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Panthers' No. 1 doubles win WAC title
wac tennis
Great Bend's No. 1 doubles Anna Popp and Abbie Moyers won the championship and No. 1 singles Remi Ingram placed runner-up at the Western Athletic Conference tennis tournament at Liberal.

LIBERAL – Great Bend's No. 1 doubles Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp swept the championship at Monday's Western Athletic Conference tennis tournament at Bluebonnet Park. Moyers/Popp (4-0) defeated Garden City's Ashleigh Chappel/Sydney Nanninga, 8-3 in the championship match. 

Garden City's No. 1 singles Sage Riggs (4-0) defeated Great Bend's Remi Ingram, 8-5 in the championship match. Garden City's girls (13) swept their fifth consecutive championship ahead of Dodge City (10) and Great Bend (8). No. 1 single champion. Riggs was named WAC Player of the Year. Garden City coach Logan Bevis was selected WAC Coach of the Year.

Great Bend's No. 2 singles Grace Dougherty lost 8-1 to Liberal Jaciana Rivera for first place. Garden City's Brooke Ptacek defeated Dodge City's Sammy Nguyen 8-2 for first place.

Dodge City's No. 2 doubles Becca Unruh/America Gamez (4-0) had their closest match against Great Bend's Madison Juslig/Ruth Williams with an 8-7 (7-0) tiebreaker victory.

Great Bend will compete at the Maize 5A tennis regional Saturday.    


TEAM SCORES–1–Garden City 13; 2–Dodge City 10; 3–Great Bend 8; 4–Hays High 6; 5–Liberal 3

NO. 1 SINGLES–1–Sage Riggs, GC (4-0) def. Remi Ingram, GB, 8-5; 3–Faith Heath, DC (1-3, 18-28); 4–Maggie Robben, Hays (1-3, 15-28); 5–Priscilla Vasquez, Liberal (1-3, 16-31); Riggs def. Heath, 8-1; Riggs def. Vasquez, 8-1; Riggs def. Robben, Hays, 8-2; Ingram def. Heath, 8-2; Ingram def. Vasquez, 8-3; Ingram def. Robben, 8-1; Heath def. Robben, 8-0; Vasquez def. Heath, 8-7 (7-4);  Robben def. Vasquez, 8-4  

NO. 2 SINGLES–1–Brooke Ptacek, GC (4-0) def. Sammy Nguyen, DC, 8-2; 3–Jaciana Rivera, Liberal (2-2) def. Grace Dougherty, GB, 8-1; 5–Jamie Haddaway, Hays, 0-4; Ptacek def. Dougherty, GB, 8-0; Ptacek def. Rivera, 8-4; Ptacek def. Haddaway, 8-0; Nguyen def. Rivera, 8-4; Nguyen def. Haddaway, 8-1; Nguyen def. Dougherty, 8-4; Rivera def. Haddaway, 8-2; Dougherty def. Haddaway 8-3 

NO. 1 DOUBLES–1–Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, GB (4-0) def. Ashleigh Chappel/Sydney Nanninga, GC, 8-3; 3–Jewel Escobar/Mariana Ortiz, DC (2-2) def. Riddhi Bombaywala/Brianna Sanders, Liberal, 8-0; 5–Taylor Deines/Ginny Ke, Hays, 0-4; Moyers/Popp def. Escobar/Ortiz, 8-5; Moyers/Popp def. Bombaywala/Sanders, 8-1; Moyers/Popp def. Deines/Ke, 8-0; Chappel/Nanninga def. Escobar/Ortiz, 8-5; Chappel/Nanninga def. Bombaywala/Sanders, 8-5; Chappel/Nanninga def. Deines/Ke, 8-0; Escobar/Ortiz def. Deines/Ke, 8-3; Bombaywala/Sanders def. Deines/Ke, 8-6

NO. 2 DOUBLES–1–Becca Unruh/America Gamez, DC def. Caroline Robben/Sage Zweifel, Hays, 8-4; 3–Rilee McGraw/Payton Tull, GC (2-2, 25-27); 4–Katie Klassen/Ara Jurado, Liberal (2-2, 21-24); 5–Madison Huslig/Ruth Williams, GB, 0-4; Unruh/Gamez def. McGraw/Tull, 8-3; Unruh/Gamez def. Klassen/Jurado, 8-4; Unruh/Gamez def. Huslig/Williams, 8-7 (7-0);  Robben/Zweifel def. Klassen/Jurado, 8-1; Robben/Zweifel def. Huslig/Williams, 8-2; McGraw/Tull def. Robben/Zweifel, 8-6; Klassen/Jurado def. McGraw/Tull, 8-6; McGraw/Tull def. Huslig/Williams, 8-5; Klassen/Jurado def. Huslig/Williams, 8-2