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Panthers' Wolf earns runner-up wrestling finish
Great Bend's Wyatt Weber dominates the wrestling match against Rudy Hernandez from Dodge City.jpg

Panthers’ Wolf earns runner-up finish

DODGE CITY – Great Bend Panther Avery Wolf (15-2, 120) placed runner-up at Saturday’s Dodge City Wrestling Tournament. Goddard’s No. 4 state-ranked Jayden Miller edged No. 5 ranked Wolf 9-7 in the championship match.

The Panthers scored 102.5 points to place seventh. 3A Hoxie (169.5) captured first place ahead of runner-up Manhattan (131.5).

No. 1 state-ranked 5A Wyatt Weber (14-2, 138) placed third after losing to Manhattan’s No. 1 ranked 6A Easton Taylor in 18 seconds. Weber downed Garden City’s Sebastian Rodriguez 10-1 for third place.

Panther Matthew Johnson (12-5, 182) placed runner-up with a loss in 3:57 to Canyon’s Andrew Keegan.

Keyven Schroeder (10-2, 220) placed third with a 3-0 victory over Junction City’s Judah Peterson.


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoxie 169.5; 2—Manhattan 131.5; 3—Garden City 130.5; 4—Dodge City 127; 5—Goddard 123.5; 6—Emporia 117.5; 7—Great Bend 102.5; 8—Canyon, Texas, 94.5; Dumas, Texas 94.5; 10—Pratt 89.5; 11—Valley Center 82


113—Emanuel Prieto (4-3), 5TH; Bogner, Dumas pinned Prieto, 2:39; Prieto def. Corral, Ulysses, 12-3; Glover, Goddard pinned Prieto, 1:41; Prieto def. Terrazas, GC, 3-1; 5TH—Prieto def. Devin, Man, 6-2

120—Avery Wolf (15-2), 2ND; Wolf pinned Logerman, Manhattan, 3:41; Wolf pinned Herrera, GC, 0:49; Wolf pinned Bustos, GC, 0:54; Wolf def. Shepard, Hoxie, 12-4; 1ST—Jayden Miller, Goddard def. Wolf, 9-7

126—Robby Gutierrez (11-5), 9TH; Helmers, Goddard def. Gutierrez, 9-4; Ochs, Hoxie def. Gutierrez, 10-9; Gutierrez pinned Stevens, Goddard, 2:00; Gutierrez pinned Venzor, Dumas, 1:39; 9TH—Gutierrez def. Winsor, Pratt, 17-4

126—Kaden Spragis (13-5), 6TH; Spragis def. Stewart, Canyon, 13-3; Spragis def. Carey, JC, 1:46; Hainline, Emporia def. Spragis, 14-7; Spragis pinned Agnew, Man, 1:20; 5TH—Salinas, Ulysses def. Spragis, 9-1

132—John Szot (10-6), 10TH; Goodwin, Goddard pinned Szot, 3:11; Mendez, DC def. Szot, 36-21; Szot pinned Gaddie, BV, 1:27; Szot def. Radi, Man, 8-0; 9TH—Montes, Dumas def. Szot, 9-7

132—Cooper Liles (7-4), 7TH; Liles pinned Carbajal, GC, 1:20; Liles pinned Montes, Dumas, 0:37; Hargrove, Canyon def. Liles, 11-1; Wilson, Pratt def. Liles, 4-2, OT; 7TH—Liles pinned Corales, GC, 4:12

138—Wyatt Weber (14-2), 3RD; Weber pinned Brahmbhatt, GC, 1:34; Weber pinned Stimatze, Pratt, 0:35; Weber def. Foxworth, JC, 3-2; Taylor, Manhattan pinned Weber, 0:18; 3RD—Weber def. Rodriguez, GC, 10-1

145—Jace Schartz (6-11), 11TH; Solomon, BV pinned Schartz, 2:32; Baxter, Dumas pinned Schartz, 1:18; Schartz def. Alexander, Ulysses, 15-0; Ramirez, DC def. Schartz, 5-2; 11TH—Schartz def. Hagel, Goddard, 11-3

152—Skyler McMullen (11-7), 5TH; McMullen pinned Taylor, BV, 1:44; McMullen def. Hernandez, Dumas, 3-0;Bretz, Hoxie def. McMullen, 12-2; McMullen def. Aguilera, DC, 9-6; 5TH—McMullen def. Truman, VC, 5-1

182—Matthew Johnson (12-5), 2ND;  Johnson pinned Valero, Ulysses, 1:30; Johnson def. Speck, Dumas, 1-0; Johnson pinned Bogenhagen, JC, 1:38; 1ST—Keegan, Canyon pinned Johnson, 3:57

195—Brody Schnoebelen (11-7), 8TH; Schnoebelen pinned Sanchez, Dumas, 1:25; Holguin, GC pinned Schnoebelen, 0:55; Glass, Goddard pinned Schnoebelen, 0:27; Velazquez, DC pinned Schnoebelen, 3:23; 7TH—Orosco, Ulysses pinned Schnoebelen, 1:40

220—Keyven Schroeder (10-2), 3RD; Houston, Manhattan pinned Schroeder, 2:35; Schroeder pnned Gould, VC, 0:47; Schroeder pinned Baker, Pratt, 1:08; Schroeder pinned Hernandez, Dumas, 3:00; 3RD—Schroeder def. Peterson, JC, 3-0

285—Luis DeSantiago (1-5), 9TH; Hunt, VC pinned DeSantiago, 2:38; Ornelas, Pratt pinned DeSantiago, 1:27; Hernandez, DC, pinned DeSantiago, 0:26; Bradley, Emporia pinned DeSantiago, 1:52; 9TH—DeSantiago pinned Sosanya, Man, 2:58