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Lady Panthers go undefeated in home invite
Great Bend Invitational
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Macy Moyers, left, and Brianna Schartz combined as Great Bends No. 1 doubles team, sweeping the seven-team field on Saturday. - photo by Kevin Price Great Bend Tribune

For the second straight year, the Great Bend High School girls’ tennis team won the Great Bend Invitational, rolling in three undefeated performances for 52 points at Veterans Memorial Park on Saturday.
Garden City finished second with 43 points, and Ellinwood captured third with 36.
“I thought overall we played pretty well,” Great Bend head coach Shannon Schartz said. “Our No. 2 doubles team struggled a little bit, but they’re both sophomores and this is their first year on varsity, so that’s to be expected.
“The rest of the team played great.”
Morgan Francis only lost seven games in sweeping six matches in No. 1 singles action.
“Morgan played very well,” Shannon Schartz said. “She was serving very well, and she took control of her matches early.”
No. 1 doubles duo Brianna Schartz and Macy Moyers also controlled their matches, dropping only five games to sweep the field.
“They pretty much dominated,” Shannon Schartz said. “After the first couple games, we took control. Ellinwood was ahead 2-1 I think, and then we rattled off a bunch of games to win 8-2.”
Jami McVay swept the No. 2 singles competition.
“Jami is playing singles for the first time ever,” Shannon Schartz said. “It’s completely new for her. She’s played on the varsity team for four years. She dominated the field as well.”
Carly Boyd and Taylor Huslig combined as Great Bend’s No. 2 doubles team. They beat Liberal 8-2, but finished 1-5 as Nickerson didn’t have a No. 2 doubles team.
Great Bend travels to Dodge City on Thursday for an invitational, starting at 3 p.m.

• Lady Eagles finish third
Liz Standlee led Ellinwood, going 5-1 in the No. 2 singles competition of the Great Bend Invitational.
Standlee’s only loss came at the hands of Great Bend’s Jami McVay.
Katie Shafer and Mikayla Monday combined for a 4-1 finish as the Lady Eagles’ No. 2 doubles team.
Danae Patten and Rachel Doll competed as a No. 1 doubles duo, finishing 4-2.
Mattie Shafer was 2-4 as Ellinwood’s No. 1 singles player.

Great Bend Invitational

At Great Bend
Veterans Memorial Park



Team scores
1. Great Bend, 52; 2. Garden City, 43; 3. Ellinwood, 36; 4. WaKeeney, 35; 5. Dodge City, 21; 6. Nickerson, 12; 7. Liberal, 9

Great Bend results
No. 1 singles — Morgan Francis def. Nisly, Nickerson, 8-1; def. M. Shaffer, Ellinwood, 8-2; def. Sanchez, Liberal, 8-2; def. Wolf, WaKeeney, 8-0; def. Fischer, Dodge City, 8-1; def. Martinez, Garden City, 8-2.
No. 2 singles — Jami McVay def. Smallano, Nickerson, 8-1; def. Standlee, Ellinwood, 8-2; def. Stoney, Liberal, 8-2; def. Carr, WaKeeney, 8-0; def. Raugewitz, Dodge City, 8-1; def. Viella, Garden City, 8-1
No. 1 doubles — Brianna Schartz & Macy Moyers def. Latham & Bornholdt, Nickerson, 8-0; def. Patten & Doll, Ellinwood, 8-2; def. Apsley & Arenivas, Liberal, 8-0; def. Day & Flax, WaKeeney, 8-0; def. Lininger & Lopez, Dodge City, 8-1; def. Schmidt & Cartmill, Garden City, 8-2
No. 2 doubles — Carly Boyd & Taylor Huslig lost to K. Shafer & Monday, Ellinwood, 8-3; def. Evans & Rodriguez, Liberal, 8-2; lost to Sherwood & Denning, WaKeeney, 8-3; lost to Howard & Gregg, Dodge City, 8-2; lost to Doll & Carmona-Pastrana, Garden City, 8-6

Ellinwood results
No. 1 singles — Mattie Shafer lost to Wolf, WaKeeney, 8-1; lost to Francis, Great Bend, 8-1; def. Fischer, Dodge City, 8-4; def. Sanchez, Liberal, 8-2; lost to Martinez, Garden City, 8-4; lost to Nisly, Nickeson, 8-6
No. 2 singles — Liz Standlee def. Carr, WaKeeney, 8-4; lost to McVay, Great Bend, 8-2; def. Raugewitz, Dodge City, 8-1; def. Stoney, Liberal, 8-3; def. Viella, Garden City, 8-0; def. Smallano, Nickerson, 8-0
No. 1 doubles — Danae Patten & Rachel Doll def. Day & Flax, WaKeeney, 8-5; lost to Schartz & Moyers, Great Bend, 8-2; def. Lininger & Lopez, Dodge City, 8-1; def. Apsley & Arenivas, Liberal, 8-1; lost to Schmidt & Cartmill, Garden City, 8-5; def. Latham & Bornholdt, Nickerson, 8-0
No. 2 doubles — Katie Shafer & Mikayla Monday lost to Sherwood & Denning, WaKeeney, 8-2; def. Boyd & Huslig, Great Bend, 8-3; def. Howard & Gregg, Dodge City, 8-1; def. Evans & Rodriguez, Liberal, 8-1; def. Doll & Carmona-Pastrana, Garden City, 8-3