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Central Prarie League golf tournament results from Claflin

Top 10 individual medalists:   

1st Place, Gavin Vink (Ellinwood, 80)
2nd Place, Jacob Milton (St. John, 82)
3rd Place, Austin Boggs (Kinsley, 82)
4th Place, Jacob Hoss (Ness City, 83)
5th Place, Bryce Miller (Central Plains, 84)
6th Place, Connor Ewing (Ellinwood, 86)
7th Place, Theron Sjogren (Ellinwood, 88)
8th Place, Zach Crockett (Kinsley, 89)
9th Place, Cole Kinnamon (St. John, 89)
10th Place, Clayton Ingham (Central Plains, 90)

Team finishes:

1-St. John, 361
2-Central Plains, 363
3-Kinsley, 365
4-Ellinwood, 1253
5-Ness City, 2189

Top 10 individual medalists (JV)    

1st Place, Cameron Hekele (Central Plains, 39)
2nd Place, Derek Hacker (St. John, 44)
3rd Place, Kyle Lewis (Central Plains, 51)
4th Place, Jacob Schwein (Ness City, 55)
5th Place, Luke Mercer (St. John, 57)
6th Place,  Chance Cupp (Ness City, 59)
7th Place,  Luke Danner  (Central Plains, 60)
8th Place,  Tyler Ferguson (Kinsley, 60)
9th Place,  Hannah Beran (Central Plains, 62)
10th Place, Braden Witt (St. John, 65)

Team finishes (JV)

1-Central Plains, 212
2-St. John, 250
3-Ness City, 474
4-Kinsley, 487