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Panthers win wrestling titles at Phillipsburg
Weber earns Most Valuable Wrestler award
Great Bend Panther Wyatt Weber captures the Most Valuable Wrestler Award at Phillipsburg.


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoxie 207.5; 2—Phillipsburg 113.5; 3—Great Bend 110.5; 4— Abilene 90.5; 5—Minneapolis 82.5; 6—Hill City 82; 7—Norton 73; 8— Rossville 69; 9—Beloit 62; 10— Russell 52; 11—Oakley 20; 12— Ellsworth 10; 13—Fredonia 9; 14— Ellinwood 8 


120—Kaden Spragis, GB (34-6), 1ST; Kaden Spragis def. Walker, Fredonia, 17-0: Spragis pinned Broce, Rossville, 0:51; Spragis def. Shepard, Hoxie, 7-4; Spragis def.

Kaden Sisson, P, 6-1

126—Avery Wolf, GB (32-9), 3RD; Wolf pinned Hughes, Fredonia, 0:16; Carlson, M pinned Wolf, 2:56; Wolf pinned Cosand, Beloit, 0:58; 3RD— Wolf pinned Underhill, HC, 0:35

132—Cooper Liles, GB (15-10), 3RD; Liles pinned Meitl, P, 4:48; Cell, Abilene pinned Liles 1:59; Liles pinned Rohr, HC, 0:29; 3RD—Liles pinned Smith, M, 1:48

138—Wyatt Weber, GB (35-3), 1ST: Weber pinned Sumner, Norton, 1:03; Weber pinned Barry, Beloit, 0:57; Weber pinned Welsh, Abilene, 5:02; 1ST—Weber pinned Drew Bell, Hoxie, 7-3

145—Pfannenstiel, Norton pinned Jace Schartz, GB (21-17), 1:33; Schartz pinned Lacock, Rossville, 0:56; Bell, Hoxie pinned Schartz, 1:48

182—Matthew Johnson, GB (23-16), 2ND; Johnson pinned Cole Petz, Ellinwood, 1:07; Johnson pinned Hanchett, P, 1:56; Johnson pinned Willour, Norton, 4:27; 1ST— Conner Dinkel, HC pinned Johnson, 3:13

195—Brody Schnoebelen, GB, (26-15) pinned Balluch, Hoxie, 0:31; Moresco, Russell pinned Schnoebelen, 1:02; Stover, Norton pinned Schnoebelen, 1:28

220—Keyven Schroeder, GB (16-11) pinned Lietz, Rossville, 5:47; Buresh, P pinned Schroeder, 3:08; Otter, Norton pinned Schroeder,


285—Luis DeSantiago, GB (2-8) pinned Kissel, Fredonia, 4:00; Walt, HC pinnd DeSantiago, 1:31; Adolph, Beloit def. DeSantiago, 6-2 


126—John Szot, GB (22-12), 2ND; Szot pinned Macoubrie, Abilene, 0:24; Szot pinned Moreno, Hoxie, 0:34; 1ST—Welsh, Abilene def. Szot, 3-2; Moreno pinned Jonathan Lira, GB (6-17), 5:00; Macoubrie pinned Lira, 2:29

132—Robby Gutierrez, GB,. 1ST; Gutierrez pinned Roth, Minneapolis, 3:30; Gutierrez def. Irwin. P, 16-0; 1ST— Gutierrez pinned Farr, Abilene, 3:32

160—Mario Enriquez, GB (6-6), 1ST; Enriquez pinned Cooper Gunn, Ellinwood, 4:35; Enriquez pinned Gunn, 1:10 


TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 145.5; 2—Abilene 136; 3—Phillipsburg 90; 4—Hoxie 49.5; 5—Oakley 45; 6—Beloit 44; 7—Atwood Rawlins County 43; Norton 43; Rossville 43; 10—Hill City 36; 17—Ellinwood 10 


109—Mayra Gonzalez, GB, 3RD; Gonzalez pinned Gardner, Stockton, 2:28; Bosserman, Oakley pinned Gonzalez, 1:02; Gonzalez pinned McKayla Smith, GB, 0:41; 3RD-Gonzalez pinned Natalie Simmons, Norton, 1:52; Simmons pinned Smith, 3:34

115—Rosa Campos, GB, 4TH; Campos pinned Keighyn Dombroski, Ellinwood, 3:25; Todd, Norton def. Campos, 9-3; Campos pinned Hannah Crathorne, GB, 0:50; 3RD— Kaleigh McFee, Rawlins County def. Campos, 9-8; Hahn, Stockton pinned Crathorne, 0:21

126—Daizy Gomez, GB, 2ND; Gomez pinned Reddick, Fredonia, 0:56; Gomez def. Raegan Ketch, GB, forfeit; 1ST--Krew Lacock, Rossville def. Gomez, 7-2; Gomez pinned Tallent, Norton, 0:29; Tallent pinned Ketch, 0:56; Lacock def. Ketch, forfeit

132—Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 1ST; Ridgeway pinned Fund, Rossville, 0:32 1ST—Ridgeway pinned Jaden Ney, Russell, 5:32

138—Katie Kuhlman, GB, 3RD; Wonnell, Rossville pinned Kuhlman, 5:09; Porsch, Hoxie pinned Kuhlman, 2:31

143—Sierra Ferguson, GB, 1ST; Ferguson pinned Stein, TMP, 1:12; Ferguson pinned Shinkle, Fredonia, 0:53; Ferguson pinned Gracyn Dombroski Ellinwood, 1:06; Ferguson pinned Brenn, RC, 0:44

155—Danica Cline, GB, 2ND; Cline pinned Brown, Abilene, 14-5; Cline pinned Lea Nokes, GB 4:42; 1ST—Myah Mattheyer, Trego pinned Cline, 1:59; Brown pinned Nokes, 3:48; Mattheyer pinned Nokes, 5:19

170—Jasalyn Vanaman, GB, 4TH; Cain, Oakley def. Vanaman, 6-4; Puga, Norton pinned Vanaman, 1:38; Vanaman def. Kynslee White, GB, 4-0; Lanning, Ellsworth pinned Vanaman, 0:52; Puga pinned White, 2:15; Lanning def. White, forfeit; Cain pinned White, 1:58

191—Haylee Holinde, GB, 2ND; Holinde pinned Long, Stockton, 2:34; Holinde pinned Rodriguez, Ellsworth, 1:27; 1ST—Lyndsey Buechman Abilene pinned Holinde,


115—McFee, RC pinned Keighyn Dombroski, E (7-18), 2:44

132—Beltran, Hoxie pinned Brayden Williams E (3-17), 1:30; Williams pinned Hassell, P, 1:44; Irwin, P pinned Williams, 0:58

143—Gracyn Dombroski, E (13-14), 3RD; Dombroski pinned Shinkle, 1:08; Brenn pinned Dombroski, 2:12; Dombroski pinned Stein TMP, 0:56