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Great bend tennis places fourth at WAC Tournament

DODGE CITY — Great Bend’s tennis team placed fourth with four points in the Western Athletic Conference Tournament. Garden City and Dodge City tied for first with 13 points.
Great Bend’s entries were No. 1 singles Rigo Miranda, 1-2, third; No. 2 singles Matt Phillips, 0-4, fifth; No. 1 doubles Robert Frizell-Ozioma Ofama, 1-3, fourth; and No. 2 doubles Trent Stueder-Omar Talamantes, 1-3, fourth.
The Panthers were competitive in losing matches. Phillips lost 8-6 to the No. 2 singles winner. Frizell and Ofama lost a tiebreaker 8-7 (7-3) and 8-6. Stueder and Talamantes lost a match 8-6.
WAC champions were No. 1 singles Brett Groth, Dodge City; No. 2 singles Victor Bernia, Dodge City; No. 1 doubles Will Keller-Daniel Darter, Garden City; with a three-way tie at No. 2 doubles.
Great Bend competes at the Class 5A tennis regional at Newton Friday with Liberal, Maize, Newton, Salina Central, Salina South and Valley Center. The top six singles and doubles place-winner qualify for the 5A state tournament at Topeka May 12-13.
WAC TEAM SCORES—1—Garden City 13; Dodge City 13; 3—Hays High 8; 4—Great Bend 4; 5—Liberal 2
NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Brett Groth, DC, 3-0; 2—Garrett Kipp, GC, 2-1; 3—Rigo Miranda, GB, 1-2; 4—Drew Marley, HH, 0-3; Groth def. Miranda, 8-1; Kipp def. Miranda, 8-4; Miranda def. Marley, 8-3
NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Victor Bernia, DC, 4-0; 2—Kender Acevedo, GC, 3-1; 3—Dave Bhatka, Liberal, 2-2; 4—Eli Booth, HH, 1-3; 5—Matt Phillips, GB, 0-4; Bernia def. Phillips, 8-6; Acevedo def. Phillips, 8-1; Bhatka def. Phillips, default; Booth def. Phillips, 8-7 (7-3)
NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Will Keller-Daniel Darter, GC, 4-0; 2—Logan Clark-Zac Wyse, HH, 3-1; 3—Zachary Ridgeway-Ronaldo Lopez, DC, 2-2; 4—Robert Frizell-Ozioma Ofama, GB, 1-3; 5—Calen Moore-Marcelino Barrientos, Liberal, 0-4; GC def. GB, 8-1; DC def. GB, 8-6; HH def. GB, 8-7 (8-6); GB def. Liberal, 8-3
NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Bryce Harmon-Collin Clark, DC, 3-1; Brian Carrera-Daniel Chacon, GC, 3-1; Seth Shorb-Brandon Kennemer, HH, 3-1; 4—Trent Stueder-Omar Talamantes, GB, 1-3; 5—Erick Rodriguez-Duncan Hinz, Liberal, 0-4; DC def. GB, 8-6; GC def. GB, 8-2; HH def. GB; GB def. Liberal, 8-3