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Great Bend tennis competes at home
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No. 1 singles Alex Smith led the Great Bend Panthers with a third-place finish at Saturday’s Great Bend home tennis tournament. Smith finished with an 8-4 victory over Liberal’s Erick Rodriguez for third place.
Great Bend Red’s Luis Zamarripa defeated Ellinwood’s Brook Degenhardt 8-3 for fifth place at No. 1 singles. Dodge City’s Bryce Horner defeated Garden City’s Huy Nguyen, 8-4 for first place.
Garden City swept first place in three divisions to score 47 points. Dodge City was runner-up (38). Great Bend finished seventh with 20 points.
Ellinwood’s No. 2 singles Keaton Robl lost 8-7 (8-6) to Dodge City’s Lakin Scheck for third place. Hoisington’s Braden Mooney downed Rogelia Arias 8-6 for fifth place. Great Bend Black’s Josh Hoisington (0-3) lost a pair of tiebreakers. Garden City’s Nathan Morren defeated Liberal’s Marcelino Barrientos 8-1 for first place.
Hoisington’s No. 1 doubles Kirk Reisner and Jared Curtis lost 8-3 to Garden City’s Will Keller-Daniel Darter for first place. Reisner and Curtis edged Great Bend Black’s Robert Frizell-Matthew Phillips 8-7 (7-5) to reach the finals.
Dodge City’s Alex Ramirez-Cannon Bunkall defeated Frizell-Phillips, 8-5 for third place. Ellinwood’s Caleb Robl-Caleb Bookout defeated Dodge City’s Alex Ramirez-Cannon Bunkall 8-4 for fifth place.
Great Bend Black’s Malachi Williams and Hayden Honomichl lost 8-5 to Garden City’s Brian Carrera-Daniel Chacon for first place. Ellinwood’s Landon Robl-Nathan Ringwald defeated Great Bend Red’s Jordan Popp-Dalton Dicks, 8-3 for fifth place.
TEAM TOTALS—1—Garden City 47; 2—Dodge City 38; 3—Great Bend Black 25; Ellinwood 25; 5—Hoisington 24; 6—Liberal 21; 7—Great Bend Red 20
NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Horner, DC def. Nguyen, GC, 8-4; 3—Alex Smith, GB Black def. Rodriguez, Liberal, 8-4; 5—Luis Zamarripa, GB Red def. Brook Degenhardt, Ellinwood, 8-3; 7—Keaton Klug, Hoisington, 1-2
RESULTS—Smith GBB def. Degenhardt, E, 8-4; Nguyen, GC def. Smith, GBB, 8-4; Harmon, DC def. Smith, GBB, 8-6; Zamarripa, GBR def. Rodriguez, L, 8-6; Harmon, DC def. Zamarripa, GBR, 8-3; Klug, H def. Zamarripa, GBR, 8-6; Degenhardt, E def. Klug, H, 8-2; Nguyen, GC def. Degenhardt, E, 8-1; Zamarripa, GBR def. Degenhardt, E, 8-3; Harmon, DC def. Klug, H, 8-1; Rodriguez, L def. Klug, H, 8-7 (9-7)

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Morren, GC def. Barrientos, Liberal, 8-1; 3—Scheck, DC def. Keaton Robl, Ellinwood, 8-7 (8-6); 5—Braden Mooney, Hoisington def. Rogelia Arias, GB Red, 8-6; 7—Josh Hoisington, GB Black, 0-3
RESULTS—Robl, E def. Hoisington, GBB, 8-7; (11-9); Morren, GC def. Robl, 8-2; Barrientos, L def. Robl, 8-5; Mooney, H def. Hoisington, GBB, 8-7 (7-3); Barrientos, L def. Mooney, H, 8-0; Scheck, DC def. Mooney, H, 8-2; Arias, GBR def. Mooney, H, 8-3; Scheck, DC def. Arias, GBR, 8-0; Barrientos, L def. Arias, GBR, 8-1; Morren, GC def. Hoisington, GBB, 8-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—Keller-Darter, GC def. Kirk Reisner-Jared Curtis, Hoisington, 8-3; 3—Ramirez-Bunkall, DC def. Robert Frizell-Matthew Phillips, GB Black, 8-5; 5—Caleb Robl-Caleb Bookout, Ellinwood def. Ramirez-Bunkall, DC, 8-4; 7—Humbero Alonso-Israel Esparza, GB Black, 0-3
RESULTS— Reisner-Curtis, H def. Ramirez-Bunkall, DC, 8-3; Reisner-Curtis def. Moore-Hinz, L, 8-3; Reisner-Curtis def. Alonso-Esparza, GBR, 8-1; Reisner-Curtis, H def. Frizell-Phillips, GBB, 8-7 (7-5); Frizell-Phillips, GBB def. Robl-Bookout, E, 8-4; Keller-Darter, GC def. Frizell-Phillips, GBB, 8-0; Keller-Darter, GC def. Robl-Bookout, 8-0; Robl-Bookout def. Moore-Hinz, L, 8-4; Robl-Bookout, E def. Alonso-Esparza, GBR, 8-7 (7-2); Moore-Hinz, L def. Alonso-Esparza, GBR, 8-2; Ramirez-Bunkall, DC def. Alonso-Esparza, GBR, 8-0

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Carrera-Chacon, GC def. Malachi Williams-Hayden Honomichl, GB Black, 8-5; 3—Austin-Thomas, DC def. Perez-Maxwell, L, 8-0; 5—Landon Robl-Nathan Ringwald, Ellinwood def. Jordan Popp-Dalton Dicks, GB Red, 8-3; 7—Payton Steiner-Nick Long, Hoisington, 0-3
RESULTS—Carrera-Chacon, GC def. Williams-Honomichl, 8-3; Williams-Honomichl, GBB def. Robl-Ringwald, E, 8-0; Williams-Honomichl, GBB def. Austin-Thomas, DC, 8-7 (7-4); Robl-Ringwald, E def. Steiner-Long, H, 8-2; Carrera-Chacon, GC def. Robl-Ringwald, E, 8-1; Perez-Maxwell, L def. Popp-Dicks, GBR, 8-6; Austin-Thomas, DC def. Popp-Dicks, GBR, 8-2; Popp-Dicks, GBR def. Steiner-Long, H, 8-3; Austin-Thomas, DC def. Steiner-Long, H, 8-1; Perez-Maxwell, L def. Steiner-Long, 8-4