One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Panthers' Liles (150) places runner-up at Garden City
spt_hg_Great Bend's Cooper Liles wrestles Micheal Hipp of Hoisington.jpg

GARDEN CITY — Great Bend's No. 3 ranked Cooper Liles (28-4, 150) was a Garden City Rocky Welton wrestling runner-up with an 11-4 loss to Scott City's No. 1 ranked 4A Collin McDaniel.

The Panthers scored 118 points to finish eighth. Pine Creek, Colo. scored 189 points to place first.

No. 6 ranked Skyler McMullen (26-8, 138) placed fifth with a pin over Seth Philippi (2:18) of Kearney, Neb. Triston Tomlinson (23-9, 106) placed 10th with a 5-4 loss to Newton's Taylor Rickard.

No. 4 ranked Jace Schartz (31-5, 144) placed fifth with an 8-1 victory over Perry Swarm of Kearney, Neb.

Matthew Johnson (26-8, 175) claimed fifth place with a pin over Scott City's Jacob Irwin (2:53).

Trenton Kern (22-14, 190) finished eighth with a 4-2 loss to Ulysses' Justin Delgollado.

Kevyn Schroeder (28-8, 215) finished fourth with a loss (3:38) to Andale's Riley Marx. Brody Schnoebelen (19-15, 215) finished 13th. with a pin over Trent Buescher, Kearney (0:56).


TEAM SCORES—1—Pine Creek, Colo. 189; 2—Andale 190; 3—Garden City 164.5; 4—Newton 149.5; 5—Rose Hill 145; 6—Pueblo East, Colo. 142.5; 7—Kearney, Neb. 128.5; 8—Great Bend 118


106—Triston Tomlinson, GB (23-9), 10TH; Rial, Pine Creek, Colo. pinned Tomlinson, 2:43; Tomlinson pined Romero, Pueblo, Colo. 0:26; Tomlinson def. Otero, Holcomb, 15-0; Pacheco, GC def. Tomlinson, 15-0; Tomlinson pinned Orrantia, Lib, 2:35; 9TH—Rickard, Newton def. Tomlinson, 5-4

113—Ambrose Kramer, GB (6-19); Scholtz, Bennett, Colo. def. Kramer, 12-1; Miller, Kearney, Neb. pinned Kramer, 0:57

120—Zaiden Burkes, GB (7-10); Lundy, Lewis-Palmer, Colo. pinned Burkes, 3:03; Long, GC pinned Burkes, 2:04

126—Hayden Kelly, GB (13-16); Ingram, RH def. Kelly, 16-1; Lavene, Kearney pinned Kelly, 2:09

138—Skyler McMullen, GB (26-8), 5TH; McMullen pinned Murad, Millard, Neb. 5:48; Alderman, ONorth pinned McMullen, 3:34; McMullen def. Welsh, Abilene, 6-5; McMullen def. Ruiz, DC, 6-0; Ruiz, Randall, Colo. pinned McMullen, 1:35; 5TH—McMullen pinned  Philippi, Kearney, 2:18

144—Jace Schartz, GB (31-6), 5TH; Schartz def. Perez, Hutchinson, 15-0; Schartz def. Badillo, Pueblo, 6-2; Goodwin, Goddard pinned Schartz, 3:07; Schartz def. Mora, Randall, 3-0; Schartz def. Smith, GC, 16-3; Gardner, Leoti pinned Schartz, 2:41; 5TH—Schartz def. Perry Swarm, Kearney, 8-1 

150—Cooper Liles, GB (28-4), 2ND; Liles pinned Gonzales, Pueblo, 0:48; Liles pinned Taplin, Abilene, 1:06; Liles pinned Munez, La Junta, Colo. 0:32; Liles pinned Rhett Riggs, RH, 1:05; 1ST—McDaniel, Scott City def. Liles, 11-4   

157—Trevin Maciel, GB (7-12); Graver, Pine Creek pinned Maciel, 1:05; Vieyra, Goddard def. Maciel, 12-1

165—Michael Montoya, GB (13-13); Flores, DC pinned Montoya, 0:54; Randles, Abilene def. Montoya, 3-2

175—Matthew Johnson, GB, (26-8), 5TH; Johnson pinned Arteaga, GC, 0:30; Johnson pinned Harper, Newton, 2:51; Freeman, Pueblo, Colo. Pinned Johnson, 2:57; Johnson pinned Probasco, RH, 0:32; Johnson def. Ruiz, La Junta, 10-7; Arnds, Vista Ridge, Colo pinned Johnson, 4:24; 5TH—Johnson pinned Irwin, Scott City, 2:53

190—Trenton Kern, GB (22-14), 8TH; Mobley, Scottsbluff, Neb. pinned Kern, 3:19; Kern pinned Barron, ONorth, 2:20; Kern pinned Contreras, Pueblo, 1:31; Kern def. Beavars, Republic Co. 3-1; 7TH—Delgollado, Ulysses def. Kern, 4-2

215—Keyven Schroeder, GB (28-8), 4TH; Schroeder pinned Hippen, Hutchinson, 1:30; Schroeder pinned Bueschler, Kearney, Neb. 0:25; Gonzalez, Newton def. Schroeder, 7-5; Schroeder pinned Calderon, Lewis-Palmer, 2:10; Schroeder pinned Hippen, 3:54; Schroeder pinned Gooden, Scott City, 1:56; 3RD—Riley Marx, Andale pinned Schroeder, 3:38; Brody Schnoebelen, GB (19-15), 13TH, Schnoebelen pinned Duarte, Pueblo, Colo. 3:15; Orosco, Ulysses def. Schnoebelen, 7-5; Schnoebelen pinned Fajardo, GC, 0:14; Hippen pinned Schnoebelen, 2:23; Schnoebelen, pinned Brungardt, Hays, 0:40; 13TH—Schnoebelen pinned Buescher, Kearney, 0:56