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Great Bend tennis team places first
No. 1 doubles  Audrey Muth Katherine Snapp
Great Bend's No. 1 doubles Audrey Muth and Katherine Snapp, third place

HOISINGTON — Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles Katherine Snapp and Audrey Muth and Hoisington’s No. 1 singles Jacquelyn Gonzales captured first place at Monday’s Hoisington junior varsity tennis tournament. Great Bend (23) placed first and Hoisington (17) was runner-up.
Snapp and Muth defeated Hoisington’s Samanatha Colson and Isabelle Gonzales 8-3 for first place, The Panthers defeated teams from Scott City and Central Plains.
Gonzales defeated Great Bend’s Sayler Peplinksi, 8-3 for first place. Great Bend’s No. 2 singles Dinah Newman placed runner-up.
TEAM TOTALS—1—Great Bend 23; 2—Hoisington 17; 3—Scott City 12; 4—Central Plains 8
NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Jacquelyn Gonzales, Hoisington, 3-0; 2—Sayler Peplinski, Great Bend, 2-1; 3—Katie Gunder, Central Plains, 1-2; 4—Ashley Serrano, Scott City
Gonzales, H def. Peplinski, GB, 8-3; Gonzales, H def. Gunder, CP, 8-1; Gonzales, H def. Serrano, SC, 8-0; Peplinski, GB def. Gunder, CP, 8-7 (7-3); Peplinski, GB def. Serrano, SC, 8-1; Gunder, CP def. Serrano, SC, 8-6

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Gisselle Aguirre, Scott City, 3-0; 2—Dinah Newman, Great Bend, 2-1; 3—Lily Thouvenell (Hoisington), 1-2; 4—Rieley Fuentes, Hoisington, 0-3
Aguirre, SC def. Newman, GB, 8-1; Aguirre, SC def. Thouvenell, (H), 8-4; Aguirre, SC def. Fuentes, H, 8-4; Newman, GB def. Thouvenall (H), 8-0; Newman, GB def. Fuentes, H, 8-6; Thouvenall (H) def. Fuentes, GB, 8-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Katherine Snapp-Audrey Muth, Great Bend, 3-0; 2—Samantha Colson-Isabelle Gonzales, Hoisington, 2-1; 3—Kayla Hass-Brooke Farmer, Central Plains, 1-2; 4—Marisela Chavez-Samantha Castillo, Scott City, 0-3
GB def. Hoisington, 8-3; GB def. CP, 8-0; GB def. SC, 8-0; H def. CP, 8-3; H def. SC, 8-3; CP def. SC, 8-3

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Brooke Sherwood-Morgan Irwin, Scott City, 3-0; 2—Makenna Cape-Nichole Griffin, Great Bend, 2-1; 3—Alexis Blackwood-Shelby Vessey, Central Plains, 1-2; 4—Courtney Lacey-Nina Imgraben, Hoisington, 0-3
SC def. GB, 8-6; SC def. CP, 8-3; SC def. H, 8-1; GB def. CP, 8-1; GB def. H 8-1; CP def. H, 8-5