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GBHS Swim Team results from Salina Invitional
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Coach Beaumont:
“The girls really got after it and put together, easily, their best meet of the season thus far, and turned in some amazing time improvements on both the relay and individual events. It was a fun meet with a lot of close races. We were in fourth place early on and moved into first place after four events. Hutchinson is so strong in the backstroke and breastroke events, and they took over the lead going into the last event. Our 400 ‘A’ relay swam an amazing race, but just got beat out the last few yards by Hutchinson’s ‘A’ relay and they were able to hang on for team win. Our girls showed a lot of toughness today. I’m really pleased with how we competed. Camryn Dunekack had an amazing meet winning both the 50 free and 100 freestyle events in season best times. She really dominated both of those sprint events. She also lead off the 200 and 400 freestyle relay teams which both finished in 2nd place behind Hutchinson.”

Team Rankings - Through Event 12
1. Hutchinson High School - 405
2. Great Bend High School - 399
3. Colt Girls - 391
4. Garden City High School -  356
5. Dodge City High School - 270
6. Salina South - 87
7. Salina Central - 82
8. Liberal High School - 67
9. Junction City - 66
10. Hays High School - 39
11. Sacred Heart High School - 4
11 Hutchinson-Central Christian G - 4
Total 2,170.00

Women  Open 200 Medley
4. A ‘GB’ (Emma Williams, Kalyn Blessing, Calista Long, Carly Boyd), 2:12.75; 8. B ‘GB’ (Sheridan Beaumont, Taylor Huslig, Elizabeth Gerdes, Sarah Mauler), 2:20.24; 17. C ‘GB’ (Molly Kaiser, Morgan Kaiser, Gentry Schneider, Grace Soupiset), 2:34.12; 0. D ‘GB’ (Hunter Ruppe, Piper Libeer, Magdiel Rodriguez, Keeley Saffa), 2:37.56
Women  Open 200 Free
3. Kira Cook, GB, 2:11.44Y; 8. Emma Williams, GB, 2:26.57Y; 13. Sheridan Beaumont, GB, 2:33.06Y
Women  Open 200 IM
8. Kalyn Blessing, GB, 2:49.45Y; 9. Elizabeth Gerdes, GB, 2:51.33Y; 11. Katherine Snapp, GB, 2:52.47Y
Women  Open 50 Free
1. Camryn Dunekack, GB, 25.71Y; 8. Katy Jerke, GB, 28.83Y; 9. Carly Boyd, GB, 28.99Y
Women  Open 100 Fly
3. Calista Long, GB, 1:13.24Y; 7. Elizabeth Gerdes, GB, 1:20.17Y; 13. Elizabeth Linenberger, GB, 1:32.93Y
Women  Open 100 Free
1. Camryn Dunekack, GB, 56.88Y; 6. Katy Jerke, GB, 1:02.19Y; 9. Emma Williams, GB, 1:04.83Y
Women  Open 500 Free
5. Kira Cook, GB, 6:12.12Y; 8. Kalyn Blessing, GB, 6:42.21Y; 13. Sarah Mauler, GB, 6:55.49Y
Women  Open 200 Free
2. A ‘GB’ (Camryn Dunekack, Katy Jerke, Carly Boyd, Kira Cook), 1:50.17; 10. B ‘GB’ (Sheridan Beaumont, Katherine Snapp, Paloma Sandoval, Sarah Mauler), 2:02.33; 14. C ‘GB’ (Molly Kaiser, Hunter Ruppe, Taylor Huslig, Grace Soupiset), 2:06.91; 0. D ‘GB’ (Keeley Saffa, Elizabeth Mayhill, Magdiel Rodriguez, Piper Libeer), 2:12.26
Women  Open 100 Back
8. Calista Long, GB, 1:15.58Y; 9. Katherine Snapp, GB, 1:18.50Y; 12. Elizabeth Linenberger, GB, 1:25.10Y
Women  Open 100 Breast
9. Taylor Huslig, GB, 1:25.63Y; 12. Sheridan Beaumont, GB, 1:29.62Y; 17. Morgan Kaiser, GB, 1:34.17Y
Women  Open 400 Free
2. A ‘GB’ (Camryn Dunekack, Katy Jerke, Emma Williams, Kira Cook), 4:03.27; 6. B ‘GB’ (Carly Boyd, Kalyn Blessing, Katherine Snapp, Calista Long), 4:23.36; 11. C ‘GB’ (Paloma Sandoval, Elizabeth Mayhill, Gentry Schneider, Morgan Kaiser), 4:49.47