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Great Bend Braves head north
fargo rain
Overnight rain in Fargo has not changed the start time for the Great Bend Braves at 8:30 Thursday night.

Great Bend Braves head north


“Let’s go — load them up.”
The Great Bend Braves American Legion baseball team started their 700-mile plus journey Wednesday morning to Fargo, N.D.
Braves (31-15) are guaranteed three games at the Class A Mid States Baseball Regional Thursday through Saturday at Fargo. The Braves play Jefferson City, Mo. (26-8), Sious Falls, S.D. (49-12) and Fargo (22-19) in pool play.
“We’re hoping to go up there, play good baseball and make Great Bend proud,” said Chris Smith, Great Bend baseball general manager. “We’ll enjoy ourselves. The coaches have worked very hard.”
Smith said community financial support helped the team rent vans for the trip. Other entities have also provided support.
“I thank the parents and community for the outpouring of support,” Smith said. “Thank you to American Legion Argonne Post 180. They are youth oriented and do a lot of stuff for our community. The city of Great Bend has done a good job. The Great Bend Recreation Commission has supported us with the field crew. The Great Bend Umpire’s Association has taken care of us. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.”
RED POOL—Edina, Minn. 32-7; Jefferson City, Mo. 26-8; Moorhead, Minn.
BLACK POOL—Great Bend Braves 31-15; Fargo, N.D. 22-19; Sioux Falls, S.D. 49-12

Game 1—12:30 p.m.—Fargo vs. Sioux Falls
Game 2—3 p.m.—Edina, Minn vs. Sioux Falls
Game 3—5:30 p.m.—Edina vs. Moorhead
Game 4—8:30 p.m.—Great Bend Braves vs. Jefferson City

Game 5—10 a.m.—Moorhead vs. Jefferson City
Game 6—12:30 p.m.—Edina vs. Jefferson City
Game 7—3 p.m.—Great Bend vs. Sioux Falls
Game 8—5:30 p.m.—Great Bend vs. Fargo

Game 9—8 p.m.—Fargo vs. Moorhead

Game 10—9 a.m.—No. 1 Black vs. No. 2 Red
Game 11—11:30 a.m.—No. 1 Red vs. No. 2 Black
Game 12—2 p.m.—Championship game

1—Joey Soupiset, RP-3B
3—Cal Kaiser, 2B-CF-LF
8—Calan Haberman, RP-RF-CF
9—Riley Smith, RP-2B-D-LF
10—Christian Zahnter, RP-SS
13—Colin Hall, RP-C-3B-RF
14—Nahum Olivas, 2B-LF-RF
24—Eduardo Bujanda, RP-1B-C
28—Jayce Christiansen, RP-2B-RF-CF
33—Townshend Kurth, RP-SS
42—Dalton Barfield, RP-1B-C
35—Jesus Bujanda, RF
Coaches—Travis Kurth, Darrin Hall

2017 GREAT BEND BRAVES (31-15)

31-15 L STATE, Emporia 3-11 (Kurth)
31-14 W STATE, Emporia 3-2 (Hall)
30-14 W STATE, Andover Jaquars 9-1 (Hall)
29-14 W STATE, Andover Trojans 6-3 (E. Bujanda)
28-14 W STATE, Olathe 5-0 (J. Bujanda)
27-14 W STATE, Salina Hawks 17-4 (Kurth)
26-14 L STATE, Olathe 1-11 (Hall)
26-13 W ZONE, McPherson 12-3 (E. Bujanda)
25-13 L ZONE, McPherson 7-10 (Kurth)
24-13 W ZONE, McPherson 11-9 (Hall)
23-13 W ZONE, Pratt 17-16 (Hanrahan)
23-12 W ZONE, Cunningham 36-0 (Christiansen)
22-12 W PRATT (Dodge City 27-4 (Soupiset)
21-12 L PRATT (Hoisington 2-6 (Smith)
21-11 W PRATT (Pratt 7-2 (J. Bujanda)
20-11 W—Kinsley 10-4 (Haberman)
19-11 L Kinsley 15-16 (Haberman)
19-10 L—Hays 7-9 (E. Bujanda)
19-9 L—Hays 14-15 (Christiansen)
19-8 W—Dodge City 14-4 (Kurth)
18-8 W—Dodge City 9-6 (Smith)
17-8 L—CHIEFS, Larned 5-7 (E. Bujanda)
17-7 L—CHIEFS, Pratt 9-10 (Hall)
17-6 L—CHIEFS, Russell 8-11 (Powell)
17-5 L—CHIEFS, Colts 0-4 (J. Bujanda)
17-4 W—Kinsley 14-0 (Hall)
16-4 W—Kinsley 12-2 (Smith)
15-4 L—BRAVES, Salina Hawks 6-15 (J. Bujanda)
15-3 W—BRAVES, Russell 11-4 (Haberman)
14-3 W—BRAVES, Hutchinson 8-2 (Kurth)
13-3 W—BRAVES, Salina Hawks 9-1 (Hall)
12-3 W—BRAVES, Russell 10-2 (Soupiset)
11-3 W—Pratt 16-8 (Kurth)
10-3 L—Pratt 5-13 (Smith)
10-2 W—Dodge City 5-4 (E. Bujanda)
9-2 W—Dodge City 8-2 (Hall)
8-2 W—Cunningham 17-0 (Haberman)
7-2 W—Cunningham 36-2 (Kaiser)
6-2 W—Hays 11-9 (Powell)
5-2 W—Hays 10-8 (Kurth)
4-2 L—Emporia 1-2 (J. Bujanda)
4-1 W—Mound City 10-9 (Hall)
3-1 W—Kansas Senators 10-2 (E. Bujanda)
2-1 L—Chanute 2-8 (Hall)
2-0 W—Russell 13-3 (E. Bujanda)
1-0 W—Russell 14-3 (Kurth)
PITCHING RECORDS—Colin Hall 7-3, Townshend Kurth 6-2, Eduardo Bujanda 5-2, Calan Haberman 3-1, Joey Soupiset 2-0, Riley Smith 2-2, Jesus Bujanda 2-3, Cal Kaiser 1-0, Jacob Hanrahan 1-0, Brayden Powell 1-1, Jayce Christiansen 1-1