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Central Plains tennis places first
Central Plains Oilers

HOISINGTON — The Central Plains No. 1 doubles team of Hannah Beran and Zoe Potter won three matches against St. John, Scott City and Hoisington to place first at the Hoisington Tournament. Central Plains scored 27 points to place first — two points ahead of Scott City.
Central Plains’ No. 1 singles Emily Ryan, a returning 3-1A state qualifier, won three matches to place first. Ryan earned a forfeit victory over Scott City’s Abbie LeBeau, who bowed out with back pain. No. 2 singles Mikayla Menges won three of four matches to place second behind Osborne’s Olivia Engler.
St. John’s No. 2 doubles Diana Long and Anyela Valenzuela won four matches to place first with a 7-3 victory over runner-up Dallie Metheney-Yami Sanchez of Scott City.
TEAM TOTALS—1—Central Plains 27; 2—Scott City 22; 3—Osborne 21; 4—St. John 11; 5—Hoisington 7
NO. 1 SINGLES—Emily Ryan, CP def. Savannah Noel, Osborne, 7-2; Ryan, CP def. Alexis Moss, St. John, 7-0; Ryan, CP def. Aurora Ingram, Hoisington, 7-0; Ingram, H def. Moss, SJ, 7-3; Abbie LeBeau, Scott City def. Ingram, H, 7-3; LeBeau, SC def. Moss, SJ, 7-3; Noel, O def. Moss, SJ, 7-1; Noel, O def. Ingram, H, 7-0

NO. 2 SINGLES—Mikayla Menges, CP def. Cynthia Gonzalez, Scott City, 7-0; Menges, CP def. Brittney Schrag, St. John, 7-0; Menges, CP def. Emma Mooney, Hoisington, 7-0; Olivia Engler, Osborne def. Menges, CP, 7-1; Mooney, H def. Schrag, SJ, 7-1; Engler, O def. Mooney, H, 7-0; Engler, O def. Schrag, SJ, 7-0; Gonzalez, SC def. Mooney, H, 7-6 (7-4); Gonzalez, SC def. Schrag, SJ, 7-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—Hannah Beran-Zoe Potter, CP def. Ramsey McVey-Alexa Rodarmel, St. John, 7-3; Beran-Potter, CP def. Brenda Aguire-Emily Glenn, Scott City, 7-3; Beran-Potter, CP def. Bailee Bachar-Katelyn Knapp, Hoisington, 7-5; McVey-Rodarmel, SJ, def. Bachar-Knapp, H, 7-5; Aguire-Glenn, SC def. McVey-Rodarmel, SJ, 7-3; Aguire-Glenn, SC def. Bachar-Knapp, H, 7-0

NO. 2 DOUBLES—Diana Long-Anyela Valenzuela, St. John def. Kayla Hass-Brooke Farmer, CP, 7-0; Long-Valenzuela, SJ def. Kassidy Harms-Audrie Harms, Hoisington, 7-0; Long-Valenzuela, SJ def. Taylor Hahn-Jerica Nopens, Osborne, 7-1; Long-Valenzuela, SJ def. Dallie Metheney-Yami Sanchez, Scott City, 7-3; Metheney-Sanchez, SC def. Hass-Farmer, CP, 7-0; Harms-Harms, H def. Hass-Farmer, CP, 7-6 (7-5); Hahn-Nopens, O def. Harms-Harms, H, 7-4