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Panthers' Wahlmeier places 6th at McPherson
taylor lashley2
Great Bend Panther Taylor Lashley - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune

MCPHERSON – Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Kaylin Wahlmeier (16-9) won three matches, but lost 8-1 for fifth place to McPherson’s Kyndall Sandbo in Tuesday’s Doug Gayer Tennis Invitational. The Panthers scored 38 points to finish seventh, a vast improvement from 2022.

Great Bend’s No. 2 singles Paige Stacey (6-3) won three matches and defeated Salina South’s Ally Exline 8-1 for 13th place.

Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles Taylor Lashley/Samantha Mayers (13-12) placed 12thh with a 8-2 loss to McPherson’s Erin Olson/Avery Eveland. No. 2 doubles Mac Lindberg/Darcy Feist (5-3) placed 19th with a 8-6 victory over Salina South’s Harley Sieminski/Alena Tran.

McPherson Red (83) outdistanced Goddard Eisenhower (61) for the team title.



TEAM TOTALS—1—McPherson Red 83; 2—Goddard Eisenhower 61; 3—Garden City 59; 4—Colby 46; 5—Derby 43; 6—Salina South 40; 7—Great Bend 38; 8—Hutchinson 36; 9—McPherson White 31; 10—Hays High 23; 11—Liberal 13.

SINGLES—1—Bellamy, Colby def. Boline, Derby, 8-1; 3—Maryn Sandbo, McRed vs. Burns, SS, 8-3; 5—Kyndall Sandbo, McRed def. Kaylin Wahlmeier, GB, 8-1; 7—Nanninga, GC def. Galia, GC, 8-4;9—Bracy, GE def. Wiens, GE, 8-1; 11—Zimmerman, Colby def. Tully, McWhite, 8-7 (7-4); 13—Paige Stacey, GB def. Exline, SS, 8-1; 15—Regier, Hutchinson def. Edmonds, Hays, 8-7 (7-4)

GREAT BEND—Wahlmeier def. Flaherty, Derby, 8-3; Wahlmeier def. Brady, GE, 8-7 (8-6); Maryn Sandbo, McRed def. Wahlmeier, 8-0; Wahlmeier def. Nanninga, GC, 8-1;

Stacey def. Nowell, Mc, 8-0; Burns, SS def. Stacey, 8-2; Stacey def. Regier, 8-0; Wiens, GE def. Stacy, 8-3

DOUBLES—1—Kuhn/Kuhn, McRed def. Unruh/Rodriguez, McRed, 8-1; 3—Kral/Wilkinson, GE def. Booe/Foos, Hutchinson, 8-5; 5—Ptacek/Kennedy, GC def. Best/Best, GE, 8-6; 7—Demel/Godwin, Derby def. Maier/Zimmerman, Hays, 8-4; 9—Kneeland/Madilo, GC def. Salas/Nowak, SS, 8-6; 11—Olson/Eveland, McWhite def. Taylor Lashley/Samantha Mayers, GB, 8-2; 13—DonJuanHammel, Liberal def, Lewis/Miller, Hutchinson, 8-3; 15—Arnberger/Lanahan, Colby def. Wright/Nikolova, Derby, default

GREAT BEND—Lashley/Mayers def. Sieminski/Tran, SS, 8-1; Ptacek/Kennedy, GC def. Lashley/Mayers, 8-6; Lashley/Mayers def. DonJuan/Hammel, Liberal, 8-4; Salas/Nowak, SS def. Lashley/Mayers, 8-1; Maier/Zimmerman, Hays def. Lindberg/ Feist, 8-4; Martens/Van Campen, McWhite def. Lindberg/Feist, 8-6;  Lindberg/Feist def. Brown/Meyers, Hays, 8-6; 19—Mac Lindberg/Darcy Feist, GB def. Sieminski, Tran, SS, 8-6