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Doubles team leads Oilers at Hesston
High School Tennis
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HESSTON — The Central Plains High School boys’ tennis team finished in seventh at the Hesston Tournament on Tuesday evening.
The Oilers were led by Layne Bieberle and Michael Ryan, who combined to win the doubles competition.
Michael Lamatsch edged teammate Merritt Hammeke in the 15th-place match to take 15th and 16th, respectively, in the singles competition.
Doubles team Tyler Bailey and Brady Rugan placed 20th in the doubles field.
Central Plains is slated to travel to Pratt today, starting at 10 a.m. weather permitting.

                                         — Kevin Price




At Hesston

Team scores
1. McPherson, 106; 2. Hesston Red, 99; 3. Buhler, 84; 4. Conway Springs, 78; 5. Trinity Academy, 66; 6 Hutchinson Trinity, 65; 7. Central Plains, 59; 8. Smoky Valley, 52; 8. Salina Sacred Heart, 52; 10. Wichita Collegiate, 34; 11. Hesston Black, 25; 12. Hillsboro, 19

Central Plains results
Singles — Michael Lamatsch def. Ty Carey, Hillsboro, 8-2; lost to Evan Schmidt, Buhler, 8-2; David Dieckhoff, Trinity Academy, 8-0; lost to Jared Meier, Smoky Valley, 8-1; def. Merritt Hammeke, Central Plains, 8-7 (7-4)
Singles — Merritt Hammeke def. Josh Funk, Hillsboro, 8-2; lost to Gallagher Martin, McPherson, 8-2; lost to Derek Pauly, Conway Springs, 8-4; lost to Dylon Deluca, Hutchinson Trinity, 8-3; lost to Lamatsch, Central Plains, 8-7 (7-4)
Doubles — Layne Bieberle & Michael Ryan def. def. Schneider & Schneider, Smoky Valley, 8-2; def. Dahlsten & Roth, Hesston Red, 8-3; def. Horton & Horton, McPherson, 8-5; def. LeFevre & Martin, Hesston Red, 8-4
Doubles — Tyler Bailey & Brady Rugan lost to Davis & Fisher, Conway Springs, 8-2; lost to Anaya & Dages, Hesston Black; lost to Weaver & Coffrey, Hesston Black, 8-5