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Ellinwood Middle School wins six tennis divisions
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Ellinwood Middle School won six divisions with 2-0 records in a round-robin tournament against the Great Bend Middle School tennis team Monday. Four singles players and two doubles teams finished with 2-0 records.
Ellinwood’s No. 1 Wittney Hammeke, No. 2 Cameron Stevenson, No. 4 Shaun Weber, No. 5 Grace Hoskins and the No. 1 doubles Monica Hammeke-Presten Neighbors and No. 2 doubles Colby Heinz-Bayne Chism finished with 2-0 records.
Great Bend’s No. 5 doubles Dustin Emig and Thain Bowman finished with a 2-0 record.
NO. 1 SINGLES—Wittney Hammeke, Ellinwood, 2-0; Isaac Avila, GB, 1-1; Hammeke def. Avila, 6-2; Hammeke def. Kohman, 6-0; Avila def. Karshan, 6-4
NO. 2 SINGLES—Cameron Stevenson, Ellinwood, 2-0; Nick Kohman, GB, 0-2; Stevenson def. Alvarez, 6-0; Stevenson def. Kohman, 6-0
NO. 3 SINGLES—Shiv Karshan (GB substitute), 1-1; Ana Alvarez, GB, 0-2; Karshan def. Alvarez, 6-1
NO. 4 SINGLES—Shaun Weber, Ellinwood, 2-0; Jacob Horton, GB, 0-2; Weber def. Horton, 6-2; Weber def. Bennett, 6-0
NO. 5 SINGLES—Grace Hoskins, Ellinwood, 2-0; Joey Bennett, GB, 0-2; Hoskins def. Horton, 6-0; Hoskins def. Bennett, 6-1
NO. 1 DOUBLES—Monica Hammeke-Presten Neighbors, Ellinwood, 2-0; Skylar Fletcher-Elysse Ellis, GB, 1-1; Hammeke-Neighbors def. Fletcher-Ellis, 6-2; Hammeke-Neighbors def. Wintholz-Drew, 6-5; Fletcher-Ellis def. Frayre-Stevenson, 6-2
NO. 2 DOUBLES—Colby Heinz-Bayne Chism, Ellinwood, 2-0; Kylie Wintholz-Paige Drew, GB, 0-2; Heinz-Chism def. Newman-Barfield, 6-0; Heinz-Chism def. Wintholz-Drew, 6-1
NO. 3 DOUBLES—Dinah Newman-Cadence Barfield, GB, 1-1; Cesar Frayre-Kiley Stevenson, Ellinwood, 0-2; Newman-Barfield def. Frayre-Stevenson, 6-1
NO. 4 DOUBLES— Dustin Emig-Thain Bowman, GB, 2-0; John Mitchell-Booklin Morgan, Ellinwood, 0-2; Emig-Bowman def. Johnson-Kuhn, 6-1; Emig-Bowman def. Mitchell-Morgan, 6-1
NO. 5 DOUBLES—Daegan Johnson-Makayla Kuhn, Ellinwood, 1-1; Vicki Jones-Lorena Favela, GB, 1-1; Johns-n-Kuhn def. Jones-Favela, 6-2; Jones-Favela def. Mitchell-Morgan, 6-4