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Panther Fritz No. 1, wrestlers ranked fourth in 5A
Panther Gage Fritz (145) works on his technique in a pin in 1:21 over Hays High's Kreighton Meyers. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune

Great Bend’s Gage Fritz (38-1, 145) is ranked first and the Panthers are fourth overall in the 5A state wrestling rankings provided by the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association.

Other state-ranked wrestlers for the Panthers are No. 2 George Weber (25-4, 138); No. 4 Alex Randolph (33-4, 160); No. 5 Kaden Spragis (30-10, 106); No. 5 Wyatt Weber (27-12, 120);  No. 5 Drew Liles (31-3, 126).

The Panthers can clinch the Western Athletic Conference dual championship with a victory over Hays High Thursday.

5A TEAM RANKINGS—1—Goddard; 2—Maize High; 3—BV Southwest; 4—Great Bend; 5—Arkansas City; 6—St. Thomas Aquinas; 7—Newton; 8—McPherson; 9—Lansing; 10—Wichita Kapaun-Mt. Carmel


106—1—Bubba Wright, Kapaun Mt. Carmel; 2—Nick Treaster, Newton; 3—Ian Demoss, Maize South; 4—Nakaylen Shabazz, Maize; 5—Kaden Spragis, Great Bend (30-10); 6—Jayden Miller, Goddard

113—1—Hayden Mills, BVSW; 2—A.B. Stokes, Newton; 3—Sam Dickey, Ark City; 4—Brock Ferguson, Shawnee Heights; 5—Bryce Ross, Basehor-Linwood; 6—Lukas Hainline, Emporia 

120—1—Grant Treaster, Newton; 2—Jason Henschel, Goddard; 3—Keton Patterson, Maize; 4—Kael Pappan, Ark City; 5—Wyatt Weber, Great Bend (27-12); 6—LaShawn Blick, Andover High

126—1—Camden Maestas, Lansing; 2—Jonah Andrews, KC Schlagle; 3—Bret Umentum, BVSW; 4—Alyeus Craig, Valley Center; 5—Drew Liles, Great Bend (31-3); 6—Slade Adam, Salina Central

132—1—Jerrdon Fisher, Goddard; 2—Xerarch Tungjaroenkul, Emporia; 3—Hartwell Taylor, Lansing; 4—Cayden Hughbanks, Maize; 5—Gabe Maki, Andover High; 6—Carsyn Schooler, Great Bend (26-3)

138—1—Johnny Akin, STA; 2—George Weber, Great Bend (25-4); 3—Matt Gottschalk, Bishop Carroll; 4—Isaiah Holmes, Goddard; 5—Ethan Cronk, BVSW; 6—Quentin Kirk, Valley Center

145—1—Gage Fritz, Great Bend (38-1); 2—Brandon Madden, BVSW; 3—Rhett Edmonson, McPherson; 4—Trig Tennent, Ark City; 5—Caden Walker, Shawnee Heights; 6—Dylan Elmore, Aquinas

152—1—Devin Gomez, Maize High; 2—Jace Fisher, Goddard; 3—Jacob McLain, Lansing; 4—Dan McMullen, BVSW; 5—Wyatt Dickie, Spring Hill; 6—Kaden Jacobson, Basehor-Linwood

160—1—Jared Simma, STA; 2—Cayleb Atkins, Goddard; 3—Carson Wheeler, Maize; 4—Alex Randolph, Great Bend (33-4); 5—Mason Levin, Goddard Eisenhower; 6—Hunter Trail, Wichita Carroll

170—1—Duwayne Villalpando, Maize; 2—Seth Nitzel , BVSW; 3—Nolan Craine, Goddard; 3—Jonah Clarke, McPherson;  4—Nathan Fury, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel; 65—Nich Bahm, Ark City; 6—Matt Morrell, Wichita Carroll

182—1—Trevor Dopps, Goddard; 2—Lynauz Cox, Maize South; 3—Jackson McCall, BVSW; 4—Gavin Lough, Arkansas City; 5—Kourtney Craig, McPherson; 6—Charlie Frisch, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel

195—1—Kaden Glass, Goddard; 2—Landon Frantz, McPherson; 3—Deston Miller, Ark City; 4—Tom Carroll, STA; 5—Josh Willcutt, Basehor-Linwood;  6—Isaac Steen, Lenexa St. James

220—1—Kyle Haas, Maize High; 2—Cade Lautt, St. James; 3—Mack Hubbel, BVSW; 4—Mason Thrash, McPherson; 5—Gavin Nutting, Hays High; 6—Mason Ross, Wichita Northwest

285—1—Devon Dawon, Goddard; 2—Tony Caldwell, Valley Center; 3—Maximus Shannon, Ark City; 4—Dan Carroll, STA; 5—Harry Spencer, St. James; 5—Joseph Castle, KC Turner