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Hoisington wrestlers capture Ellis Tournament
hoisington birdhead CMYK

ELLIS — Hoisington High earned six first-place finishes at Friday’s Ellis Round Robin Wresting Tournament. The Cardinals scored 309 points and Council Grove was second with 197 points.
Placing first for Hoisington were Dustin Edmonson (132), Tanner Cassity (138), Christopher Ball (152), Joshua Ball (160), Sean Urban (170), Wyatt Pedigo (182).
In first-place matches, Edmonson defeated Stockton’s Trenton Howell, 9-8
Cassity pinned Konner Pfeifer of Ellis in 2:20; Christopher Ball (8-0) pinned Cimarron’s Tate Seabolt in 2:46 and Joshua Ball (7-1) beat Hoisington teammate Dante Urban, 9-4 and Urban (7-1) pinned Cimarron’s Dylan Newton in 2:57. Pedigo (6-1) won four matches.

TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 309; 2—Council Grove 197; 3—Cimarron 185; 4—Trego 136; 5—Ellis 118; 6—Osborne 71; 7—Sublette 68; 8—Stockton 61; 9—Goodland 26; 10—Hillsboro 23
106—Kadin Nichols, HHS, 0-4; Boxberger, HHS pinned Nichols, 0:31; Vanvalkenburg, CG def. Nichols, 19-4; Colby, Ellis def. Nichols, 16-9; Colburn, Stockton pinned Nichols, 0:52
106—Quentin Boxberger, HHS, 3-3, 2nd; Boxberger pinned Nichols, 0:31; Boxberger pinned Colburn, Stockton, 2:54; Vanvalkenburg, CG pinned Boxberger, 3:14; Boxberger pinned Colby, Ellis, 0:36
113—Zach Rubio, HHS, 2-4, 3rd; Pyle, Ellis pinned Rubio, 3:15; Rubio def. Major, Hillsboro, 14-5; Irwin, CG pinned Rubio, 2:47; Rubio pinned Schafer, Goodland, 1:30
120–Cole Steinert, HHS, 4-3, 3rd; Steinert pinned Wallace Stockton, 0:45; Steinert pinned Pritchet, Ellis, 4:26; Lynn Cimarron 8-0 pinned Steinert, 3:28; 3rd Place—Steinert pinned Colton Bacon CG, 1:58
120—Bryce Hopkins, HHS, 1-3;.Kroeger Ellis pinned Hopkins, 0:28; Bacon, CG pinned Hopkins, 0:42; Hopkins pinned Chapman Trego, 2:27; 5th Place—Wallace Stockton pinned Hopkins, 0:27
126—Jarrett Shives, HHS, 2-4, 5th; Younger, Ellis pinned Shives, 1:41; Randles, Sublette pinned Shives, 1:02; Shives pinned Medrano Cimarron, 0:33; 5th Place—Shives pinned Vallejo Goodland, 0:16
132—Dustin Edmonson, HHS, 4-0, 1st; Edmonson pinned McPhail Cimarron, 2:31; Edmonson pinned Morris; Edmonson pinned Brown Goodland, 0:26; 1st Place—Edmonson def. Trenton Howell, Stockton, 9-8
132—Will Spires, HHS, 2-2, 6th; Spires def. Howell, Stockton, forfeit; Horinek Sublette pinned Spires, 1:32; Spires pinned Decker, 5:53; 5th Place—Brown Goodland def. Spires, 13-6
132—Hunter Morris, HHS, 1-3, 7th; Brown, Goodland def. Morris, 9-6; Edmonson pinned Morris; McPhail, Cimarron def. Morris, 8-1; 7th Place—Morris pinned Decker, HHS, 0:39
132—Jacob Decker, HHS, 0-4, 8th; Horinek, Sublette pinned Decker, 1:33; Howell, Stockton pinned Decker, 0:30; Spires pinned Decker, 5:53; 7th Place—Morris pinned Decker, 0:39
138–Tanner Cassity, HHS, 6-1, 1st; Cassity pinned Patton Hillsboro, 0:18; Cassity pinned Boyle Trego, 0:55; Cassity pinned Bedore Stockton, 1:55; 1st Place—Cassity pinned Konnor Pfeifer, Ellis, 2:20
145—Dayne Yott, HHS, 6-3, 2nd; Yott def. Ruiz Stockton, 12-0; Yott pinned Lowry Trego, 2:26; Yott def. Meadors CG, 9-6; 1st Place—Spencer Heise, Osborne pinned Yott, 3:18
152—Christopher Ball, HHS, 8-0, 1st; Ball pinned Mascote, CG, 0:46; Ball pinned Wilborn, 0:13; Ball pinned Horton, Hillsboro, 0:20; Ball pinned Heise Osborne, 0:14; Ball pinned Tate Seabolt, Cimarron, 2:46
152—Nolan Wilborn, HHS 0-5, 6th; Horton, Hillsboro def. Wilborn, 21-16; Ball pinned Nolan Wilborn, 0:13; Heise, Osborne pinned Wilborn, 0:37; Seabolt, Cimarron 6-3 pinned Wilborn, 1:04; Mascote, CG, pinned Wilborn, 1:11
160—Joshua Ball, HHS, 8-1, 1st; Ball def. Shaughnessy, Cimarron, 14-1; Ball pinned Walker Cimarron, 3:10; Ball pinned Burkhart Trego, 3:43; 1st Place—Ball def. Urban, 9-4
160—Dante Urban, HHS, 2-1, 2nd; Urban pinned Blake Deines, 3:04; Urban pinned Homes CG, 2:00; 1st Place— Ball def. Urban, 9-4
160—Blake Deines, HHS 1-2, 4th; Deines pinned Homes CG, 2:49; Urban pinned Deines, 3:04; 3rd Place—Walker Cimarron pinned Deines, 1:57
170—Nicholas Long , HHS, 2-3, 6th; Long pinned Stasster, Goodland, 1:07; Long pinned Lyons, Cimarron, 0:14; Urban pinned Long 1:54; Micek, Trego pinned Long, 5;48; 5th Place—Lynch, Ellis pinned Long, 0:41
170—Sean Urban, HHS, 7-1, 1st; Urban pinned Lyons, Cimarron, 0:49; Urban pinned Micek Trego, 1:16; Urban pinned Long, 1:54; Urban pinned Stasster Goodland, 1:38; 1st Place—Urban pinned Dylan Newton Cimarron, 2:57
182—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS, 6-1, 1st; Pedigo pinned Spencer, Trego, 0:21; Pedigo pinned Gagnon, CG, 0:33; Pedigo pinned Brown, Osborne, 3:37; Pedigo pinned Hafliger Trego, 0:42
195—Bryce Shelor, HHS, 0-3; Aumiller Trego pinned Shelor, 0:19; Seabolt Cimarron pinned Shelor, 0:58; Massey Sublette pinned Shelor, 0:21
195–Jason Bradley, HHS 1-4, 5th; Woodworth, Ellis pinned Bradley, 2:53; Gilbert, CG pinned Bradley, 1:36; 5th Place–Bradley pinnedMassey Sublette, 0:42
220— Zach Rubio, HHS, 2-5, 4th; Ziegenhirt CG pinned Rubio, 3:24; Rubio pinned Badillo, Sublette, 1:45; Rubio pinned Copp, 0:43; Elias Cimarron pinned Rubio, 3:36; 3rd Place—Bogner Cimarron 7-2 pinned Zach Rubio, 2:28
220–Brayden Copp, HHS, 2-3, 8th; Ziegenhirt CG pinned Copp, 2:42; Copp pinned Badillo Sublette, 0:35; Copp pinned Elias Cimarron, 5:01; Rubio pinned Brayden Copp, 0:43; 7th Place—Kester Stockton pinned Copp
285—Riley Philbern, HHS, 4-3, 3rd; Philbern pinned Chizek CG, 0:34; Mattke, Trego pinned Philborn, 1:29; 3rd Place—Philborn pinned Opat, Trego, 2:49