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Great Bend High School boys Feb. 3 Salina swim results
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Coach Beaumont: “We finished behind a team from Newton that has been a top five team at the state meet each of the last 3-4 years. If you take out the diving points they, we were only 33 points out of first. I think that says a lot about our team this year and how far along we have come. Antoine Flipo qualified for state in the 100 breaststroke. We’ve never had an exchange student make a state qualifying time, so that was pretty special. I’m sure impressed with how much he has learned in just his first season of competitive swimming.
We are close to qualifying in a couple of other events, so hopefully we can get those swimmers qualified at Manhattan this weekend.”
Team Scores -
Newton 417.5
Great Bend 346
Hutchinson 277
Salina South 276
Rose Hill 227.5
Salina Central 203
Men  Open 200 Medley
4, A ‘GBHS’ (Phane Pedigo, Antoine Flipo, Dawson Clark, Ryan Romine), 1:53.42.
8, B ‘GBHS’ (Cole Pierce, Malachi Williams, Brady Daniel, Aron Vainer), 2:02.36. 13, C ‘GBHS’ (Phillip Otten, Garrett Roddey, Alan Bobbitt, Eduardo Prado), 2:18.30. 0, D ‘GBHS’ (Elijah Hutchinson, Cal Kaiser, Logan O’Neil, Matthew Hapes), 2:44.17
Men  Open 200 Free
4, Cole Pierce, GBHS, 2:06.07Y. 6, Connor Furrey, GBHS, 2:12.26Y. 7, Jordan Boone, GBHS, 2:12.59Y. 0, Chandler Miller, GBHS, X 2:21.78Y. 0, Alan Bobbitt, GBHS, X 2:29.71Y. 0, Elijah Hutchinson, GBHS, X 2:41.33Y. 0, Matthew Hapes, GBHS, X 2:56.49Y
Men  Open 200 IM
5, Phane Pedigo, GBHS, 2:22.70Y. 8, Dawson Clark, GBHS, 2:27.86Y. 10, Corey Harbaugh, GBHS, 2:32.23Y
Men  Open 50 Free
5, Josh Schridde, GBHS, 24.39Y. 10, Isaac Panzer, GBHS, 25.27Y. 11, Ryan Romine, GBHS, 25.28Y. 0, Aron Vainer, GBHS, X   26.18Y. 0, Max Jerke, GBHS, X  27.20Y. 0, Antoine Flipo, GBHS, X   28.37Y. 0, Garrett Roddey, GBHS, X 29.20Y. 0, Jordan Popp, GBHS, X   30.53Y. 0, Logan O’Neil, GBHS, X   33.04Y. 0, Cal Kaiser, GBHS, X   37.09Y
Men  Open 100 Fly
3, Dawson Clark, GBHS, 1:00.82Y. 9, Isaac Panzer, GBHS, 1:07.20Y. 11, Brady Daniel, GBHS, 1:09.27Y. 0, Phillip Otten, GBHS, X 1:10.48Y
Men  Open 100 Free
6, Josh Schridde, GBHS, 54.33Y. 8, Corey Harbaugh, GBHS, 56.63Y. 11, Jordan Boone, GBHS, 57.75Y. 0, Max Jerke, GBHS, X 1:03.29Y. 0, Malachi Williams, GBHS, X 1:03.74Y. 0, Alan Bobbitt, GBHS, X 1:05.39Y. 0, Eduardo Prado, GBHS, X 1:09.27Y. 0, Jordan Popp, GBHS, X 1:11.51Y. 0, Matthew Hapes, GBHS, X 1:22.28Y
Men  Open 500 Free
1, Cole Pierce, GBHS, 5:36.23Y. 4, Connor Furrey, GBHS, 5:52.97Y. 8, Ryan Romine, GBHS, 6:20.08Y. 0, Chandler Miller, GBHS, X 6:56.41Y
Men  Open 200 Free
4, A ‘GBHS’ (Isaac Panzer, Corey Harbaugh, Phane Pedigo, Josh Schridde), 1:40.24. 8, B ‘GBHS’ (Jordan Boone, Phillip Otten, Max Jerke, Aron Vainer), 1:46.37. 11, C ‘GBHS’ (Malachi Williams, Garrett Roddey, Antoine Flipo, Chandler Miller), 1:53.48. 0, D ‘GBHS’ (Logan O’Neil, Matthew Hapes, Jordan Popp, Cal Kaiser), 2:21.14
Men  Open 100 Back
3, Phane Pedigo, GBHS, 1:05.46Y. 7, Brady Daniel, GBHS, 1:08.59Y. 14, Phillip Otten, GBHS, 1:19.98Y. 0, Elijah Hutchinson, GBHS, X 1:29.54Y
Men  Open 100 Breast
3, Antoine Flipo, GBHS, 1:11.52Y. 9, Malachi Williams, GBHS, 1:18.52Y. 14, Garrett Roddey, GBHS, 1:31.88Y. 17, Cal Kaiser, GBHS, 1:42.84Y
Men  Open 400 Free
3, A ‘GBHS’ (Dawson Clark, Corey Harbaugh, Isaac Panzer, Josh Schridde), 3:44.81. 6, B ‘GBHS’ (Connor Furrey, Jordan Boone, Brady Daniel, Ryan Romine), 3:55.84. 11, C ‘GBHS’ (Max Jerke, Alan Bobbitt, Chandler Miller, Cole Pierce), 4:16.66. 16, D ‘GBHS’ (Elijah Hutchinson, Jordan Popp, Logan O’Neil, Eduardo Prado), 4:55.77