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Hoisington wrestlers win Classic
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HOISINGTON — The No. 6 ranked Class 3A Hoisington Cardinal wrestling team finished its home part of the schedule Friday evening with a stunning tournament victory.
It was stunning because those in the know understand that the season has been filled with adversity, according to Hoisington head coach Daniel Schmidt.
The Cardinals featured eight returning state qualifiers, but are missing state runner-up Jonathan Ball to a season-ending injury and state-ranked Justin Bradley to an injury sustained at the Bob Kuhn Classic in Hays last week.
Schmidt said some outstanding wrestlers decided to sit out the season, which has created a challenging season.
But that was all forgotten when fans witnessed a Hoisington squad that flat refused to lose as they placed 11 wrestlers out of the 13 they entered into the top three. The Cardinals scored 184.5 points and Goddard Eisenhower scored 164.5 points.
“The team at one point in the tournament looked buried, but two unbelievable rounds at the end of the tournament resurrected the team to a championship performance,” Schmidt said. “In the final round, the team recorded 10 falls out of 12 matches to seal the deal.”
No. 2 state-ranked Christopher Ball (145), No. 5 ranked Austin McHenry (195) and No. 1 ranked Landen Urban (285) placed first. Ball (30-0), McHenry (26-5) and Urban (31-0) all won five matches.
Placing second were Tanner Cassity (126), Sean Urban (160) and Jeremy Breit. Third-place finishers were Dylan Carrier (113), Dustin Edmonson (132), Brinntain Noah (152), Benjamin Schneider (182) and Justin Umphrey (220).
“It was a great way to send the seniors out — Austin McHenry (195), Justin Umphrey (220), Brody Nicholas (285), and Shea Bitter (stats),” Schmidt said. “For them, it was the last time to be at home. This class of seniors have been around a ton of success. They never lost a dual match with a current streak of 46 in a row, or the Cardinal Classic Tournament. They are the only team in Hoisington wrestling history to win the Bob Kuhn Tournament. They have won two class 1-3A regional championships, and have a second place finish at the Class 3-1A State Tournament. They will tell you they are not done yet with writing positive history for the Cardinal Nation wrestling program.”
Nicholas exhibited his singing skills in what developed into a winning tradition for Cardinal wrestling.
 “We also believe we have the best singer in Kansas in Brody Nicholas, who sang our National Anthem at the home meets,” Schmidt said. “One of the officials told me that if Brody does not sing at the Class 3-1A State Tournament this year, he will hit me with an unsportsmanlike penalty. I had to tell him that Brody will be singing at Wichita Century II at a festival the weekend of state. Brody has not wrestled too many varsity matches during his career, but like all of our seniors has been a great kid to have in the program.”
The Cardinals will compete at the Phillipsburg Panther Tournament Saturday.
Team totals—1. Hoisington 184.5; 2. Goddard Eisenhower 164.5; 3. Marion 143.5; 4. Douglass 115.5; 5. Cimarron 77.5; 6. Ellsworth 62.5; 7. Hillsboro 43; 8. Wichita Leoti County 38; 9., Stafford 6
113—Dylan Carrier (8-14) 3rd; Hunter Miller, Douglass def. Carrier, HHS, 22-11; Colin Reed, Eisenhower def. Carrier, HHS, 16-1; Carrier, HHS pinned Mac Bartel, Hillsboro, 3:30
120—Trey Byers (6-13); Dayne Holmgren, Eisenhower pinned Byers, HHS, 0:52; Sabian Lovell, Douglass pinned Byers, HHS, 1:46; Josh Hibbs, Cimarron pinned Byers, HHS, 1:42; Dylon Niswonger, Leoti pinned Byers, HHS, 1:00; Ethan Darnall, Marion pinned Byers, HHS, 1:51
126—Tanner Cassity (24-6) 2nd; Cassity, HHS pinned David Allen, Douglass, 4:00; Cassity, HHS pinned Ambrose Shaughnessy, Cimarron, 0:33; Cassity, HHS pinned Aaron Ridder, Leoti, 0:49; Jarrett Johnson, Marion def. Cassity, HHS, 6-4
132—Dustin Edmonson (14-15) 3rd; Edmonson, HHS pinned Coben Schouten, Stafford, 1:17; Ezra Darnall, Marion pinned Edmonson, HHS, 3:37; Edmonson, HHS pinned Vaughn Anderson, Douglass, 5:09; David Koralek, Ellsworth def. Edmonson, HHS, 10-2; Edmonson, HHS pinned Alec Smith, Cimarron, 5:47
138— Nicholas Long (2-10) 6th ; Travis King, Hillsboro pinned Long, HHS, 0:35; Conner Porter, Douglass pinned Long, HHS, 2:20; Long, HHS def. Colin Griffith, Ellsworth, 6-5; Long, HHS def. Logan Shocklee, Stafford, injury; 5th Place—Dylan Newton, Cimarron pinned Long, HHS, 1:12
145—Christopher Ball (30-0) 1st; Ball, HHS pinned William Landis, Douglass, 0:31; Ball, HHS pinned Evan Ridder, Leoti, 1:18; Ball, HHS pinned Noah Albin, Marion, 1:28; Ball, HHS def. Michael Aguilar, Stafford, 10-0; 1st Place—Ball, HHS pinned Noah Albin, Marion, 1:03
152—Brinntain Noah (12-5) 3rd; Collin Dwornicki, Eisenhower def. Noah, HHS, 19-4; Noah, HHS pinned Philip Gift, Stafford, 0:41; Noah, HHS pinned Tanner Dewey, Cimarron, 1:02; Zac Schneider, Ellsworth def. Noah, HHS, 16-0; 3rd Place—Noah pinned Jaden Priest, Hillsboro, 3:19
160—Sean Urban (22-10) 2nd; Urban, HHS def. Remington Putter, Marion, 6-5, OT; Urban, HHS pinned Jack Moss, Douglass, 1:04; Urban, HHS pinned Ian Alumbaugh, Hillsboro, 1:36; Eann Ellingson, Eisenhower def. Urban, HHS, 1-0; Urban, HHS pinned Layton Tankersley, Leoti, 1:13
170—Jeremy Breit (19-11) 2nd; Darrell Gustin, Ellsworth def. Breit, HHS, 5-3; Breit, HHS pinned Garrett Hoffner, Marion, 3:40; Breit, HHS pinned Lane Flaming, Hillsboro, 1:33; Breit, HHS def. Jayden Martinez, Eisenhower, 11-8; Breit, HHS pinned Zachary Dressler, Douglass, 5:02
182—Benjamin Schneider (12-13) 3rd; Charlie Nordquist, Marion def. Schneider, HHS, 5-3; Schneider, HHS def. Franklin Jost Hillsboro, 5-3; Schneider, HHS pinned Joey Nuzum, Douglass, 0:37; Josh Seabolt, Cimarron pinned Schneider, HHS, 0:53; 3rd Place—Schneider pinned Alex Jones, Eisenhower, 3:39
195—Austin McHenry (26-5) 1st; McHenry, HHS pinned Derek Bogner, Cimarron, 1:24; McHenry, HHS pinned Ethan Haase, Ellsworth, 0:27; McHenry, HHS pinned Tyler Palic, Marion, 1:55; McHenry, HHS pinned Seth Fouts, Douglass, 1:50; 1st Place—McHenry, HHS pinned Palic, Marion 0:53
220—Justin Umphrey (2-2) 3rd; Umphrey, HHS def. over Ryan Cochran, Marion, 4-3; Eli Valentine, Cimarron def. Umphrey, HHS, 5-1; Donovan Green, Douglass pinned Umphrey, HHS, 0:19; Umphrey, HHS pinned Dawson Jost, Hillsboro 3:02
285—Landen Urban (31-0) 1st; Urban, HHS pinned Chase Mueller, Ellsworth, 0:43; Urban, HHS pinned Jesse Hermosillo Wichita Leoti, 1:19; Urban, HHS pinned Stuart Habbart, Eisenhower, 0:25; Urban, HHS def. Adam Kjellin, Marion, injury; 1st Place—Urban, HHS pinned Habbart, Eisenhower, 0:13
132—Coben Schouten 1-18; Edmonson, HHS pinned Schouten, S, 1:17; David Koralek, Ellsworth pinned Schouten, S, 1:07; Ezra Darnall, Marion pinned Schouten, S, 0:48
Alec Smith, Cimarron pinned Schouten, S, 1:16; Vaughn Anderson, Douglass pinned Schouten, S, 0:33
138—Logan Shocklee (15-10); Dylan Newton, Cimarron def. Shocklee, S, injury; Bryce Shults, Marion def. def. Shocklee, S, injury; Caleb Bartel, Eisenhower def. Shocklee, S, injury; Long, HHS def. Shocklee, S, injury; 7th Place—Colin Griffith Ellsworth def. Shocklee, S, injury;
145—Michael Aguilar (12-6) 4th; Aguilar, S, pinned Kyle Horton, Hillsboro, 0:45; Jagger Blubaugh, Eisenhower def. Aguilar, S, 6-4; Ball, HHS def. Aguilar, Stafford, 10-0; 3rd Place—Jagger Blubaugh, Eisenhower def. Aguilar, S, 4-3
152—Philip Gift (5-14); Tanner Dewey, Cimarron pinned Gift, S, 3:14; Noah, HHS pinned Gift, S, 0:41; Collin Dwornicki, Eisenhower pinned Gift S, 0:23; Dashon Arnold, Douglass 8-19 won by over Gift, S 1:26