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Great Bend places three wrestlers

PARK CITY – Great Bend’s No. 1 ranked Cody Liles (132), No. 4 ranked Keaton Sander (138) and No. 5 ranked Christian Rivas (160) earned top five finishes in the Class 5A state wrestling tournament. The Panthers scored 50 points to rank 13th in the team scores.
Rivas (31-8) placed third, Sander (35-5) finished fourth and Liles (43-5) placed fifth. Each Great Bend wrestler won two matches to reach Friday’s semifinals, one victory away from wrestling for a state championship.
Rivas was the biggest surprise with a 4-1 state record. Rivas lost 3-1 in the semifinals to Lenexa St. James’ No. 3 ranked Sam Cokeley (43-7) in the semifinals. Coakley placed third at 152 pounds last year. In consolation matches, Rivas won on an injury against Valley Center’s Don Boone and beat Maize’s Alex Hydock 3-2 in overtime for third place.
Liles lost 9-6 in the semifinals to No. 2 ranked Paul Stuart of Andover (36-2) in a battle of the top two wrestlers. Stuart won the 120-pound division last year. The consolation bracketing matched Liles against two wrestlers he had already seen. Goddard’s N. 6 ranked Lane Glover beat Liles 6-4, but Liles rallied for a 13-1 fifth-place victory over Jake Wilson of Blue Valley Southwest.
Sander lost in the semifinals 4-2 to Goddard’s No. 2 ranked Garrett Lange (33-5). In the consolation round, Sander pinned Andover’s Chris Towry in 36 seconds, but lost 5-2 to Arkansas City’s No. 3 ranked Bryson Nuckles for third place.


Team scores—1. Goddard 223.5; 2. Arkansas City 147.5; 3. Shawnee Mill Valley 97.5; 4. Lenexa St. James 96; 5. Valley Center 82; 6. Andover 80; 7. Pittsburg 78; 8. Salina Central 73.5; 9. Topeka Seaman 72.5; 10. Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel 62; 11. Maize 54.5; 12. Blue Valley SW 54;  13. Great Bend 50; 14. KC Schlagle 46; 15. Newton 44; 16. Shawnee Hts. 43.5; 17. Liberal 40; Bonner Springs 40; 19. KC Turner 38; 20. Leavenworth 35.5

120—Eric Vazquez, Great Bend (25-20): First round—Montez Robinson, Arkansas City def. Vazquez, GB, 7-6; Consolation—Vazquez, GB def. Riley McCall, Blue Valley SW, forfeit; Bryson Markovch, Mill Valley def. Vazuez, GB, 5-3
132—Cody Liles, Great Bend (43-5), fifth; Fifth place—Liles, GB def. Jake Wilson, BVSW, 13-1; Consolation—Lane Glover, Goddard def. Liles, GB, 6-4; Semifinal—Paul Stuart, Andover def. Liles, GB, 9-6; Quarterfinal—Liles, GB def. Wilson, BVSW, 3-0; First round—Liles, GB def. Glover, Goddard, 1-0
138—Keaton Sander, Great Bend (35-5), fourth; Third place—Bryson Nuckles, Arkansas City def. Sander, 5-2; Consolation—Sander, GB pinned Chris Towry, Andover, 0:36; Semifinal—Garrett Lange, Goddard def. Sander, GB, 4-2; Quarterfinal—Sander, GB def. Jeff Bendure, Mill Valley, 8-4; First round—Sander, GB def. Conor Murphy, Wichita Carroll, 7-3
145—Braxton Schooler, Great Bend (10-19); First round—Ryan Anderson, Mill Valley pinned Schooler, GB, 1:55; Consolation—Zachary Caraccilo, Lansing pinned Schooler, GB, 0:27
160—Christian Rivas, Great Bend (31-8), third; Third place—Rivas, GB def. Alex Hydock, Maize, 3-2, OT; Consolation—Rivas, GB def. Don Boone, Valley Center, injury; Semifinal—Sam Cokeley, Lenexa St. James def. Rivas, GB, 3-1; Quarterfinal—Rivas, GB def. Isaac Carrillo, Wichita Carroll, 16-4; First round—Rivas, GB pinned Juleain Winters, KC Turner, 5:52
170—Keegan Bowman, Great Bend (16-23); First round—Daniel Butler, Leavenworth pinned Bowman, GB, 3:53; Consolation—Kevin Mills, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel pinned Bowman, GB, 2:40
182—Jose Batres, Great Bend (11-14); First round—Jacob Smith, KC Turner pinned Batres, GB, 2:32; Batres, GB def. Michael Rella, Highland Park, 13-5; John Kramer, BVSW def. Batres, GB, 5-2
285—Noah Presson, Great Bend (14-15); Consolation—Jordan Cogdill, Leavenworth def. Presson, 8-7; Quarterfinal—Khalil Austin, Lansing pinned Presson, GB, 1:42; First round—Presson, GB def. Nick Glenn, Maize South, 7-3


1st Place--Michael Spangler of Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel

2nd Place--Dawson Podlena of Topeka-Seaman

3rd Place--Gabe Buckbee of Arkansas City

4th Place--Drew Burgoon of Salina-Central

5th Place--Joseph Dennison of Op-bv Southwest

6th Place--Barrett Stickelman of Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights

1st Place—Michael Spangler (Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel) 39-4, So. over Dawson Podlena (Topeka-Seaman) 44-4, Jr. (Dec 11-4).

3rd Place—Gabe Buckbee (Arkansas City) 34-12, Fr. over Drew Burgoon (Salina-Central) 32-10, Fr. (Dec 5-1).

5th Place—Joseph Dennison (Op-bv Southwest) 34-10, Fr. over Barrett Stickelman (Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights) 36-9, So. (Fall 4:50).



1st Place--Marcus Robinson of Arkansas City

2nd Place--Logan Treaster of Newton

3rd Place--Dylan Gowin of Shawnee-Mill Valley

4th Place--Logan Pirl of Goddard

5th Place--Carter Guyer of Andover

6th Place--Julion Falco of Salina-Central

1st Place—Marcus Robinson (Arkansas City) 38-7, So. over Logan Treaster (Newton) 33-4, Jr. (Dec 5-3).

3rd Place—Dylan Gowin (Shawnee-Mill Valley) 33-11, Jr. over Logan Pirl (Goddard) 24-8, So. (Dec 13-10).

5th Place—Carter Guyer (Andover) 36-12, Jr. over Julion Falco (Salina-Central) 30-16, Fr. (Dec 6-0).



1st Place--Will Spexarth of Goddard

2nd Place--Tanner Hitchcock of Bonner Springs

3rd Place--Mason Turner of Kc-f.l. Schlagle

4th Place--Aidan Campbell of Maize

5th Place--Montez Robinson of Arkansas City

6th Place--Brody Roberson of Newton

1st Place—Will Spexarth (Goddard) 44-2, Jr. over Tanner Hitchcock (Bonner Springs) 41-3, Jr. (SV-1 5-3).

3rd Place—Mason Turner (KC Schlagle) 35-2, So. over Aidan Campbell (Maize) 33-14, Fr. (Dec 8-6).

5th Place—Montez Robinson (Arkansas City) 35-15, Fr. over Brody Roberson (Newton) 21-13, Jr. (Dec 4-2).



1st Place--Adam Ayala of Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel

2nd Place--Conner Ward of Shawnee-Mill Valley

3rd Place--Griffin Bossingham of Andover

4th Place--Christian Bowen of Goddard

5th Place--Marty Verhaeghe of Op-bv Southwest

6th Place--Brenner Vogan of Salina-South

1st Place—Adam Ayala (Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel) 33-2, So. over Conner Ward (Shawnee-Mill Valley) 37-7, So. (Dec 1-0).

3rd Place—Griffin Bossingham (Andover) 39-6, Sr. over Christian Bowen (Goddard) 40-7, Sr. (TB-1 3-1).

5th Place—Marty Verhaeghe (Op-bv Southwest) 32-4, Sr. over Brenner Vogan (Salina-South) 26-19, So. (MD 13-3).



1st Place--Paul Stuart of Andover

2nd Place--Jake Beeson of Arkansas City

3rd Place--Jarrett Bendure of Shawnee-Mill Valley

4th Place--Lane Glover of Goddard

5th Place--Cody Liles of Great Bend

6th Place--Jake Willson of Op-bv Southwest

1st Place—Paul Stuart (Andover) 37-2, Jr. over Jake Beeson (Arkansas City) 35-7, So. (Dec 5-4).

3rd Place—Jarrett Bendure (Shawnee-Mill Valley) 22-6, So. over Lane Glover (Goddard) 17-9, Jr. (Fall 3:48).

5th Place—Cody Liles (Great Bend) 43-5, Sr. over Jake Willson (Op-bv Southwest) 30-12, Sr. (MD 13-1).



1st Place--Stephen Tujague of Lenexa-St. James Academy

2nd Place--Garrett Lange of Goddard

3rd Place--Bryson Nuckles of Arkansas City

4th Place--Keaton Sander of Great Bend

5th Place--Spencer Fortney of Topeka-Seaman

6th Place--Chris Towry of Andover

1st Place--Stephen Tujague (Lenexa-St. James Academy) 41-7, Sr. over Garrett Lange (Goddard) 34-5, So. (Dec 5-0).

3rd Place—Bryson Nuckles (Arkansas City) 29-8, Sr. over Keaton Sander (Great Bend) 35-5, Jr. (Dec 5-2).

5th Place—Spencer Fortney (Topeka-Seaman) 40-14, Sr. over Chris Towry (Andover) 38-11, Sr. (Dec 5-0).



1st Place--Kameron Frame of Goddard

2nd Place--Jack Maki of Andover

3rd Place--Ryan Delforge of Valley Center

4th Place--Greg McClurg of Liberal

5th Place--Konnor Dugan of Wichita-Bishop Carroll

6th Place--Gage Herron of Bonner Springs

1st Place—Kameron Frame (Goddard) 35-5, Jr. over Jack Maki (Andover) 28-9, Jr. (Dec 12-6).

3rd Place—Ryan Delforge (Valley Center) 43-7, Sr. over Greg McClurg (Liberal) 36-10, Sr. (Dec 7-3).

5th Place—Konnor Dugan (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) 31-13, Sr. over Gage Herron (Bonner Springs) 25-17, Jr. (Dec 9-2).



1st Place--Kendall Frame of Goddard

2nd Place--Luke Moore of Maize-South

3rd Place--Tyler Hensley of Lenexa-St. James Academy

4th Place--Colton Watters of Arkansas City

5th Place--Kolbe Seaton of Bonner Springs

6th Place--Joseph Tallie of Pittsburg

1st Place—Kendall Frame (Goddard) 37-2, Jr. over Luke Moore (Maize-South) 36-7, Sr. (MD 10-2).

3rd Place—Tyler Hensley (Lenexa-St. James Academy) 40-16, Sr. over Colton Watters (Arkansas City) 29-18, Jr. (Fall 1:53).

5th Place—Kolbe Seaton (Bonner Springs) 24-13, Sr. over Joseph Tallie (Pittsburg) 37-12, Jr. (Dec 3-1).




1st Place--Sammy Cokeley of Lenexa-St. James Academy

2nd Place--Troy Fisher of Goddard

3rd Place--Christian Rivas of Great Bend

4th Place--Alex Hydock of Maize

5th Place--Kendall Biddle of Arkansas City

6th Place--Don Boone of Valley Center

1st Place—Sammy Cokeley (Lenexa-St. James Academy) 45-6, Jr. over Troy Fisher (Goddard) 43-6, Fr. (Dec 6-1).

3rd Place—Christian Rivas (Great Bend) 31-8, Sr. over Alex Hydock (Maize) 29-9, Sr. (UTB 3-2).

5th Place—Kendall Biddle (Arkansas City) 23-5, Sr. over Don Boone (Valley Center) 35-11, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).



1st Place--Clay Lautt of Lenexa-St. James Academy

2nd Place--Brett Moon of Maize

3rd Place--Dalton Peters of Salina-Central

4th Place--Austin Andres of Goddard

5th Place--Daniel Butler of Leavenworth

6th Place--Ricardo Yanez of KC-Turner

1st Place--Clay Lautt (Lenexa-St. James Academy) 46-4, Jr. over Brett Moon (Maize) 46-1, Sr. (SV-1 3-1).

3rd Place—Dalton Peters (Salina-Central) 37-2, Sr. over Austin Andres (Goddard) 41-6, So. (Dec 3-2).

5th Place—Daniel Butler (Leavenworth) 26-4, Jr. over Ricardo Yanez (KC-Turner) 29-11, So. (Dec 5-1).



1st Place--Cale Davidson of Goddard

2nd Place--Jacob Smith of KC-Turner

3rd Place--Sam Weldon of Valley Center

4th Place--Jake Harrington of Leavenworth

5th Place--Seth Burnett of Shawnee-Mill Valley

6th Place--Kyle True of Salina-Central

1st Place—Cale Davidson (Goddard) 25-6, Jr. over Jacob Smith (KC-Turner) 42-2, Sr. (MD 8-0).

3rd Place—Sam Weldon (Valley Center) 44-5, Jr. over Jake Harrington (Leavenworth) 36-10, Sr. (Dec 3-0).

5th Place—Seth Burnett (Shawnee-Mill Valley) 35-10, Sr. over Kyle True (Salina-Central) 38-6, Sr. (Dec 5-0).



1st Place--Bailey Kelly of Topeka-Seaman

2nd Place--Dylan Prince of Pittsburg

3rd Place--Peyton Bendure of Shawnee-Mill Valley

4th Place--Victor Monarrez of Liberal

5th Place--Nick Kirmer of Emporia

6th Place--Anthony Gaona of OP-St. Thomas Aquinas

1st Place—Bailey Kelly (Topeka-Seaman) 18-1, Sr. over Dylan Prince (Pittsburg) 46-3, Jr. (Dec 5-1).

3rd Place—Peyton Bendure (Shawnee-Mill Valley) 15-6, Sr. over Victor Monarrez (Liberal) 29-13, Sr. (Dec 4-2).

5th Place—Nick Kirmer (Emporia) 24-9, Sr. over Anthony Gaona (OP-St. Thomas Aquinas) 35-12, So. (TB-1 2-1).



1st Place--Kayne Hutchison of Pittsburg

2nd Place--Brett Yeagley of Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights

3rd Place--Corey Atkins of Goddard

4th Place--Michael McMullen of Salina-Central

5th Place--Chase Holle of Valley Center

6th Place--Shawn Dent of Arkansas City

1st Place—Kayne Hutchison (Pittsburg) 19-3, Jr. over Brett Yeagley (Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 10-3).

3rd Place—Corey Atkins (Goddard) 41-5, Sr. over Michael McMullen (Salina-Central) 38-3, Sr. (Fall 3:12).

5th Place—Chase Holle (Valley Center) 36-16, Jr. over Shawn Dent (Arkansas City) 32-19, Sr. (Dec 6-5).



1st Place--Tyler Shannon of Arkansas City

2nd Place--Tylen Wallace of KC Schlagle

3rd Place--Deveron Duncan of Pittsburg

4th Place--Khalil Austin of Lansing

5th Place--Morgan Murphy of Newton

6th Place--Tom Adams of Valley Center

1st Place—Tyler Shannon (Arkansas City) 35-12, Jr. over Tylen Wallace (KC Schlagle) 36-5, So. (TB-1 2-1).

3rd Place—Deveron Duncan (Pittsburg) 34-8, Jr. over Khalil Austin (Lansing) 32-9, So. (Dec 4-0).

5th Place—Morgan Murphy (Newton) 30-12, Sr. over Tom Adams (Valley Center) 24-14, Sr. (Dec 1-0).