City 62; 4—Scott City 60; 5—Great Bend 56; 6—Cimarron 37; 7—Hays High 34; 8—Garden City B 32; 9—Liberal 24; 10—Ulysses 2


1—Ashleigh Chappel/Sydney Nanninga, GC def. Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, Great Bend, 8-4

3—Jewel Escobar/Nariana Ortiz, DC def. Payton Tull/Avalia Palmer, GC B, 8-2 

5—Rhiley Stoppel/Madison Westergard, Scott City def. Liz Goetz/Emily Goetz, Scott City, 8-4

7—Rilee McGraw/Chloe Powell, GC def. Kaitlyn Faber/Dani Schroeder, Colby, 8-2

9— Isabella Gutierrez-Myers/Sadie Hermosillo, Scott City def. Becca Unruh/America Gamez, DC, 8-2

11—Cassandra Zimmerman/Samantha Diederich, Colby def. Riddhi Bobbaywala/Brianna Sanders, Liberal, 8-4

13—Madison Huslig/Dinah Newman, Great Bend def. Emelia Morley/Mylah Potter, Hays, 8-3

15—Mink/Ochoa, Cimarron def. Nia Kaiser/Allyson Werth, Hays, 8-5

Moyers/Popp def. Mink/Ochoa, Cimarron, 8-0; Moyers/Popp def. Stoppel/Westergard, Scott City, 8-3; Moyers/Popp def. Escobar/Ortiz, DC, 8-2; McGraw/Powell, GC def. Huslig/Newman, 8-2; Gutierrez-Myers/Sadie Hermisillo, Scott City def. Huslig/Newman, 8-2; Huslig/Newman def. Kaiser/Werth, Hays, 8-3


1—Mackenzie Dodson, Colby def. Hayden Bellamy, Colby, 8-4

3—Sage Riggs, GC def. Malorie Cupp, Scott City, 8-2

5—Brooke Ptacek, GC def. Sammy Nguyen, DC, 8-2

7—Morgan Shorb, Hays def. Remi Ingram, Great Bend, 8-4

9—Faith Heath, DC def. Melody Carter, Cimarron, 8-4

11—Grace Dougherty, Great Bend def. Laia Mur, Scott City, 8-4

13—Dani Kugler, Cimarron def. Ginny Ke, Hays, 8-6

15—Katie Klassen, Liberal def. Rivera, Liberal, 8-4

Ingram def. Carter, Cimarron, 8-1; Bellamy, Colby def. Ingram, 8-5; Nguyen, DC def. Ingram, 8-7 (7-3); Ptacek, GC def. Dougherty, 8-0; Dougherty def. Kugler, Cimarron, 8-2; Heath, DC def. Dougherty, 8-7 (7-5)