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Area athletes win Shocker Prestate titles
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WICHITA — Great Bend’s featured a winning relay and Great Bend and Ellinwood each won two events at the

Shocker Prestate Track Challenge. 
The Panther girls earned a first-place finish in Friday’s 6-4A 3,200m relay (10:29.15) with Baleigh Fry, McKenna Esfeld, Olivia Rugan and Paloma Sandoval competing.

Panther state qualifier Camryn Dunekack placed first in the 6-4A high jump (5-13/4).
Ellinwood’s Madison Ward earned the Elite girls shot put title with a heave of 37-21/2. Ellinwood’s Drew Blake (20-33/4) won the 3-1A long jump in a tiebreaker.

Great Bend and Ellinwood athletes also enjoyed strong finishes.
Great Bend’s Peyton Duvall captured second place in the 6-4A javelin (158-8) behind Clay Center’s Peyton Lane (165-9).

Great Bend’s Kerby Depenbusch was runner-up in the Elite 3,200 meters (10:10.65) behind Yates Center’s Hadley Splecther (10:09.81). Depenbusch was 5A state 3,200-meter runner-up last year. Depenbusch placed third in the 6-4A 800 (2:02.42).
Ellinwood’s Ashtin Klepper was runner-up (5:52.4) in the 3-1A 1,600 meters to Olpe’s Macy Smith (5:45.41). 
Great Bend’s Josh Tomlin placed runner-up (4:42.37) to Baldwin’s Peter Wilson (4:40.49) in the 6-4A 1,600 meters.

Panther sprinter LoCora Bryant placed third in the Elite 100 (12.17) and Elite 200 (25.67) behind Newton state champion Kalli Anderson in the 100 (11.58) and 200 (24.93).

Elite 100m—1—Kalli Anderson, Newton, 11.58; 3—LoCora Bryant, GB, 12.17
3-1A 100m—1—Hope Thiel, Remington, 12.6; 16—LaTaja Gray, E, 13.7
Elite 200m—1—Kalli Anderson, Newton, 24.93; 3—LoCora Bryant, GB, 25.67
6-4A 200m—1—Anesa Abdul, Derby, 26.53; 22—Jaci Bacon, GB, 28.54
6-4A 300m hurdles—1—Shelby Butterfield, Shawnee Hts. 48.57; 5—Annie Mills, GB, 51.06

6-4A 800m—1—Bri Hulse, Winfield, 2:27.79; 8—McKenna Esfeld, GB, 2:34.7; 20—Paloma Sandoval, GB, 2:38.6; Ashtin Klepper, E
3-1A 1,600m—1—Macy Smith, Olpe, 5:45.41; 2—Ashtin Klepper, E, 5:52.4 
6-4A 1,600m—1—Brooke Navarro, GC, 5:45.8; 8—Paloma Sandoval, GB, 5:58.32
6-1A 2,000m steeplechase—1—Delaney Kemp, Mill Valley, 8:08.12; 4—McKenna Esfeld, GB, 8:48.91 
3-1A 3,200m—1—Peyton Piepho, Bennington, 13:11.97; 3—Erin Hammeke, E, 13:34.4; 6—Sarah Hammeke, E, 14:02.57 
6-4A 400m relay—1—Dodge City 51.92; 11—Great Bend, 53.53 (Raina Garrard, LoCora Bryant, Halle Lathum, Jaci Bacon) 
6-4A 1,600m relay—1—Tonanoxie, 4:18.19; 3—Great Bend, 4:21.97 (Candice Smith, McKenna Esfeld, Annie Mills, LoCora Bryant)
6-4A 3,200m relay—1—Great Bend, 10:29.15 (Baleigh Fry, McKenna Esfeld, Olivia Rugan, Paloma Sandoval)
3-1A 3,200m relay—1—Bennington, 10:26.83; 9—Ellinwood, 11:36.92 (Sarah Hammeke, Daphne Doll, Erin Hammeke, Ashtin Klepper)
Elite high jump—1—Megan Elliott, Wichita Trinity, 5-53/4; 5—Jaclynn Schroeder, GB, 5-13/4 
6-4A high jump—1—Camryn Dunekack, GB, 5-13/4; 7—Morgan Stout, Nickerson, 4-93/4
6-4A long jump—1—Blair Sebastian, Wichita NW, 16-101/2; 5—Remyngton Green, Nickerson, 15-63/4; 12—Candice Smith, GB, 14-101/2; 23—Jaclynn Schroeder, GB, 13-81/4

6-4A triple jump—1—Savannah Garcia, Newton, 34-7; 8—Candice Smith, GB, 32-43/4
Elite shot put—1—Madison Ward, Ellinwood, 37-21/2


6-4A 110m hurdles—1—Dom Campbell, Abilene, 15.33; 2—Hunter Jones, Nickerson, 15.53; 10—Dalton Miller, GB, 16.9; 11—Peyton Duvall, GB, 16.92
Elite 100m—1—Ollie McGee, Wichita SE, 10.56; 10—Drew Blake, E, 11.17

6-4A 200m—1—Devin Mader, Holcomb, 22.96; 19—Bryce Brown, GB, 23.92
3-1A 200m—1—Miles Martin, Independent, 23.05; 7—Drew Blake, E, 23.73; 27—Jacob Cole, E, 25.89
6-4A 400m—1—Isaiah Armstrong, Holcomb, 50.64; 15—Collin Hammond, GB, 53.94; 22—Evan Hammond, GB, 55.09; 32—Jarin Gomez, Nickerson, 57.25
3-1A 400m—1—Miles Martin, Independent, 50.91; 22—Peter Joslin, E, 56.95; 30—Kody Koetter, E, 58.51 
6-4A 800m—1—Avery Steuver, Circle, 1:59.41; 3—Kerby Depenbusch, GB, 2:02.42; 13—Jesus Sanchez, GB 2:08.07
3-1A 800m—1—Ethan Thompson, Meade, 2:03.74; 20—Peter Joslin, E, 2:15.94; 30—Aiden Ricker, E, 2:24.22

6-4 1,600m—1—Parker Wilson, Baldwin, 4:40.49; 2—Josh Tomlin, GB, 4:42.37; 19—Ryan Nicholson, GB, 5:00.27
6-1A 2,000m steeplechase—1—Anton Reeves, Pike Valley, 6:48.71; 13—Jaime Arellanes, GB, 7:37.39; 19—Peter Joslin, Ellinwood, 7:52.78
Elite 3,200m—1—Hadley Splecther, Yates Center, 10:09.81; 2—Kerby Depenbusch, GB, 10:10.65
6-4A 3,200m—1—Carson Sandvik, Bethany, Okla. 10:20.2; 19—Sage Cauley, GB, 10:55.1; 35—Justin Owen, GB, 11:46.35
Elite 3,200m relay—1—Wichita Carroll, 8:22.02; 4—Great Bend, 8:28.62 (Jesus Sanchez, Collin Hammond, Evan Hammond, Kerby Depenbusch)
6-4A 1,600m relay—1—Garden City, 3:34.26; 13—Great Bend, 3:43.75 (Bryce Brown, Jesus Sanchez, Peyton Duvall, Dalton Miller)
3-1A 1,600m relay—1—Kingman, 3:39.81; 13—Ellinwood, 3:55.55 (Peter Joslin, Drew Blake, Kody Koetter, Jacob Cole)
3-1A long jump—1—Drew Blake, E, 20-33/4

6-4A long jump—1—Logan Mackey, Eisenhower, 20-61/4; 7—Bryce Brown, GB, 19-63/4; 16—Sam Ryan, GB, 18-73/4

Elite high jump—8—Hunter Jones, Nickerson. 5-111/2
6-4A triple jump—1—Jaylin Staten, Liberal, 41-01/2; 6—Bryce Brown, GB, 39-61/2; 15—Sam Ryan, GB, 37-21/2 
6-4A shot put—1—Mason Fairchild, Andale, 50-63/4; 27—Zach Seymour, GB, 39-111/2; 30—Tate Murray, GB, 38-6 
3-1A shot put—1—Sam Thimmesch, GP, 52-11/4; 22—Bryce Baker, E, 36-61/4; 27—Dylan White, E, 35-71/4 
6-4A discus—1—Sam Garrison, Carroll, 160-9; 22—Zach Seymour, GB, 117-9; 23—Dylan Lamb, GB, 117-3
3-1A discus—1—Trevor Vandegrift, Ness City, 143-10; 24—Dylan White, E, 102-2
Elite javelin—5—Hunter Jones, Nickerson, 162-10
6-4A javelin—1—Peyton Lane, Clay Center, 165-9; 2—Peyton Duvall, GB, 158-8
6-4A pole vault—1—Tom Turpin, GC, 13-51/4; 6—Braxton Schooler, GB, 11-113/4