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Ellinwood Middle School volleyball beats Victoria
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Ellinwood Midle Schools Anahi Mendez (10) prepares a pass for teammates Jozlyn Brown (20), Mya Maxwell (7) and Alison McReynolds (22). - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

VICTORIA — The Ellinwood Middle School volleyball team opened the season by sweeping Victoria Thursday in three matches.
“The night was a great start to the season for the Eagles,” said Ellinwood coach Greg Maxwell.
Maxwell said the Eagles prepared for well coached, talented and fundamentally sound Victoria Lady Squires volleyball team.
“The Eagles used emotion, energy and some early serving ace points to build confidence and generate a relentless offense to jump out to a big lead and continued to build throughout the match,” Maxwell said.
The Eagles won 25-4, 25-11 with a game-ending 12-0 scoring burst.
“The Eagles served extremely well and were able to convert offensive attacks with good passing and zero hitting errors,” Maxwell said.
Victoria won the B-team first set 26-24 as the Eagles struggled with poor passing and missed serves. However, after some rotation adjustments, the girls regained their confidence and swept the final two sets 25-19, 15-13.
The C team played in a running clock format for 15 minutes eventually outlasting the Squires in total points.


1 Hailey Gross 5-2 8th
2 Emily Frakes 5-1 8th
3 Callie Schartz 4-11 6th
6 Brittany Simpson 5-2 6th
7 Mya Maxwell 5-5 8th
9 Brooklin Morgan 5-1 6th
10 Anahi Mendez 5-0 8th
12 Anna Ricker 5-1 6th
13 Kiley Stevenson 5-2 6th
14 Eva Quintana-Schartz 5-3 8th 

15 Gabby Jacobs 5-5 6th
18 Lauren Knop 5-4 6th
19 Jada VanderMeer 5-3 7th
20 Jozlyn Brown 5-1 8th
21 Eliana Hernandez 5-6 8th
22 Allison McReynolds 5-5 7th
23 Bella Baker 4-11 6th
24 Rylie Duvall 5-0 6th
25 Mary Dimitt 5-4 7th
26 Jennie Magner 5-4 8th
27 Brooke McReynolds 5-6 7th
28 Karson Harrington 5-4 7th
29 Cass Stout 5-5 8th
Head Coach--Greg Maxwell

Assistants--Cami Thomas; Bridgette Hitschmann