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Ellinwood Middle School tennis places second
Ellinwood middle tennis
The Ellinwood Middle School tennis team placed second in a recent home meet. Front row, Nathan Ringwald, Emily Frakes, Anahi Mendez; back row, Caleb Robl, Gage Hosman, Cameron Stevenson, Lane Klepper.

ELLINWOOD — The Ellinwood Middle School tennis team placed runner-up in a home meet, two points behind Smoky Valley Middle School. The Eagles are coached by Kaitlyn Robl and Gentry Briseno.
Smoky Valley, Hutchinon Trinity and Lyons competed March 30.
No. 1 singles Caleb Robl defeated Hutchinson Trinity 6-0 and Lyons 6-0. Robl lost 6-0 to Smoky Valley to place second.
No. 2 singles Lane Klepper defeated Smoky Valley 6-2, Hutchinson Trinity 6-0, and Lyons 6-1, to finish first.
No. 1 doubles Emily Frakes and Anahi Mendez lost to Smoky Valley 6-1, but defeated Hutch Trinity 6-3 and Lyons 6-0 to finish second.
No. 2 doubles Gage Hosman and Nathan Ringwald fell to Smoky Valley 3-6, and defeated Hutchinson Trinity 6-1 and Lyons 6-0, to finish second.
Ellinwood’s Cameron Stevenson, played as a substitute for the No. 1 singles spot for Lyons Middle School.