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Ellinwood Middle School wins tennis title
ellinwood tennis Sterling
The Ellinwood Middle School tennis team features, front row, Marcus Fortkamp, Anahi Mendez, Emily Frakes; back row, coach Gentry Briseno, Nathan Ringwald, Lane Klepper, Caleb Robl, coach Kaitlyn Robl.

STERLING — Ellinwood Middle School swept four divisions with a 12-0 record to capture first place in Monday’s Sterling Middle School tennis tournament. The Eagles are coached by Kaitlyn Robl and Gentry Briseno.
Ellinwood’s No. 1 singles Caleb Robl, No. 2 singles Marcus Fortkamp, No. 1 doubles Emily Frakes and Lane Klepper and No. 2 doubles Nathan Ringwald and Anahi Mendez all completed 3-0 records with wins over Great Bend Middle School, Lyons and Sterling.
The Great Bend Middle School tennis team coached by Renee Buntain also traveled to Sterling Monday to compete against Sterling, Lyons and Ellinwood.
The No. 1 doubles team of Abbie Moyers and Remi Ingram started their day by defeating Sterling 6-4 and Lyons 6-0 before losing to Ellinwood’s Frakes and Klepper 6-4. Moyers and Ingram improved to 6-1.
No. 1 singles Matt Huslig (4-2) crushed both Lyons and Sterling with 6-2 wins before losing 6-4 to Ellinwood’s Robl.
No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig and Anna Popp defeated Ellinwood 6-4 before falling to Lyons 6-4 and Sterling 6-4.
No. 2 singles Brody Feist lost to Ellinwood’s Fortkamp 6-1, Lyons 6-4 and Sterling 6-5 in tight, hard-fought matches.

NO. 1 DOUBLES— Emily Frakes-Lane Klepper, Ellinwood, 3-0; Frakes-Klepper def. Abbie Moyers, Remi Ingram, GB, 6-4; Frakes-Klepper def. Aubrey Anderson-Riley Richter, Sterling, 6-0; Frakes-Klepper def. Trevor Young-Dakota Fundenberger, Lyons, 6-0; Abbie Moyers-Remi Ingram, GB, 2-1; Moyers-Ingram def. Anderson-Richter, Sterling 6-4; Moyers-Ingram def. Young-Fundenberger, Lyons 6-0
NO. 2 DOUBLES—Anahi Mendez-Nathan Ringwald, Ellinwood, 3-0; Mendez-Ringwald def. Landerso-Belote, Lyons, 6-0; Mendez-Ringwald def. Beltz-Fulbright, Sterling, 6-1; Mendez-Ringwald def. Madison Huslig-Anna Popp, GB; Huslig-Popp, 1-2; Huslig-Popp def. Eduardo Landerso-Jayme Belote, Lyons, 6-4; Wyatt Beltz-Ty Fulbright, Sterling def. Huslig-Popp, 6-4
NO. 1 SINGLES— Caleb Robl, Ellinwood, 3-0; Robl def. Matt Huslig, GB, 6-4; Robl def. Lucas Gilmore, Sterling, 6-0; Robl def. Lyons, 6-0; Matt Huslig, GB, 2-1; Huslig def. Lyons 6-2; Huslig def. Gilmore, Sterling 6-2
NO. 2 SINGLES—Marcus Fortkamp, Ellinwood, 3-0; Fortkamp def. Hayden Laymon, Lyons, 6-2; Fortkamp def. Josiah Watney, Sterling, 6-0; Fortkamp def. Brody Feist, GB, 6-1; Brody Feist, GB, 0-3; Laymon, Lyons def. Feist, 6-4; Watney, Sterling def. Feist, 6-5