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Panthers' Schroeder earns fifth-place medal
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MCPHERSON – Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Brendyn Schroeder (3-1) won three of four matches to place fifth at the McPherson Tennis Tournament. Schroeder downed McPherson’s Kayden McVicker, 8-4 for fifth place after losing to Derby’s singles champion Tyler Bradt 8-5 in the quarterfinals.

Panther Jordan Manning (1-3) lost three of four matches and placed 14th with an 8-3 loss to Winfield’s Corden Cuington.

Great Bend’s doubles teams combined to finish with a 2-6 record.

Salina South’s Brodie Garnett/Dylan Norris defeated Kaden Deines/Cameron Harbough, 8-2 for 13th place. Great Bend’s Marco Castanon/Jacob Parks defeated McPherson’s Aiden Wheaton/Ethan Harrington, 8-6 for 15th place. Deines/Harbough defeated Castonon-Parks, 8-7 (7-1) in a thrilling consolation match.

Winfield (45) edged Derby (42) for the team title. Great Bend (20) placed seventh.

The Panthers play at home Saturday for an invitational meet.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Winfield 45; 2—Derby 42; 3—McPherson Red 39; 4—Newton 38; Hays High 38; 6—Salina South 36; 7—Great Bend 20; 8—McPherson White 14


1—Tyler Bradt, Derby def. Lane Dobbs, Winfield, 8-3

3—Colin Clark, Hays def. Carson Crow, SS, 8-3

5—Brendyn Schroeder, GB def. Kayden McVicker, McR, 8-4

7—Ethan Tolbert, Newton def. Xavier Catura, Hays, 8-5

9—Gavin Hadley, Newton def. Will Fulkerson, SS, 8-2

11—Ethan Elder, McR def. Collin Bale, Derby, 8-3

13—Corden Cuington, Winfield def. Jordan Manning, GB, 8-3

15—Kunj Bhakta, McW def. Jeremy Elbert, McW, 8-2

Schroeder def. Elbert, 8-0; Bradt def. Schroeder, 8-5; Schroeder def. Catura, 8-3; McVicker def. Manning, 8-2; Fulkerson def. Manning, 8-0; Manning def. Bhakta, 8-4


1—Isaak Bowman/Hayden Carrillo, Derby def. Jackson Davis/Adam Everett, Winfield, 8-2

3—Justin Franz/Otis Musser, Newton def. Alex Berger/Bryson Archer, McR, 8-0

5—Andrew Schrage/Isaac Harper, SS def. Jackson Palmer/Matt Norton, Winfield, 8-6

7—Hunter Mendez/Viggo McHenry, McW def. Owen Neighbors/Charlie Krug, McR, 8-4

9—Kaiden Bunger/Henry Fitzthum, Hays def. Carson Riat/Jack Scoby, Hays, 8-1

11—Reid Golubski/Luke Stenzel, Newton def. Evan Clark/Coen Sowden, Derby, 8-1

13—Brodie Garnett/Dylan Norris, SS def. Kaden Deines/Cameron Harbough, GB, 8-2

15—Marco Castanon/Jacob Parks, GB def. Aiden Wheaton/Ethan Harrington, McW, 8-6

Franz/Musser def. Deines/Harbough, 8-0; Bunger/Fitzthum def. Deines/Harbough, 8-0; Deines/Harbough def. def. Castonon-Parks, 8-7 (7-1); Bowman/Carrillo def. Castonon-Parks, 8-0; Golubski/Stenzel def. Castonon-Parks, 8-0